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LindaBC 10-21-2003 06:13 PM

Great Pumpkin Challenge Week 8
We're getting close to the end of the challenge. Final WI day will be Oct 31 - Hallowe'en, unless enough participants want to weigh in the final time on the following Monday, Nov. 3.

Now is not the time to waver, fellow challengers. What can we do to ensure we reach our goals?

1. Drink more water. This is a tough one for me because of my weak bladder but I'll do my best.

2. Eat more low carb veggies. I've become very lazy lately and haven't been getting my full allowance of veggies every day. I think we do lose better when we get enough fiber and with a low carb diet, it's important to stay regular. I've added 2 tbsp of ground flax seed every day. I know it contains carbs but I figure there's a lot of fiber there too and I'm not worrying about it.

3. Watch out for hidden carbs. That dribble of gravy probably has more than a gram or two. The restaurant salad dressing probably has more than your home made (remember to take your own or ask for theirs on the side). Be careful with those handfuls of nuts. They are not really low carb and if you're anything like me, 1 oz is never enough. Same goes for peanut butter. Who can eat just 1 tbsp? Not me.

4. Go easy on the Splenda. It does contain carbs, y'know. It can also cause stalls for some people so if you've been enjoying more than a few Atkins bars, it might be a good idea to cut back or cut them out.

5. Increase exercise. If you've been doing nothing, do SOMEthing...ANYTHING. Even if you just dance around the house to the radio for 5 minutes twice a day. Get that body moving.

If anyone else has any tips, please feel free to add them. I doubt if I'm going to make my 12 lb goal, but I still have an outside chance of doing it so I'm going to give it my all.
Good luck, everyone.

fullfig 10-22-2003 05:23 AM

i'm gonna change my loss again. i dropped another .4 this morning. so, this will bring the 2.6 up to 3 lbs. i don't expect to see another loss until mid-next week. i've got one more lb to make my 25 lb goal. i'm so excited! i may just need to change my weigh-ins to tuesday or wednesday. tuesdays seem to usually show a loss. i did start atkins on a tuesday anyway. congrats to all of us. those were great tips linda!

Froufy 10-22-2003 11:04 AM


Thanks for the GREAT REMINDERS....I know some of those "extra" mouthfuls/nibbles/bites I've had are not low carb, and we need to remain vigilant.

Congrats Fulfig - you are doing great and the weight seems to be falling off your body. I am hoping you will be able to post pics of yourself in your fabulous ball gown at the party!


fullfig 10-22-2003 12:41 PM

thanks, froufy. supersized and i were just messaging about that last night. i think i'll try to do that. i've just dropped another half inch off my waist. so, now i am 46-39.5-43. i hope the turkish dinner with our landlords won't do too much damage tomorrow night. i'm gonna stay as low on carbs as possible up until dinner to help minimize the damage. let's cross our fingers and toes that it will work. my husband who is now maintaining on atkins after losing 30 lbs, is betting me that i'll be at 179 by the ball on the 8th. i don't know so much about that. i thought i was feeling well enough to exercise today, but didn't. hopefully i'll be able to tomorrow. thanks again!

supersized 10-22-2003 01:13 PM

Thanks for the tips Linda.

Fullfig, you're the girl. You're gonna be a knockout. My BIL will be smiling ear to ear all evening.

I'm down one more pound but still 9 pounds away from my gpc goal.

Tippurr 10-22-2003 03:03 PM

Thanks for the tips Linda. The sisters are doing great! I have 3 pounds to go to meet my goal. I think I can do it. I need a personal trainer with a whip and chair to get me to exercise. Maybe Sigfried is available until Roy gets better? I think (maybe) I'd be more agreeable than a tiger to work with.


fullfig 10-23-2003 09:06 AM

i've passed my 25 lb goal by 1 lb. despite reading the article, i just can't stay off the scales. i just wanted to go ahead and post, as i am so excited. i can hear the pointer sisters right now. anyway, dinner with the landlords is tonight. so, i'm not expecting to see another loss until next week. have a great day chickadees!

supersized 10-23-2003 01:37 PM

Way to go Tippurr and fullfig! I've dropped 1 more pound. I'm not sure if I'll get 8 more pounds off before halloween but I'm gonna try it.

Tippurr, send Sigfried over my way when you get finished with him. I haven't exercised all week. I too need a personal trainer. I absolutely hate to exercise. I watched the instructional video for my new bodyflex plus system but haven't actually started exercising. She recommends doing it twice a day so that is my goal. I had intentions of doing it last night but am trying to catch up on season 2 of 24. the 3rd season starts Tuesday night and I have 18 more hours to go. With that said I probably won't realistically start exercise program until Monday.

LindaBC 10-24-2003 12:48 AM

COME ON, SUPERSIZE. It's only a lousy FIFTEEN MINUTES. Squeeze it in between episodes of 24 as a reward for not snacking or something. You can do it but do it NOW!

FULLFIG, way to go. That's a big load off in a short time.

supersized 10-24-2003 11:54 AM

You're right Linda. I'm gonna do it tonight. Thanks for calling me on it. I lost one more pound. I'm still 7 pounds away from my goal though. I can't remember the last time I was 175. I'm feeling pretty proud. I just need to exercise. The water consumption is up so at least I've made progress on that goal. Have a super weekend girls!

LindaBC 10-25-2003 12:18 AM

Oh, good for you, Super. You're really doing great.

supersized 10-25-2003 07:04 PM

2 more pounds have left my body. I'm so proud. I'm realizing that the 160s are attainable. I walked to festival with neighbor and friend this morning so I'm gonna count that as exercise. Hope y'all are having a super weekend.

Jennifer 3FC 10-26-2003 01:03 AM

Ok, I think I made my goal. I finally did 5 pounds, and weighed the next day and had gained 3 back! I am sure that was water though...I had a 2x2 inch square of peach cobbler, and I know that didn't pack on 3 pounds! Other than that, I've been exercising 3 miles a day, 5x a week, staying on plan and doing pretty well on water. Let's hope the first of the week weigh in will bring me back to my goal!

Congratulations everybody, we've all worked HARD whether we hit the goal or not. This is the attitude that will get us there, even if we are slow and steady!

LindaBC 10-26-2003 01:32 AM

You're right, Jennifer. I just can't let myself get discouraged by the lack of movement of the scale. I know I'm eating less than 1,500 calories most days and often less than that. Carbs are generally between 20 and 30 gr. daily. I do my water exercises and my Body Flex and I hope to increase my exercise as I get stronger and more limber. Everything I'm doing is beneficial to my health so, even if I don't lose weight, I should still be healthier which is a GOOD THING.

supersized 10-26-2003 12:35 PM

i'm one more down. 4 more to go. I'm finally getting excited about this diet. Yes, I still call it a diet. It will be until I meet my goal. Everyone is doing great. We are all winners because we are all losing pounds or inches, or improving numbers that assess our health such as blood sugars or cholesterol. We may not all see improvements in all of these areas but an improvement in even one area is a victory. We're doing great! We should all be proud. I'm certainly proud of all of us.

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