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L144S 11-22-2004 06:40 AM

November 22-November 28 Weekly Chick Chat
Starting up!

L144S 11-22-2004 06:48 AM

Well the coffe is brewing and the kids are getting breakfast so I am checking in. The inlawas are here and we are going to try to do Costco this morning and then I have to go to work today.

We went to a lovely party last night, a cousins wedding reeception as she got married erlier in the year. The kids were the only ones there and they were as good as gold. I did get them out before the sugar kiked in. It was a loud ride home :)

DH is going to drive the kids this morning so I can play with his parents, but I will hit the eliptical before I even step foot out of the house.

I have more company coming in this week but for a change it is my family instead of DH...

Oh I have to tell you what the lovely bride sais to my brother's pregnamt wife...Turning twards my father she said "we decided not to have children because they are such a burden...isn't that right"john" " My SIL was devistated as this is her first child...

ok off for coffee, see you chickies later and have a great week!

RobinW 11-22-2004 12:58 PM

Good Afternoon L! Sounds like you have a busy house this week!!

Im sorting out xmas gifts this afternoon, taking everything out of bags, saving receipts and making sure I have everything I need before I start wrapping. Then it should only be stocking stuffers I have to worry about and any new and exciting that catches my eye lol

We have a very busy month in Dec, so Im hoping to get everything done asap so that the stress of the season doesnt get to me. (I dont do stress well!!!!!!!!!!) :crazy:

I took a bit of a free night last night, I decided about 3 weeks ago that Sunday night at 9pm during "Desperate Housewives" would be my free time. I love sitting with a glass of wine and some chocolate and watching this program. It just feels right!! :lol: Im back to it today, and feel all puffy from the sugar......but its ok.

Im off to get busy........the sun is shining here I hope to have a great afternoon, I hope you do too!

Robin :wave:

KandiceS 11-22-2004 03:18 PM

ugh- Robin- done shopping already!! we at least know what we want to get everyone- but been buying a little at a time because whenever we end up buying something something else comes out that we wish we would have gotten for that person instead!

Christopher wants a terrain twister. trying to teach him the value of big gifts (he's 11) "if it's a big $$ you'll only get a couple of presents, but you can get lots of smaller ones" and he says he doesn't care- as long as he gets the terrain twister (remote control car that can go on snow, grass, everything) and a PS2 controller he'll be happy. so we'll definitely get that and a few other things- lava lamp that he looks at every time we go to Walmart, some slippers (he wears mine constantly!), the Elf movie and a few other little things probably. my Dad asked if he liked robotics and stuff because they saw an expensive hydraulic and gears thing- that you make your own robot or car or whatever- has a few ideas with it, but my dad said it would be the only present for Christopher too- more than they usually spend he said. But Christopher IS the first "grandkid" even if it is by marriage...

He's making coffee mugs for everyone- you know the ones you color the papers inside, and then we'll fill it with candies, so far so good on that one. and he has asked me what I wanted for Christmas. he's a good kid. (I said a bath pillow and some mr bubbles) we usually get Dad (Chris) tools but Christopher's already said he wants to get him Riddick the movie with vin diesel.

Another busy week at work- but at least it keeps me from munching! :lol:

Have a great week everyone!

RobinW 11-22-2004 06:17 PM

Kandice.....I like the sounds of that terrain twister, I havent seen them!! I love that kind of stuff, and so does my daughter! Especially if it goes over snow!!

Ms Spotdog 11-22-2004 07:49 PM

I wish someone would get me Vin Diesel for Christmas! I've been good - Honest!



L144S 11-22-2004 08:11 PM

lol Kel I saw a preview for his kids movie this weekend when we saw national treasure, which BTW I thought was a noce change from movies with language or bathroom humor, but I digress...) he is kind cute and if I could get him for you I would in a second. You deserve a happy holiday!

KandiceS 11-23-2004 08:18 AM


Originally Posted by Ms Spotdog
I wish someone would get me Vin Diesel for Christmas! I've been good - Honest!



:lol: and our DH's think we watch the action flicks for the action! :lol:

Vin Diesel in XXX was the best- I loved the tattoos.

