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lamby 07-03-2003 02:32 PM

Just started
Hi! I have been on the Atkins diet for four days so far. This is the first time I have tried it and as many of you can probably relate, I have gotten some resistance from family and friends regarding how safe it is.

I have read the book and cleared it with my doctor so I feel pretty good about starting it.

What I'm wondering is, how much is a normal amount to lose when you start? In the past four days I have lost 16 pounds! It makes me concerned and certainly doesn't make the doubters feel any better about it being safe! I have about 80 pounds to lose so really 16 is just the beginning. I'm guessing that it is water weight?

I'd feel much better if I knew that this was normal.


golfergirl 07-03-2003 02:45 PM

We're at the same place
I am also on my 4th day of Atkins...I started at 178lbs and last night was at 173...I figured I had 40 pounds to lose so also just a start, but I can't believe how much I have lost... I think a little might just be that you can't eat as much...I haven't snacked as often!!

A friend lost 30 in the 2 weeks and he had about 80 to lose also so that sounds not too far off from that.

Think of all the bad sugars you are not eating and that is what stores the fat. Not eating them will help you body to flush out all of the previously store fat from sugar... it does make sense...

Good Luck!!! It's hard to stick to it :)

lamby 07-03-2003 03:30 PM

Thank you for your reply! It's so nice to know someone is in the same place as I am! And what you said about your friend makes me feel better too.

What you said about the sugars really does makes sense. I think that I just needed to hear it, you know?

I also needed to hear something positive about this diet. I really do feel much better, don't you? I don't even want to snack anymore and don't feel hungry at all. In fact, I think I eat more now that I used to... just better things.

Thanks for your encouragement. Good luck with your diet!

nasus40 07-03-2003 06:09 PM

The more you do it the more your body resists losing the weight (induction) It is not uncomon to lose a lot the first few times you do induction. 16 is a great start and 30 WOW (men do lose much faster than women) I have been low carb on and off for several years. abd i do feel so much better low carb and well my bloods have turned to wonderful from the doc. so it works. just remember that you can not when you reach your goal or close to goal you can not go back to the way you were eating before. that is what got you fat in the first place. (the statment that every once gains the weight right back is not to farr off if you go back and eat everything you ate before!!)

NicoleNYC 07-04-2003 09:41 AM

Wow, I've been doing this only since Monday and I've lost seven - was feeling pretty good about that till I read about Miss Think up there with her 16. WOW! Feeling like a slacker over here. You and I need to compare notes, I'd be really interested in seeing what we're doing differently. Especially as we have the same amount to lose (in fact, I probably have a little more).

If you get a chance, I'd LOVE to talk this over in detail with you lamby.

Golfgirl, good for you as well! I've always heard that when you have less to lose it come off slower so you must really be working hard. Congratulations.

Nasus, I must know - what is virgin fat? I THINK I have an idea - and if I'm right, you are TOO clever! I'm going to start using that, if you don't mind.

nasus40 07-04-2003 09:46 AM

:lol: I picked up that term so do not think that I am the creative one!! :lol:

it is the fat that has not been lost and gained and lost and gained before!! it is new low territory for me. so if you and I think alike then we have the same idea!! :lol:

what you should do is post all your meals I think there is a post on the regular board for the meal posing if not do not hesiiat to start one. we all need that. and please if you want we can start up a boot camp or summer sizzel thread for the focus.

NicoleNYC 07-04-2003 11:29 AM

It IS what I thought! Virgin fat - that's brilliant! Wherever you picked it up, thanks for passing it on.

I'll go look for a menu or daily thread or something. My husband and I are doing this together and so far, so good (not as good as some apparently ;) ) but feedback is always nice and if we get to a bit where we're not losing, it'll be great to compare notes.

lamby 07-04-2003 02:27 PM

My husband and I are doing it together too! I think it makes it so much easier, don't you?

The reason I was so concerned about the 16 pounds is that I was treated for graves disease 2 years ago and it has taken me this long to really feel healthy again! Losing weight isn't worth feeling better to me. And I don't know why but people really seem to be giving me grief about trying this!

Anyway, that may have something to do with me losing so quickly. My metabolism is really messed up from the treatment (radiated iodine, killed part of my thyroid which controls metabolism). I really didn't mean to show off.. I hope it didn't come off that way. I was just concerned.

Anyway, I think that this is such a great forum to get support and feedback! I'm so glad I posted! And seven pounds in four days is amazing!!! I'd love to compare sometime. It is the best way to get new ideas on how to tackle this weight thing!

Oh, and Sue.. I love the virgin fat thing too! It's so right on!


NicoleNYC 07-04-2003 04:26 PM

Go ahead and show off - it ALWAYS makes me feel inspired when someone else is losing!

And having my hsuband doing the same thing, collecting info, showing interest in what we're eating, etc - so helpful. And now that he's losing (he's lost an INCH of his waist this week!) he's really motivated and that makes me really want us to keep going. He has far less to lose than I do but still, we can treat it like a project and not a hardship.

