Dailly Cluck?? Thursday, Oct 30.

  • Nobody appears to be starting the daily thread anymore. Was it decided not to have one?
    I know that a lot of Chicks go to specific forums, such as Atkins and South Beach and perhaps it's too much to expect people to post in more than one place.
    Anyhow, I was just wondering what's happening here and if nobody wants a daily cluck here anymore.
    I have gone back on Induction today after my 3 day carb binge. Bacon and eggs for breakfast. I'm off to do my Body Flex routine now and then a l.c. lunch. Not sure what yet, but I'll think of something.
    Have a nice day, Chicks.
  • Nice of you to stop by, Linda - it looks like our little corner of heaven that we have enjoyed for so many years has been splintered now. We all just have limited time on the computer and it is so hard to post in several places - or even check in several places for our old buddies. I understand that fact, friends - I'm not trying to add guilt to anyone. I'm just kinda sad about the fact that when/if some of our flock that is currently missing comes 'back to the fold', there won't BE any fold and they will feel that, alas, they have been away too long.

    Love ya guys -