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Ruthxxx 11-14-2004 10:26 AM

SsssssssssssssssssssThat's my decompressing after eight weeks of rehearsals, worrying and performing! Today will be a relaxing day with just a few "musts" like making sure my furniture gets from the stage to my livingroom. I'm hoping to get Hershey home this afternoon and then will relax and read in front of the woodstove and wait for the Hollywood and Broadway producers to call!
Enjoy your Sunday!

dottie j 11-14-2004 11:14 AM

hi gals-

here I am at work on sunday- but it's OK, really. I wanted a couple of quiet hours to review some records, and I am not so unhappy to get out of the house these days. So it is not such a bad thing to sit in my office reading...

home is not so much fun. yesterday I cleaned, did MIL's bedsheets(it is a project just to get her out of it long enough to wash and dry the sheets.) I bought her new flannel sheets so the bed is toasty and soft, but she is in it about 20 out of 24 hours a day. I am cranky, argued with her about the heat...she is always cold and the heat is never high enough for her. I can't be in the house-it is too hot. So here I am....at work!

But yesterday I shopped a bit, got some pants for DH and a pair for myself. And last night I watched the first Harry Potter movie. Ended up making fish and baked potatoes and broccoli for dinner. It was good.

that's it...I'd better get some work done-I have to leave at noon to go take DS dogs out. DS and BIL took DN to NYC to see the Christmas show at Radio City and to lunch. I get doggie duty! But I don't mind cause they are adorable- 2 King Charles Spaniels, real lap dogs, and very lovable!

ok, have a good one!

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