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Talking Wacky Wednesday Chit-Chat - Nov 5

Wakey-wakey my friends! It's a new day!

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Good early morning!

A nice fall morning here in Houston tho it's still to get in the 80's this afternoon.

Struggled with the accounting program yesterday and did find a bit of a short cut. At least enough to submit for inspection and other words it made dh happy!

Have court this morning so don't have long. Stephen is coming in for the weekend with his friend. We'll have a family birthday celebration Friday for him and DS Chad. Then guess they'll go off to do the "boy" thing. So I need to get some preparations started for that today also. A much needed trip to Petco for some puppy food. That should about do it.

Hope everyone has a terrific day! I'll check you later!

Be good to yourself ----- and stay OP!

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A quick Hey and Hello!

Rushing the kids to school and then going to make the salvation army/ consignment shop circuit with my friend Gail. Love Her!!! I gained two'd the heck did that happen? I chalk it up to ham and exercising....I always gain when I start, re start exercising....uhg!

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Come on Spring!
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Ham will do it, Peachie. We had it last night and I didn't even think of the scale today.

This damn rainy weather is killing me! All my ailments are out in full force and I feel like a whinging baby!

As my Mother would say "Have you ever considered pulling yourself together and getting on with it?" OK - already!

We are off (in the rain) to the lawyer and the drugstore this morning. Then Hershey and I go to her job at the clinic. I love seeing the look on those dear old faces when Hersh puts her shaggy head on their laps.

If it is still raining after that, I have promised myself a nap! Roast lamb is on the menu for dinner. Wanna come?

Happy Hump Day!
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workin' my way back down
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Morning everyone....... just a quickie here, as I am running late on getting out of here for work......
Never did get to have the massage yesterday they told me I need to make an appointment for that particular one 2 weeks in advance!!! sheesh! I don't know where I'll be day after tomorrow, let alone in 2 weeks!

Janice, glad the accounting program stuff went ok

Peach...... excercise????? Wow! I AM impressed

Ruthie .. you always do so much that I am tired just reading about it all - enjoy your nap, after all, it's raining here!!

have a great day.............
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Good morning.

It was rainy here yesterday, today it's just a little gloomy. Definitely nap weather. It turned cold last night, thank goodness. I love fall weather. One of my students said it is supposed to snow on Sunday, but I think (hope) he was just trying to gig me about my trip to St. Louis. I'm going if I have to rent a snow mobile to get there! I can't wait for some quality time with DH.

Have a great day.

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Didn't sleep well last night so not too chipper this morning BUT I'm up and another day will be unfolding whether I like what it holds or not! I just give a prayer of thanks for my three wonderful, loving kids and that makes it easier to pull myself up and forge ahead!

Did Peachie say the 'E" word??? Curves called me the other day wondering if I was still alive and kicking since I still pay my monthly dues but haven't darkened their doorway in ages! I do need to get back there....

Looks like rain today again - I really miss fall. We went straight from summer (low 90s early last week) to winter. Don't recall that ever happening around here before. One Sunday we were out at baseball with shorts and t-shirts on, umbrellas up, etc. and the very next Sunday (last) we were out wrapped in blankets, hats, gloves! Too funny - the coach came out at laughed at us in the bleachers!

Gotta hit it - have a great one all.

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I'm a Jovi Girl
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I need to just do a quick post.. but will be back later to read and respond.. BUT.. does any one have any experience with having 3 TOMs in less than a month?? I am spotting again!!

I am hoping that it is just part of this WOE BUT I am concerned that if could be a problem starting that is related to the Endo surgery I had in July....

ANyone have any similar problems? UGH!!! It could be PCOS too.. I am calling the doctor later today.. but I was hoping to hear something from you guys...

Gotta run and get he kidds ready for carpool then off to the gym... that helps with the cramps!!
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Hi everyone,
Great to see you all again. I have missed you all.
I did make it to the gym for a quickie, The tv situation sucked and I could't keep my mind on it.

I am loading CD's on to the puter today, as it rains outside, to put on my MP3....

So Life goes on and all is well.
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Good Morning everyone!

Wish I had more time to respond to each and every one -- I can relate to everybody's woes and wows -- BUT I shouldn't even be on here now!

Ruth -- it's been raining here since last Friday or Saturday -- so I think I know pretty much exactly how you feel. We're headed to MN tomorrow and dh just told me that they have 3+ inches of SNOW up there. ouch.

I love the Rams too, Tipurr -- though they aren't playing my personal fave -- Kurt Warner. He'll get healthy and come back. I BELIEVE!! I guess he and Brenda just had a baby -- so I'm sure his energies (were and) have been put to good use.

Peachie -- that exact thing happens to me when I start exercising after not doing it for awhile -- I ALWAYS gain weight -- I've never read up on it, but it has to be about stressed tissues and muscles holding more water.

Kel -- I'm thinking about Curves too -- it sounds like it would suit my SHORT attention span. Do you like it? How much does it cost? Try to get a nap, you deserve it!

Janice -- Have fun w/the boys. I'm looking to our family being together again at Thanksgiving.

Karen -- definite to calling the doctor. I have no personal advice, my problem these days is just the opposite! -- but that sounds like something your doctor should know about.

Just got back from running downstairs to talk w/a gal who's going to do some wreaths and arrangements for me for the holidays. FUN!

Hope I haven't missed anyone.

Everybody have a great time down here where it's warm while I'm slogging away up in nothern Minnesota!


Missed you L -- great to see you again too!
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Hi All, It's my first day back on 20 carbs-again-I got out of hand and haven't counted them for a couple of months. Just after eating one good breakfast, I feel good again! Take care and have a great day! Barbie
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Sooner - RE: Curves I got in when the place by my house 1st opened so didn't pay an initiation (sp?) fee and pay $29 per month. Mine is open early (6:30) M-W-F and 7:30 T/Th until noon then closed until 2:30 pm then open until 8:00 pm. I think they are also open Sat. 8-noon. I really like the workout cuz you don't have to do anything for very long (just when I'm about ready to cuss out the machine or throw in the towel and go get a burger, this little voice on the music tape tells you to SWITCH and you do something else for 3 minutes) It isn't a very heavy duty workout (well, you could make it that way if so inclined, I guess) so those used to the sweatshop gyms would be very disappointed BUT it is just perfect for me who completely HATES the 'E" word.

now if I just get myself to waddle in there a few times a week..... something I need to work on.
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Kel, I just had to throw this guy in!!

Yeah, for me at least the exercise is as important or more important than the woe. Especially with L as an exercise buddy, I've been doing pretty good on the showing up part but it's still not my favorite part of the day. OTOH, I haven't been doing a good job of avoiding the Halloween candy (it chased ME honest!) so at least the exercise has kept me from gaining.

Today was the first day in awhile with NO cheating of any kind so hopefully this is the start of the right trend.

Karen: hopefully your Dr. had some advice. If anything, I think my cycles have evened out a little (and gotten a little lighter) since starting Atkins.

FullFig: we all want to go to the ball vicariously so be sure to post pictures!!
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Angry I knew I had it wrong yesterday!

It was KFS not KFC !!!

So good to see you!!! {{{hugs}}}

Today has been busy. Court case was dismissed but still changing school districts for Michael. Long story - will explain later.

Still haven't made the grilled salmon. Darn! I want to make the cajun blackened salmon sooooo much but we've just got so much in the way. Awww well. I guess tomorrow.

Very tired - will check in tomorrow!

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Hey Kel --
Thanks for the info!

One last question -- can you go as many times as you want for your $29?

Tanks agin!
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