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Well, it'd mid-afternoon here but I finally made it into the hen house. Cluck cluck.

It sounds as if many of us have been through some emotional stuff over the weekend. I did too with my older daughter but I think it's been smoothed over at last. Somehow I managed to resist drowning my misery with food and stayed OP and did my Body Flex. No loss on the scale again this week but the tape measure showed a slight loss in the waist measurement which is better than nothing. I've decided not to moan about the lack of loss on the scale because I must be building new muscles with this new exercise program. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Karen, I'm really sorry your aunt did such a number on your emotions. I don't know what the problem was but people shouldn't do that to anybody, especially not family. But, my daughter had me crying the other night without even trying. Why is there always one kid who knows just what buttons to push? Of course, she didn't mean to do it but I guess I took it the wrong way and that started the waterworks. We will just have to grow thicker skins...not FATTER...thicker. LOL

I went to the pool this morning and practised some of my Body Flex moves in the deep end. It really seems to be helping me and even though scale and tape measure don't show much progress in the right direction, I can feel internal changes. Eventually they will begin to show up on the outside too, I hope.
All we can do is keep on trying.
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Super tardy today but needed some extra sleep this morning. Had one of those crappy sleeps when you sleep for an hour then wake up and so on for the entire night, ugh. But woke up feeling a whole lot better today. My eating has been only what I can manage but the high protien soups have helped so much from keeping me from dropping into catabolism which I was in over friday and saturday (ie burning muscle off, very bad). Worked out today after work for an hour, still not totally back up to full lung capacity, but felt pretty good. My eating is still not great but I'm getting up to almost 1000 cal and not feeling sick. Ahhh the small victories.

Linda, I checked out the body flex website and still can't figure out how the heck it works, please share, lol.

And oh the carb hangover, how nasty it is, I truly don't miss it at all. I never knew that it was normal to wake up without puffy eyes. I had been living that way for so many years.

Took my 2 month pictures on the weekend, red nose and all but it was amazing. My shots from 2 months ago compared with now is remarkable. Pictures speak so much louder. I hope everyone is doing this for themselves, just to see the proof that my chins are gone and waist is back is a feeling beyond words.

And Jen, hang in there, I too was a 41' waist when I started, and I know the feeling of how daunting it is, daunting but very, very doable.

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Default hi ladies

karen, sorry that happened with your aunt. sounds like you handled it well though.

turtle, how tough that had to be. hang in there.

jen, hey i started with a 42 or 43 waist. just about had a heart attack. kept thinking "this just can't be". also, last week you had asked me if i knew how many calories i was consuming. over the weekend i mosied over to fitday to track a couple of days. i've pretty much been eating less than 1000 a day. i was surprised. i'm just not hungry. other than a couple of times that i had bacon and pepperoni, i pretty much eat chicken breasts. i get the fat from the cheese. anyway, i thought i'd fill you in on my discovery since you had asked earlier. i just don't mess with fitday too much--takes too much time. have a great week!

sounds like everyone is progressing well. y'all are great!

supersized--you kill me! i miss you more than you know!
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You gals with waists measuring in the low 40s don't know how lucky you are. My waist is bigger than my boobs. I'm nearly as big around as I am tall. GAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Tummy, the basic premise of Body Flex is learning some deep breathing exercises first. Once those are mastered, you go on to do some fairly simple exercises while sitting on a chair. First you do the BF breathing and then you do a series of exercies. For example you put your fingertips of each hand together at about chin level and push hard just after exhaling. Then there's the waist twist and the pretzel and leg crossing, all done after a series of deep breathing to get you aerobic. Then you use a length of what looks like surgical tubing attached to a plastic cross bar and do slightly more vigorous exercises after getting pumped up on the deep breathing. There's only one where you stand up so they're all good for people like myself who have knee problems. I bought my BF system from The Shopping Channel and you just have to go to and you will find it least it is on the Canadian website. Not sure about in the U.S.
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