New to forum, think I'll pull up a chair and have a cup of coffee!

  • Greetings from Georgia! My name is Kristi and I am new to this forum, but not to the Low-Carb lifestyle. Iíve been doing my own variation of Atkins for 11 months. Iíve lost 80 lbs during this time. Iíve hit plateau after plateau but have discovered that if I keep on keepiní on, the weight will come off eventually. I donít weigh myself every day; itís self-defeating to me. I have about 30 more pounds to go, but will have to see how I look and feel over the next few months. It seems that after the initial gush of weight loss, I have averaged about a 5 lb per month loss. That is painfully slow, but it is working for me, so Iím not going to tinker with what works for me.

    I have some well-meaning co-workers who always want to know how much weight Iíve lost and I have to say, its getting embarrassing to tell them! Does anyone else experience this? I started out at a 24W and am now in a 14W, I get lots of warm fuzzies from my husband and those whom I know and work with, so that is good. I still look at myself and see my pudgy tummy though, and can we talk about saggin breasts? UGH!!! No exercise will help thatÖ

    Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself to yaíll! You are a great group! Thanks for being here!

  • Hi Kristin welcome. Conme and join us in the low carb weekly chat ans we all drop in to chat and daily stuff. 80 wow what an acomplishment. I will say I am about where4 you started, I was also where you are now but lost all my self respect and gained it all back. when i went to work and lost who I am . I am trying to find it again and well I think you can give me just the motivation. Thanks!!.
  • Hi Sue...Thanks for the reply! I started at 266 and am at 185 now...its been a LONG, hard we can all attest! I've got two you know what made you lose your self respect? And what made you decide to get back on? How long was the interlude?

    Speaking for myself here, I've been doing this for almost a it has become a way of life for me. There are ABSOLUTELY times/meals/days that I splurge here and there...but for some reason, this time, I have managed to not view these little sidesteps as anymore than just that...a sidestep. I look at all the hardwork I've done and all that I've accomplished and get right back on. And like I said...I fall off about once a week...but still manage to lose about 5 pounds a I don't feel any deprivation, but am still getting a very healthy weightloss!

    Thanks for checking in!
    I'll be back!
  • Actually several things. first I was unemployed trying very hard to start a weight loss business, well nobody wanted to try a newbie they all wanted a tried and true weight wachers, and TOPS. Then DD droped out of school, then DD's BF moved in the house, and then total financial ruin, just devestated me, my nice clean house and my eating pattern, Well from there I started to work and work hard I did. I have not stopped, I have not learned to control the eating and preparing for the days when I get so hungry.

    Well lets start a day

    Work before 7 a get 3 kidss up and ready for school, then go into work where stress in a small work, then get home about 5-530 have to have dinner and the kids done and out of the house by 6:30 for swim team and thursday nights I am the cub scout leader.

    It is a total not being able to get control over my self, stress and not being able to rember who I am and how great I felt when I was 65 lbs lighter. I also was exercising before I went to work 1 hour daily weight lifting and such, i can not seem to find any time.

    What I need to realize is that I do not need to be doing 1 hour daily, I just need to move even if it is 20 min, or 10 min daily. I want to be where I was and I feel so self dergading when i think if where I was and where I am now. and that is my lost of self respect. I was looking so good for over a year, 4 months at size 12-14 then slowly gained when I got to work and had to wear baggy scrubs. I never did have the time to look back and see where I was and what I was doing to my self. So that is my very sad story and now It is going to be twice as hard gto do this as I an so depressed, and so busy!!

    Well talking about busy I need to get and go to sleep to start another week. (Of He**)
  • Kristin: You've accomplished a LOT on this WOE!!! You're lucky to get a 5 pound loss a month!! It's been ages since I've lost like that. And it's hard to NOT get discouraged. But you're doing great. When people ask how much weight you've lost...tell them "a lot, but not quite enough." or some such thing. Then again, why not brag about your great success??

    Sue: Sorry to hear about the tough time you've been having. Stress is a major disaster when it comes to trying to eat healthy and take care of yourself. And sounds like you're not taking any time for yourself---it's all for your job and your kids. Which I totally applaud you for!! Maybe take 5 minutes before YOUR bedtime to just sit and try and relax and gather your more strength? And have you talked to your doc about being depressed? Keep your chin up and if you need an ear, my PM box (and email if you want it) is always open

  • Wow, you are doing GREAT!!! Congratulations on your success.