Ruthxxx 11-23-2004 08:42 AM

Good morning! I fully intended to check in yesterday but had a "lost" day. I am not sure what it was but I felt barfy and poopy and very tired so I spent most of the day horizontal - the other kind of horizontal! :lol:

Christmas is creeping up on me. I have not finalized my Christmas list or done much shopping. I did renew my GD's subscription to Teen People and must have goofed ebcause I got two issues addressed to me in yesterday's mail! :shrug: Because I have such limited opportunity to shop, there may be quite a few gift cards going out this year - Canadian Tire ones will be definite for my DS and DSIL! Guys are hyard to shop for. My sister bit the bullet and cut off my brother and SIL from her list this year but I chickened out. We seldom see them so it's very hard to get a good gift.

Now I have to look up this Vin Diesel hunk on the Net. Does he have father or a much older brother? This website is so educational for us old chicks!

RobinW 11-23-2004 11:01 AM

Good Morning!
Ruth,I went surfing for a site to show you Mr Diesel, but in my attempts a trojan virus was detected. So....Ive done my virus scan, and Im behaving and not going looking at good looking men with very nice biceps :D Ive learned my lesson!! Sorry Ruth :lol:

Not much happening around here, Ive been walking everyday with my new pedometer......does anyone know how many steps = a mile ? I did 7268 steps yesterday.

Have a great afternoon everyone!

Ms Spotdog 11-23-2004 11:15 AM

Oh my, I guess I've caused a stir in the Coop, huh? lol Actually, I like Vin's muscles but it's his gravelly deep voice that really flips the switch for me. And I favor Pitch Black as his best role.

Hope your feeling better today, Ruth.

I've bought a few things for Christmas but am really struggling with ideas this year. I'm going to talk with the family at Thanksgiving (mom, boys and I are going to Lipo sis's in San Jose and Melis will get a ride with her cousin from SF) and we may do a two day trip to Disneyland right after Christmas and that will be their present.

Have a great day all - LOVE that it's a short week this week!


KandiceS 11-23-2004 11:28 AM

Ruth- you had me curious so I looked it up- but didn't really find anything too helpful... there's an example below that says 1900 steps per mile- but I don't know if that's realistic or not...

If you want to know not just the number of steps you've taken, but the distance as well, you can calibrate a pedometer. The simplest way is to wear it while walking a known distance, such as once around a quarter-mile track, at your normal walking speed. Then multiply that number of steps by four, and you know your typical number of steps per mile. (For greater accuracy, you should walk a full mile-four times around the track). Now, anytime you want to estimate the distance you've walked, just divide the total number of steps you've taken by your "steps per mile" calibration. Keep in mind it's just an estimate, because the length of your stride increases as you walk faster. So, on faster walks you'll be underestimating the distance somewhat, and on slower walks you'll overestimate a bit.

Some pedometers allow you to enter your step length (based on a calibration walk) and they will calculate your walking distance automatically. Fancier models will even estimate the calories you burn if you enter your body weight as well. But don't count on these calorie estimates to be particularly accurate, given the wide variation of fitness levels and personal physiology of individuals.

Jan wears her pedometer for a walk around the quarter-mile school track -- it counts 473 steps. She multiplies by four, to estimate that she takes about 1,892 steps a mile. (For easier math, she calls it 1900 steps.) Another day she takes a walk and covers 6,685 steps. Jan divides 6,685 by 1900, and gets 3.52, or about three and a half miles walked.

To calculate a step length, divide the known distance you've walked in feet by the number of steps you've taken. A quarter mile walk is 1,320 feet long (a mile is 5,280 feet). So Jan divides 1,320 feet by her 473 steps, and learns each step is 2.79 feet long. Now she can enter that in the pedometer.

KandiceS 11-23-2004 11:31 AM

here's another one:

Steps Equivalents:
1 mile = 2100 average steps.
1 block = 200 average steps.
10 minutes of walking = 1200 steps on average.

so say 2000 (10,000 recommended steps per day= ~5 miles)

3.6 miles walked yesterday! wow! congrats

RobinW 11-23-2004 12:09 PM

Thank you for taking the time to explain all that Kandice!!! I think Ive got it know :) It was a big help!!

dottie j 11-23-2004 12:41 PM

Hi all-
My schedule is all messed up and I don't get on the computer at home much- So posting from work now.
Not doing bad food wise- I'm not really low carb right now, but busy and eating less junk. Kind of hard weekend, worked on Saturday, regular laundry/shopping/cleaning got shoved into Sunday. But yesterday I had some meetings canceled so I went home early and got the bathroom painting done that I hadn't finished. Also did the Thanksgiving food shopping done. I will cook for DH and MIL and myself; then DH and I will go visiting my cousins and my mom.

oops I am at work and have to go-I'll stop by later or tomorrow for more hellos and how are yous!

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