November 15-21 weekly chick chat

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  • Hi L, and Elvis- just a quick stop by for me, too. I'm at work, the big push of my audit is over, just a few follow-up details to send in. It's a pretty quiet day here, and the sense of relief is being enjoyed by all!

    I am leaving a little early to get to the store- my mother's friend, who I grew up with, is turning 80 and we are taking her out for lunch tomorrow. I need to get a little gift for her. I'm thinking a fleecy afghan.

    Nice to see everyone. Glad you're doing well, Elvis- keep up the good work!
    L, I didn't get my walk in, but ran up and down the stairs about a hundred times yesterday, does that count? My legs are screaming!

  • A quick hello Its been a busy morning.......and afternoon. I finally found something for dh's grandkids today!! Im so thrilled. Thats 3 more crossed off the list!!! lol

    Im still op and going thru withdrawals, thanksgiving is going to be pretty tricky. I think I'll make a huge salad and make sure I fill up on that before I eat anything else!!

    Im off.....have to go pick up dh soon, and I still have to get some grocery shopping done.

  • Yup it counts dottie, we call it intentional exercise...

    Morning, I am on the fly too, having breakfast and then going to get the kids to school..I will re check in then
  • Good Morning!
    I dreamed about eating one of those new butterfinger crispy bars last night. It was as good as I remembered....but I woke up feeling pretty guilty! Thankfully Im still op, another full op day yesterday. I think Im finally back on track.

    Busy day yesterday, and both dh and I ended up in bed around 9:30 pooped! Ive got dh's muffins in the oven, Im going to tackle the bathroom when the muffins are done, then I think I'll head to target. I seen a really pretty pair of red velvet pj's the other night.....I think hubby just might like them Depending on the weather I just might walk....we'll see how much energy I have. Its starting to come back, but I dont have the endless energy I had when I was full into atkins.

    Well the timer went off.......time to get busy.

    Have a great day
  • quick morning hi!
    I have a professional organizing job today, so I am trying to be ORGANIZED myself and get there on time! these people really need help and were so grateful. The lady said she had hope where she never thought there was any! But today is some real nitty-gritty work. Protein breakfast for sure!

    L, I'd call it "un-intentional" exercise. believe me, I'd rather have been reclining ! LOL

    Hey Robin, that's great- I keep falling off, but I'm down 2 lbs over 2 weeks, so I'm not complaining. I'm cooking Thanksgiving for DH, MIL and myself so I feel like I can keep control and serve them carbs that aren't my favorites. A salad or big bowl of broccoli is definitely on the menu!

    hey to everyone else- hope you have a great saturday. Drink water!

    have a good one!
  • Been feeling pukey the past few days - I don't know if it's letdown after the play or has something to do with chocolate. If you snooped my Journal, you'll know about chocolate - Turtles specifically!

    Sarah worked with me yesterday afternoon and we got the garlands and ribbons onto the Village gazebos. If it doesn't rain this morning we will put up lights on the pergola out in the mneadow. It looks so lovely out there on a snowy night. Country Christmas is next Saturday and it feels good to have some outside decorating done. I'm usually putting up lights on a windy day with temps well below freezing!

    Wish Hersh and I luck this afternoon. She goes for another evaluation to see if she is suited for working with children. Porties are working dogs and her herding instinct sometimes snaps in when kids run and shout. We shall see how she does today. If she passes, she will be working in the library pilot project where kids (who hate reading aloud) relax and read to dogs. She is still kind of bosomy and her fur is not in good shape but the evaluators will make allowances for that. Our dogs are supposed to be in top form when we go out in public.

    I need to throw in a load of laundry and start some veggie soup for lunch. Have a great weekend.
  • Gosh I never made it back yesterdyay, The phone kept ringing, and I had an appointment and befor I knew it it was 8pm by the time I was fdone and got home!

    The out laws come today but we are off to the movies with friends....

    My older son got his first crush note yesterday....a little sad it was from the friends we visit in Chicago and she just sounds so lonely after 4 moves in 6 years. I think she just misses having a best friend to be herself with. I helped older boy write her back a note.

    Ok off to finish the laundry and find a sweater, i am freezing!
  • Afternoon

    Its been a busy day so far, took dh's grandkids bowling, did some sign work and went to the art supply store. We are finally home, had a late lunch, and I think we are both going to have a little quiet time with a nice cup of coffee and a good book. Its been raining here all day, we have the stove on and everything is nice and toasty

    I managed to take a few steps back last night, I went to dil's for a couple drinks last night, and ended up raiding the tootsie roll candy on the table. But Im ok today...and back where I want to be.

    Have a great weekend ladies