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Uh oh - what happened to our daily people?

Well, happy Tuesday afternoon anyway-

Getting lots of hours in work this week since I don't have to cart kids around (yeah! more $)

Just wanted to say hi! Hope everyone is doing well.

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Hey, it's Wednesday afternoon here! Where is everyone?
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workin' my way back down
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Morning chickies......... it feels like I've fallen off the face of Long Island!! My world has been even more hectic than usual - dd brought the kids EARLY on Thursday and came to pick them up LATE on Monday... dh got sick Sunday night (still is) and I'm running late getting ready for work today: does that say it all? Oh yes, one more thing: my eating stinks - does anyone know of a personal chef who will come to my house, prepare all my meals (kosher, of course!!) and then FEED them to me and lock my mouth afterwards until the next scheduled feeding time? I think that's what I need............
Yikes!!! look at the time......... gotta run chickies, I'll try to come back later, if not, hopefully I'll get back here tomorrow - enjoy the day!
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I lost yesterday! It just was hectic in the morning, and I never got back to the computer.

It's Thursday morning and I'm trying to get back on track after the yummy cheats of the long weekend. The Sunday it's my birthday cheat, and the Monday barbecue cheat lead directly to the Tuesday I'm Busy I'm Tired I'm Hungry-in-the-Afternoon Cheat, and of course, lest we forget, the famous Wednesday Let's-finish-off-that-ice cream Cheat. Well, did I think the scale wouldn't notice? Needless to say, today has to be better/plus I am not drinking enough water...Not drinking soda but I am drinking Crystal Lite and Arizona green tea- too much aspartame, I think.

b-2 eggs
l-romaine and chicken
d-fish and green beans

I don't have enough food for work, and that's a big problem waiting to happen. I will get some cold cuts off the salad bar at the cafeteria I guess.

What else? Sono, I'll bet you're beat from the kidlets and DH! You'll be glad to work, it's easier than a sick husband! Kel, glad the summer schedule has started, but don't work too much! Hi Linda, how's tricks?

It sure is quiet here, where is everybody?

be good,
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning! I've been busting my butt with planting and trying to keep on top of Harry's needs. I intend to call my case worker to get more respite care because 4 hours a week is not cutting it!

The village planters are all done and look darn good. By July 1, they should look great! I have one more big planter to do over at the Fairgrounds and then I'm done and can focus on MY gardening!

Sorry I'm not posting very much. The South Beach Board is hopping and there are lots of newbies who are asking questions about things they could easily find if they read the darn book of the FAQ forum. Whoops! That sounds pretty *****y - and it is!

Sarah comes this morning and will be doing cleanup jobs for me. I must have 600 pots that need to be sorted for return to the greenhouse. Lurker Lorraine has had a fabulous year and is actually closing this Sunday as she is practically sold out. I'll have Sarah clean the inside of my car as lugging dirt and plants has sure crapped it up! If it's clean, I may not buy any more plants! (Wanna bet?)

Gotta get cracking as Sarah arrives at 9 and I have a few things to do before I snap into boss lady mode.

Happy Thursday!
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RuthXXX, sounds like you have another item added to your proverbial 'plate'. South Beach now too,huh? I remember you as being the always on the go Canadian lady that makes me look like an idle southern chick. Well, today I have to get my buns into the gym. (Curves) because they were closed on Memorial Day , and then I skipped yesterday. Ended up eating a hefty slice of carrot cake , it was my Dad's birthday. I took him a cake, and of course I had to make sure it was yummy.
Thanks for your greetings and other LindaBC, I love your signature!
Okay I am going for my coffee, and then some good old fashioned sweating some fat off! Have a great Day everyone.

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Trying to find my way.
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well girls I am here just bearly but lurking every once in a while. I finally got my notebook fixed but gabe my internet card to dd1, but went out and bought a new puter, and 2 days ago got it internet set. so not htere is no excuse of the kids. I am poping on every few mornings to see what is happening. just now have to get my mail on this puter. then i will be set.

work is busy and not much else is happening here. the kids are in swimming 3 of them, i have one boy in boy scouts and the other in cub scouts. so I am running if 4 different directions. and just starting to get a routine back for exercise. I have been asked to join the senior swim team. I have a good stroke but lousy stamina. what a good way to build it up.
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Owned by Dixie
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Hi Ladies!
Checking in lots going on here.
1st my father is peeved at me bacause I won't let his lovely bride visit. She has had no contact with me in about 18 months and he thinks I should call her to make up.umm NOT going to happen.
Also the abnoxious chair of this years auction is pushing to use an online program next year. As co head of the tech comittee it is really my choice and I told her so. As retaliation she went to the administation to pitch her program. She neglected to mention that they take 10%, can't process money and can't do a live auction or our party on top of a host of other can't do's. So I have spent the last week walking behind the horse cleaning up the crap...

I am also finalizing our summer plans. Older boy goes to space camp next wee, ( Monday is the last full day of school) The 2 weeks of camp, off to NY for a week, back for 2 then to the turks and Caicois
We will be staying with friends as they have a place and a divertion to NC before we come home the middle of August. A few meetings at school, a haircut and then possible a trip to CO to visit my brother.....

I have checked in and glad to see you all are busy.

Ruth I hope you get what you want from home care.
Sue, I always say I put the key in the ignition in september and it doesn't come out until June....
Dotti you are probobly right about the suger free drinks.

I found at wally world and a few other places the Zbars. YUMM, lots of fiber and a tasty treat....
to everyeryone else, not meaning to forget you.
Little man is on his way back from Guitar...

Little man is on his wa
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A quick good morning to all, I am running out the door-

even yesterday, I was fighting off carb cravings from the weekend. Amazing. I was doing fine, prior to the potato salad and cake, but now am struggling again! Did OK yesterday calorie wise, but it was a fight, and I have to get back the rest of the way. I've had no sugar, but was eating rice at lunch and bites of lasagna with dinner. But I went to the store and now have my snacks all set. Tedious...endless...what to eat> I get so tired of dealing with this, and it's so tempting to just stop worrying and eat "normally."

So, the menu for today is:
b-Atkins blueberry muffin(I am bribing myself) and 1 egg
l-chicken and romaine
s-cheese and celery
s- jello

The good news is my contractor says he can start my bathroom redo in about 2 weeks, and I can get everything ordered and delivered. So I can go pick up faucets and towel bars and lights and all...and order the tile next week. that should keep me entertained for a while!

nice to see you Sue! I love to swim also, but don't get to much. Enjoy. Are you still trying BFL? My sis just had it recommended by a trainer at her gym. It is too much carbs for me for everyday, not working out...but a good plan if you're active.

Hi Ruth, L, Linda, Kel, Virginia c., and everyone else!

Pooky, where are you? Janice?

have a good one,
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OMG, L, I looked at your vacation link and it looks like heaven on earth!!! Wow - you guys will have a great time!

*waves* hi to everyone - quick flyby today. I'll check back in this evening. IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

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