LC daily chat, week of May 29 through June 4

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  • starting off the new week, coffee on, sun is shining!
  • saturday morning-
    DH is still in bed, but it's quiet and peaceful...
    I'm planning the weekend, food-wise. I have some chicken and ribs to grill tonight, with coleslaw. Corn muffins for DH> I made a quiche this week and that was good for a change for breakfasts. I am going to make up a pound of bacon for quick reheating. And a jello/ricotta whip thingie for desert.

    Not much else...I may rent the "sex in the city"series on DVD as we don't have HBO and I never saw it. I thought it would be fun to watch a batch of them back to back. Nothing else planned. It is my birthday tomorrow, but we are celebrating with DM and DS and family on Monday. So I want to keep the diet stuff on track for the rest of the weekend. Then Monday I will have a piece of cake and a scotch!

    Off to start the laundry. I'm sure I'll be back later,
  • Happy Birthday Dotti!
    Sex and the city is fun, enjoy it.

    Karate belt test today, 2 hours! and this is the first day the sun has been out and i get to be inside with the kids!

    After that we are going to pull out some plant beds. i mat have mentioned we are doing some work outside and it is time to pull the beds so we can get some fresh dirt in them and redo the beds.
    I am hoping the weather holds and gets a little warmer so we can go to the pool for a short while tomorrow, then the rain is coming back for monday....

    5 more days of school and then 12 count them 12 weeks of summer.!!!!!!!!
    have a great day. i hope it is a beautiful there as it is here!
  • Good Morning !!

    DOTTIE DOTTIE DOTTIE, Happy Early Birthday !!! how does it feel to be 29 ? I'm wondering because when I hit 29 I wanna be prepared

    Mornin L, have a good day in your garden and enjoy the summer w/your kids

    Nothing much new here, tomorrow is a bbq here w/the wacked family (yes mine). other than that no plans. Hoping Monday will be quiet and relaxing. Today is cleaning and laundry and time huggin gracie.

    Have a good one

  • Hi gang. It's a windy, rainy Saturday here on the Wet Coast. My poor peonies will never be the same...and they were looking so beautiful.
    I've been busy with household chores. Nothing too exciting.
    Sticking to food plan without too much difficulty, although I do get much hungrier more often on WW than I did on LC.
  • Woke at 4 this morning after annoying dreams! I guess I was overtired.

    Quickie post as I'm off to Brockville for the MS walk shortly. Rob or John will be keeping an eye on H. while I'm gone. (Hersh will not be going as her hip still bothers her a bit.) I'm doing just the 6K walk which is not even four miles. I know I could do the longer one but don't want to push the body today as I want to do more gardening this afternoon. Sarah will be here and I plan to have her move daylilies from the nursery bed to along the privacy fence in the dog garden. It looks like a lovely coolish day for working. I hope to get some seeds in as rain is expected later in the week. I love Spring!

    Happy Sunday!
  • Happy Sundy,
    Sleepover for older boy last nigh,i drop him off at noon. Sunny and crisp, feels like fall. So lazy until then. older boy is saving for an ipod. he is so close. DH doesn't want him to have one but it may be sooner rather than later. I pay them allowance once a month but they get a doller a week for candy.
    Anyway it is 10:20 and I am still in jammies!
    Happy Sunday!
  • wow, quiet day today! I hope everyone's out enjoying the beautiful the NE at least. It's absolutely gorgeous, 70, dry light breeze, perfect weather. DH and I took a walk, sat in the yard and did NO WORK today.

    I am taking a diet day off for birthday treat- not too far off, but I had regular pancakes for breakfast instead of my lc ones, but I still used sf syrup! And I got an apple strudel for desert...2 big shell steaks, fresh green beans, and cesear salad. Yum!

    That's it for tonight...see you all tomorrow!

  • Happy monday and long weekend to the US chickies, The sun is out, the birds chirping and I am going to take the kids for a walk to town....

    See you later!
  • L, I am right behind you...taking a walk over to the local parade...all the kid's softball teams, band, VFW. It's still sunny, but supposed to cloud over and maybe rain later, so I'll take advantage of it now and get some exercise in.

