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Thumbs down Here is another observation, but this one is also a vent!

The Question for today is: WHY?

I really feel like i have bad karma when it comes to food.

Everytime I start a diet, no matter what diet. There are like 4 million misc things that just "appear".

Without a doubt, since I have started CKD I swear my coworkers are out to torment me.

a.) Last week, I come into the breakroom to put my keto food in the fridge and low and behold there is a table of Barbecue. Loaves of bread, Pink Lemonade, Muffins (everykind), Sweet Tea, ect. The only thing that I could maybe eat was the coleslaw, and I hate coleslaw.

b.) Walked into the breakroom, and there are hundreds of cans of coca cola just sitting there for anyone to take. (I am guessing a group had a party and had too much leftover)

C.) Walked in the breakroom this morning and there are 5 bags of bagels, a whole box of cookies (everykind), and more soda?

D.) One of my coworkers decided to go to the grocery store hungry and went off the deep end and made a whole banana split bar in her cubicle. She only went for a little something to eat and ended up bringing back the following: 2 full buckets of ice cream (one vanilla, and one chocolate), 2 big bottles of chocolate syrup, 1 huge can of whipped cream, 2 bundles of bananas, 1 jar of cherries, 1 bag of hersheys minis, 1 Jar of carmel syrup, 1bag of after dinner mints (they ones that I love sooooo much because they melt in your mouth), and 2 packs of sugar wafers!!! All this just because she decided she was hungry. She is one thoses petite women who dont gain weight.

E.) My team decided today to go to Mellow Mushroom (a pizza joint here in Georgia) for bosses day. One of my teammates decided to make a Carrot Cake with extra Cream Cheese Frosting (The homemade kind). And she topped it with candy corn.

F.) Had a team meeting 2 weeks ago, and one of the teammates decide to bring in her Cake that she made that I call the Chocolate Cake of Death. This cake had 5 yes FIVE thick layers with all kinds of chocolate inbetween each of the layers and then topped with Chocolate frosting. The cake was soooo big people could'nt even cut it and put it on their plate without it toppling over on the plate. And this is for no special occasion. Guess what I ate while watching these people enjoy this cake????? Steamed Vegetables.

G.) My boss brings in Doughnuts every week, and if it is'nt him it is someone else. It is like they take turns or something. Sometimes it's bagels from this bagel company here in Georgia that has like 500 different kinds of bagels, and 500 diffferent cream cheeses to go with each different kind of bagel.

I could go on and on and on with this.

Drives me sooooooo crazy!
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How long have you been doing low carb? I found that once I told myself that there was no possible way I was going to eat that stuff (and with some good visualization of my own cellulite covered thighs) the desire to eat sugar and starch laden food went away quickly.

Now, when coworkers bring in "goodies" and they always do - I feel nothing. I'm not hungry most of the time anyway and I feel good knowing that I'm more interested in achieving my goals than I am about the next round of hot krispy kremes.
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You have to get yourself into a state of mind where you feel superior to those poor suckers who are ruining their health with all those high carb/fat foods. Visualize yourself looking lean and mean while they are being treated for heart attacks and all the other horrors that have become so prevalent in our fast food society. You have to pity them because YOU know the right way to eat and be healthy but you nobly keep yourself from preaching to them. Imagine yourself on a lofty peak looking down at those pitiful creatures who are stuffing all that poison down their gullets in the mistaken belief that it is yummy. Keep picturing yourself trim, healthy, dressed like a model, feeling terrific. Also, make sure you always have some l.c. snacks handy for those weaker moments. Never, EVER, tell yourself that one bite can't hurt. You KNOW it can. One bite may not make you gain weight. It may not even throw you out of ketosis. But that one bite makes you feel weak. It threatens your commitment and resolve. It makes that second bite even easier to take. You are STRONG. You are INVINCIBLE. You are LOW CARB.
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OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!
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