November 22-November 28 Weekly Chick Chat

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  • It is about 2000 steps per mile....good job!
    the inlaws are here mom and stepfather on the way!
  • Hey Girls....
    Vin Diesel.....YUM...........bald men..........grrrrr baby very grrrrrrrr. Short and sweet, been ++ busy. Got little guy down hard with high fever on seizure alert here........I have been up for 2 days now. Getting a break tonite. YA ME. I am now......ready........149!!!! OMG I see a 4.......HA. Worked for that one. I am in a size 8/9 too cool. I am still on the downward to 130, damm I am amazed to be here. Been at least 12 yrs since I saw 140 anything. I will post again when the germs and whirlwind life I live slows down
  • Congrats Meowna! 12 years- wow- definitely something to be proud of.

    My turn: I wanted everyone to look at my new improved signature- I met my Christmas goal early 185- working on the wedding goal now. Can almost see the other side of the tunnel- 20 down, 30 more lbs to go!

    oh and my BF% is below 30% for the first time that I know of. it's 29.9% but I'll take what I can get!

    Happy early thanksgiving everyone- probably won't get on again till Friday.
  • Wow Meowna and Kandice !!! Your doing great! I love seeing numbers go down for everyone! Way to go!!!

    Quiet day here, Im off to go make a few small signs and then I think I'll start supper. Dont know what we are having yet tho Im still op and starting to feel the jeans loosen up pretty good. I may have to start wearing my belt again before I switch to the smaller size jeans. I cant wait......thats incentive enough to help me not over-do it tomorrow. Being a canadian living in the states, I end up celebrating thanksgiving 2x. Too many good cooks around and too many good bakers too.....but I'll be strong!!

    Have a great day.....and a happy thanksgiving tomorrow

  • You guys are doing great! Wow! I'm so impressed!

    Just a quick one before I crawl off to beddiebye-

    I hope all my US friends have a very nice Thanksgiving - we really do have much to be thankful for and we can't lose sight of that fact.

    My mom, the boys and I are off to San Jose in the a.m. (early) so Happy Turkey Day!

  • Mmmmmm....turkey! I am definitely going to cook one in the next week or so. I love the aroma and we went out for our Thanksgiving. Sister Joan will have us there on Christmas so I need to get my house festive smelling and turkey does that for sure!

    The decorator and her husband are installing my drapes and Roman shade as I type. I love competence. Susan just said, "We'll be a couple of hours so get on with your life until we need you to inspect." My Homemaker comes about 11:30 and, if they are done by then, I'll tootle in to Brockville for a bit of a shop. Dinner is ready to pop into the oven as I have two 7:30 events tonight - Pageant rehearsal and Fair Board Meeting! Duh!

    I hope you all have a marvellous day whether it's Thanksgiving or not!
  • Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!

    Got up super early this morning (4:30) and went shopping. I got Chris a leather jacket that was normal $200 for $129 and a pair of leather gloves for his stocking. and then I went shopping for myself. I'm sick of clothes that don't fit- all my clothes are so baggy- even my shirts and they don't show off the body that I'm working so hard to create. Didn't want to buy too much because I still want to lose 30 lbs but I need something in the meantime. So I bought a pair of 14 pants and a size 14 jean skirt and a few courdoroy (sp?) long sleeve shirts (size L) to wear over a shirt in the winter. (I wear jeans most the time and thanks to my college friend that lost a ton last year I have jeans from her. I was with her for most of the ones she bought- so I like them too )

    I wrote my mom and asked her if she's been shopping yet- we both like JCPenneys and Sears- but it seems like courdoroy fabric is back in style now. Asked her if she remembered our fights on school mornings. I used to have tons of cord pants- all different colors and I hated them. Whenever she would pick them out for me in the morning we'd always have a fight because I didn't want to wear them. (I would have liked to see her face when I told her I bought some cord long sleeve shirts ) and I had a pair of pink capris growing up too that I hated- with little pink bow ties on them. I hated pink and I hated girly bowties. Now pink is one of my fav colors. poor mom!

    Have a great weekend everyone!
  • saturday morning- sat with DH and had my coffee, now off to shower and start the day. I want to plan something fun for today- between the audit, sick MIL, and Thanksgiving prep it's been work, work, work. so today is play day. I will plan a nice dinner that I CHOOSE. Maybe get to some Christmas shopping. And get something good to read, maybe a movie for tonight. So that's the plan.

    how you all doing? Kandice, I am envious that you got your Christmas shopping done! I may do my on-line shopping today and get that over with. I live near some big malls, and try to stay away from the traffic and crowds the weekend up to Christmas. I might run in late at night one time for whatever I really need. Everthing else, Amazon or whatever. I guess I'd better get a shopping list going!

    have a great day-
  • Good Morning

    I made it thru thanksgiving.....and it was one to remember!!! 1st my dil's oven quit the night before ...2nd she found extra ovens to cook in but they were almost a block away...3rd the turkey took 7.5 hrs (thats not a typo) to cook!!! I put it in at 11am, at 530 we sat down to eat without turkey because there was no way everyone was waiting. So we had a turkeyless supper......but turkey sandwiches were really good later that night ....4th youngest grandson decided he didnt like what was in front of him, and sat very very quietly made himself sick, and it just very quietly trickled back out of his mouth. Then my husband says........."you see why I dont like the holidays?" poor bugger When we got home (we ate nextdoor at his son's home) he asked me if I would cook from now on PLEASE!! I felt sorry for my dil, but what could you do but laugh, you couldnt get upset, or angry, it just wasnt worth the effort, so at the end of the night, we all agreed that this was a thanksgiving to remember!!!

    I havent ventured out to the shopping malls since last week, its been crazy an explosion of shoppers! I agree with you dottie, online shopping is going to be a big deal next year!!

    Im off, time to get busy and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

  • oh Robin, what a mess! but like you said, what can you do but laugh?

    glad you can be philosophical about it. Applicances will go when it's the worst possible time.

    had a good day today, got some books out of the library, had a nice dinner, now off to read in bed. Eating some apple pie, but I don't care. Tomorrow's another day.

  • Good Morning!!

    Weather here today is very strange, extremely windy, but its a very warm wind, and very light rain. Not good walking weather. So hubby and I may venture out to a mall to do some walking. Im not so sure though, we will see how many cars are in the parking lot when we get there. Im not one for fighting ppl just so I can get a little walk in.

    Enjoy your pie Dottie, Im taking an hour of free time tonight 9-10 ...Im not sure what Im going to have, but I do know that I have at least one glass of wine left in my bottle. So maybe that and something decadent?! I'll have to see what I can find while Im out and about today.

    Have a great sunday everyone, Im off to starbucks for my coffee and a sit and read of the sunday paper (I only read the flyers )

  • Morning!
    It has been a long week with a lot of company! The house id quiet but I must have 10 oads of laundry to get through today with all of the sheets and towels.

    We had a good time but I am glad one down only 50 more to go on the holiday celebrations. I have one this wed, one next weekend 2 the following week! I don't have enough control over my food yet so this may be really tough. My plan of deffence will be the eliptical....

    Happy Sunday...
  • Quick end of the week check in.
    Country Christmas is over and was a great success. Harry was Herod and looked very regal in his beard and robes. He didn't fall off the throne or speak inappropriately or commit any other blunders. I think this will be his last year as Herod, however.
    Today we had Robin's wind and a deluge of rain so, aside from Church, I spent the day at home relaxing. The week coming will be getting busy and I needed the break.
    Catch you all tomorrow.