new- just wanted to introduce myself

  • I signed up today- I was on (I'm also planning a wedding- March 5, 2005) and someone posted this site to me. I live in NC- originally from Maine (for 22 years of my life)

    I've been doing the Curves workout for 3 months and lost 18.5 inches total and eating whatever I wanted.

    Last Tuesday I joined Curves diet - weighing in at 205 (my heaviest has been 209, so pretty much my heaviest right now), and I weighed myself Friday I was down to 200 even. This morning I weighed and I was down to 197. I'd like to get to 155- the healthy weight for 5'10.

    The Curves diet Phase 1 restricts you to 20g carbs a day. I'm pretty sure I'll be on phase 2 tomorrow 40-60 carbs a day.

    Already saw some recipes- The southern fried chicken with pork rinds! yumm! But just wanted to say hi- be seeing y'all around!
  • Welcome to is a great site with lots of really nice people. I am sure there is a curves thread under the exercise forum. I saw you jumped into our weekly, just a place to keep in touch and vent about what you can't talk about at home
    So see you around and good luck with the wedding plans and hitting your goal!

  • and congrats on your loss so far. You're doing great!!