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Wink Moan-Day Mania - Nov 10 th

Must be some pretty busy chickies this morning! It's 8:45 - rise and shine and grab some coffee!
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Hi Janice and all chickies to come!

I am up. I took the kids to school and went to the gym then the market. I have to make something for the Peruvian breakfast at school on Thursday, It is a cookie thing with a filling called dulce con leche, well this is condenced sweetened milk cooked in the can for 4 to 6 hours! So I sit in the kitchen with a few cans of this stuff cooking until it is time to get the kids. I hope I can add some more time later today. I won't leave it cooking on the stove while i am gone.

I got the hat an gloves out today for the kids....I hate winter! I can't wait to go to mexico!

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Come on Spring!
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'Morning L and MamaJ. It's 10F here but at least it's sunny! I am off to vote in the municipal election this morning. I'm taking along Harry and The Girls to "get the house smell off them" as my Dad used to say.
L, I've had that dulce con leche stuff - better keep it away from me!
MamaJ, are you eating venison these days? I'm not quite sure what a deer lease is but think it has something to do with Bambi and guys with guns.
Have a great Monday - and no moaning! It's debilitating to the soul!
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Hi guys! Happy Monday!

Kids are off school for 2 days but I gotta rush off to the downtown client this a.m.

Check in with you later!

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Good Morning all

Hubby and I had a great day was my "free" day and I ate WAYYYYYYYY too much!! Mind you it was all pretty tastey!!

We went south of Buffalo a bit to do our rock picking for my inukshuks, and we were going to pick twigs too, but their were just too many hunters in the area where we were driving so we decided to stick to stones and head home when we were done. I just didnt like the idea of walking around in the bush with so many men with guns lurking around!

We might go to some of the bigger parks around here and see what we can find. Other than that, we are going to get our packaging together for my "moose droppings" and see if we can finally nail down a supplier for chocolate covered almonds that arent priced out of this world!

Have a great day all!
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Hey Robin, does BFL have a free day every Sunday? I am thinking that was what I are Monday's afterward? Is it hard to get back in it? I cut off my 'reward meals' but I honestly can't see waiting 6 more months to have something naughty.

Linda - congrats on the 8 pounds! Any word from your daughter today? Will you get to go to Scotland to see the baby?
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Hi Jennifer

Yup, every Sunday, or one day a week of your choosing. I keep Sunday just because its part of my weekend (sunday/monday) and its a wonderful reward at the end of the 6 days. Depending on what I eat on my free day definitely has an impact on how hard it is to get back on track. Ive discovered popcorn, to be the worst. I fought the sugar monster all day the following monday....but everything else so far is ok. (even chocolate) lol Now mind you, Im eating alot more carbs on this than I was on Atkins, so it might effect you different if your going to load up on carbs for one day.
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Strange how different things affect different people! I eat popcorn at least once a week, and it doesnt seem to affect weight loss or willpower. White bread, however, ruins me.
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