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Awww, I kinda liked that and I was going to start calling her Dittie! lol

Lolow, your take on organization is right up my alley - I've always said that on my deathbed I will NOT be complaining that I should have dusted more - but I will also NOT be complaining that I should have done things with and gotten to know my kids better. We are so busy having fun together that we just don't have time to worry about dust and 'a place for everything, everything in it's place'. I'm certainly not knocking people who keep a neat house - it's just not a priority for me.

Gotta run and take the older 2 for haircuts - Cody want to let his grow again....

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I will answer to Dittie, Dottie, whatever!

I've had a VERY quiet day so far. DH is due in anytime from an overnight trip to MIL yesterday, that was to include visits with his DS andDB. But I know he misses home! I have a big surprise for him...I hired a local landscaper who was doing a house around the corner to come and do a major clean-up in our yard! It was expensive, but the front of the house was looking very overgrown, and I wasn't making a dent in it. So there were 3 guys with big equiptment and they went to town! I am so happy that I don't have to look at that mess any more. I just had them do the front and sides, and I will keep up the back where the garden is. It was just the oversize shrubbery and trees that were getting to me. They edged the lawn and cut it and cleared weeds from the foundation shrubs. This has been too much for us, DH is not an outdoorsman, he will hate to pay for this, but will see the wisdom when he has his day off tomorrow!

Eating not too good...discovered "kettlekorn" when I rented "Something's Gotta Give." Ate all the popcorn, didn't even like the movie that much. but it was fun to just chill without DH to fuss over the "chick-flick." Popcorn, but sweet. Not as sweet as caramel corn, but just sweet and salty together. If you haven't had this yet, DO NOT BUY IT>>> You don't need a new kind of carb to have to avoid!

Did some errands, returned a light fixture to Home Depot, went to the bank, grocery store, and baked some chicken legs for tomorrow. BUrgers for dinner, and going to sit outside and enjoy the cooler evening in my neatly trimmed yard!

sleep tight chickies,
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