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Default Thursday daily cluck/Oct.16/03

Coffee is hot and strong. I was sick last night so I didn't get to tops. I had too many carbs yesterday, and the chocolate cake is all gone
I hope to have a better day today.
Great going Brad, and I am finally glad to meet the rooster in our yard.
I am going now as it is 5:06 am and I have some other things to do,
have a lg. slice of a great day,

LindaBC, how does breathing help lose weight? Shouldn't we be nothing?

Tazcat I have seen this on TV
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Come on Spring!
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Good point on the breathing.

Taz, I think extra oxygen is the key in the Body Flex system. (Listen to me! I have taken mine out of the box but that's it!! Sheesh!)

Tippurr, I'm still thinking about and praying for that wee lad. It sounds like your kids are great! He will enjoy the gifties.

Brad - good going! It's nice when it becomes second nature to amke low carb choices.

Jen - it definitely has to do with this low carb thing. My theory is that it stabilizes out blood glucose levels and wildly fluctuating BGL levels affects the brain. Just my theory but congrats on being able to reduce the meds!

Yesterday was a sort of all round crappy day with very little sleep and miserable rain and high winds but today is better. It certainly helped to have a solid eight hours of zzzzz time!

I'm off to start the day - a bit late but, hey!, I'm retired!
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I'm a Jovi Girl
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Good morning!

I have just had my first cup of coffee for the day and feeling pretty good!

I get to work in DD's Kindergarten Classroom this morning! I love this teacher (DS had her last year) and she always seems to have a messy craft when I work in the classroom. I havent worked yet this year so I am really excited!

Linda - you are not alone with the fall clean up!! It is RAINING here too and I need to do some clean up! ANd plant more bulbs! UGH!!!

Jen - WOO HOO on the reduction of the meds! I am so glad for you! My mom just recently got off of Paxil too. (She was on them since 1997) but for heart problems not because of diet. I wish she could do atkins, I think she could, but the Cardiologist says no way. But she is very depressed again and crying all the time.

Ruth - good for you sleeping in! I need a sleep in day.. but none in site until after soccer season is over.... 2 more weeks!!

Tax - You will find Brad an inspiration! I wish I could lose that quickly!

Anyway.. I better run... Hope all have a great day!!
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Mornin' all!

A beautiful crisp morning here in Iowa. We are having our first school dance next week. I help chaperone all the dances, I just love watching the kids. They're a hoot! One boy in my math class asked me if I was going to get out and dance with him. I told him I didn't think I was ready to" get down with my bad self on the dance floor" just yet. He didn't quite know how to reply to that.

My husband moved my scales yesterday. This is not a good thing. The floor is so uneven that it weighs differently in different spots. Unfortunately for me, this spot weighs about 5 pounds higher and I can't find the old spot. I think sweetie and I need to have a chat about the importance of keeping one's hands off of the scales (if one wants to keep one's hands intact).

If that's the worst thing that happens, this will be a good week. Hope y'all have a good one.

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I just typed in a whole long post and then before I submitted it, was asked to check another site, so it's all gone. I'll pop in later maybe to try again.

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