    Trying to plan a lower calorie day as I am eating carbs! Weight is holding steady for 9, NINE, days. Hoping the walking yesterday and today, with lower calories, will give me a boost. Tomorrow, back to strict LC.

    have a great one!
  • Great to hear someone else has to get strict back on LC now and again, it works for me!! Great to be back at 3 fat chicks, I was formerly Va Lady in 1999-2001. I lost my password and had to recreate myself as Virginia Chickie. So how has it been for all of ya? I hope to hear from Debkay2 and That Girl , as well as MamaJ. and there are so many more. I am still folowing the woe and am doing Curves 3 times a week. This is the best website around and I am bookmarked to get back in daily with my old buds!!! Linda
  • Well, hi there, other Linda. Nice to see you back again.
    We're having what the weatherman calls "variable" weather this week. That means you never know whether you need an umbrella or sunscreen.
    I'm very happy that my first week back on WW (trying to keep it lower carb) showed a 3 lb loss. I still have 7 to lose to get to my lowest point in the past few years. Once I hit 272 I'll be dealing with that old set in concrete virgin fat. It's been my stumbling block for ages now but I'm determined to smash through it this time.
  • Hi Virginia Chickie. I'm glad you found your way back.

    Well, Girls, my barrels are finally in place and filled with earth ready to plant. I find working with these volunteers very difficult as you can't give them performance reviews and cancel promotions! I bite my tongue a lot.

    I have done the Fairground plantings and am going to start planting the Village barrels today. Next project is an "erection" party for a new gazebo on the 12th! We are not supposed to call it an erection party but...... Any food suggestions besides hot dogs and meatball subs? We have a Blooms meeting tonight to discuss.

    I'm off to start planting unless the rain starts up again. At least I won't have to water.
  • it's Tuesday and I'm posting from work...quiet time of the day. I had quite a little day off for myself yesterday- potato salad, cake, and ice cream. Yum
    But, back to reality today. I am going at this with a vengence this week, to get a little whoosh that I feel I'm really overdue!

    Not much else going on. Spent some time with the 9 year old neice this weekend, playing computer games(Harry Potter) and went shopping and out to lunch. Dinner with DM and her husband's grandkids and daughter...where the aforementioned potato salad was consumed. It was a nice day.

    Other than that, just duller and more dull. Hi, Ruth, sit down for a while! Hi VA lady, you were here when I first started here! Hi to Linda(congrats on the 3 lb loss!!!!!!) and Hi to everyone else-

  • Happy Monday! (well, it kinda feels like monday down here in the states cuz of the long weekend)

    Crazy weather here as Thursday night it rained on us while we all were trying to connect with our graduates after the cerimony (can you say 'sea of people'???), was cloudy and threatening rain for Cody's graduation (held outside, of course) friday morning and then the temp shot up for the weekend and we are all burnt to a crisp from sitting out at Bry's baseball tourney.

    I'm certainly glad all the celebrating, cleaning, organizing, etc. is done. ESPECIALLY the visiting family stuff! I don't think of myself as extremely naive but I really didn't think that stbxMIL would be QUITE so witchy as she was. Basicly attacking Melis for her bad feelings for towards her father and laying the guilt heavy on the boys cuz brad is so lonely and they don't care to see him much. THEN she refused to beleive that he won't help fix stuff around our house OR that he took every nail/tool/yard care thing we owned. She is certainly sailing her ship FAR down that river in Egypt. Then on Satuday she had the gaul (sp) to ask me if Cody told me that he wanted to leave with her on Tuesday for a visit to Oregon! I said "No, and THAT won't be happening." (Cody told me later he said "Hmmm, I'll talk to mom." He didn't want to go and intended on using me as an excuse. lol)

    Oh well, it's over with and they are all gone and our life is back to normal, somewhat.

    Congrats on the 3 lbs., Linda! And only 7 away from virgin fat - wow! Now, that is motivating.

    I would love to see pics of the village plantings, Ruth. It sounds like a great project that everyone will enjoy.

    Dottie - Maybe the extra carbs will shake things up and you will get that whoosh this week. That does seem to work for some people once and a while.

    Hello to the other Linda! So nice to see ya back!

    Hi L - whatcha got planned for the summer?

    Ok - I gotta go wade thru the sea of laundry. NONE of it got done since Wednesday. Luckily the kids are out of school and wearing comfy shorts/Ts so I don't have to stay up till midnight washing school clothes. I will sort bunches and they can work on getting them in the washer and dryer while I work this week. (sorting isn't their strong point - and I don't really want to risk anything getting wrecked as clothes are expensive!)

    Chat at ya later all!