How are you feeling? I was a bit sluggish for the first few days, but today for the first time in AGES I'm bursting with energy - and I know it's not from sugar or caffine. Hope this keeps up!

If you feel good and you're getting results, don't let other people put you off. If you feel good and your doc is ok with it - hey, you're WAY more informed than the people who are working on rumors and "what they've heard" so don't let them get to you. The proof is in the pudding. Well, lack of pudding. You know. Results count.

Good luck to you!

nasus40 07-05-2003 10:54 AM

You girls do have the right mode. focus and compare but do not compare to hard. every one is different. If i remember with graves you can hold lot of fluid?? It has been ages. I should look it up. (I am a nurse)

but anyways. lets get this thing a good kick in the rear and move on this weight loss. It sure helps with DH's joining but do realize that he WILL drop alot faster than you will! It is genetic.

lamby 07-05-2003 02:27 PM

Oh my gosh, I had such bad headaches the first few days too! The caffiene was so hard to give up! My husband is still feeling a little fuzzy headed but I'm feeling pretty good. Everyday seems better, you know?

A whole inch already?? Gosh!!

I do tend to hold a lot of fluid. That could be part of it. I'm feeling so good now that it must be okay though! And the weight loss has slowed from the first few days so that's good. I'm all for losing weight, but not 5 pounds a day!

Sue, you've done this for awhile, right? Do you find that exercise helps?

Thanks to you both!

nasus40 07-05-2003 04:50 PM

It is not uncommon for men to do that.

The headach is fromthe carb withdrawl as well ascaffiene withdrawl. Yes i have done this for quite a while. on and off. some days much better than others. and when I am bad I am really bad and when I am good really good. (right now I am half way) I am going back in the groove, but like you all have said it is hard to keep your faith when it is not falling off like some people.

Exercise is really the key but make sure that you chose something that you can live with. do not expect to be able to do an hour in the gym every day like i was. (then started to work a full time job iwth 5 kids in the house) not good for the psyche exercise and diet plans!1 I gained a.lot back but am trying desperatly to get it back off. (and it doe s not want to budge. but I know I can do it and do plan on doing it again!!!

feffyy 07-06-2003 12:53 PM

Hi all! Mind if I join in?

I have really enjoyed reading all of your posts! I have allot of weight to loose.

I have tried almost everything out there and have had great success! But always gain it back:( Last year at this time I weighed about 60 pounds less then I do now. I worked really hard doing slim-fast and working out. Then went on vacation, bought a new house (what a headache!, :fr: )and basically just got lazy and gained all my weight back plus some! Now I feel like a failure (again) and have to start all over.

I had a friend come over about a week ago that started the Atkins diet and has lost 7 pounds in the first two days! He is 6'4" and weighs about 400 lbs. He said I should give it a try. So I went to Barnes & Noble picked up the book, and a few low carb cook books and am just about ready to give it a try!

I think the main thing to this diet is to just watch the carbs. Right? I am still trying to figure it out all the way before I start. Plus I am a MAJOR procrastinator! Did any of you have anxiety about starting up this diet? An worry abut doing it right? Or did you just go for it? Any advice girls?

Thanks Feffy

Ps. Congratulations on all of your weight loss so far! Sounds like you are all doing great!

Heaviest (262 pounds)
Current (262 pounds)
Goal (137 pounds)
Lightest (145 pounds)

nasus40 07-06-2003 02:13 PM

Welcome Freffy!!! I just jumped in and started when i started. some people find it helpful to start cutting the carbs first like the major ones for a few days then going full force. i will say you may drag and feel yucchy for a few days then feel a huge rush of energy!! Just do it. bottom line veggies are great any ind except peans corn and too much winter squash, but all else is good, fruit for now is not in the plan atleast not atkins induction. Rice pasta bread and well doughnuts bagels and the likes are most certainly out. beans like the kind in three bean salad is out atleast for now. Freffy just be aware that your friend not nly is male and will lose weight like butter on a fry pan, but also being heavy will lose more quickly especially in the beginning.

Salad is wonderful but watch the tomatoes limit to very little.

and do not eat crab salad the fake stuff (will cause horrible cravings as it is made with potatoe starch)

what do you say girls of we move this to the regular forum. as this is usually for the FAQ. you can certainly keep the individuality of this thread going as there are several different groups started up there. there is some great info here that i would hate to see get lost in pages of chatter.

NicoleNYC 07-06-2003 04:21 PM

I'll be happy to follow this over to the regular forum. Just let me know where to look! I'd LOVE to keep comparing notes with y'all.

Feffyy, when I started - just last Monday - we jumped in with both feet. My husband took it upon himself to clear all the carbs out of the cabinets, fridg, and freezer - you can't eat what isn't there ;) We did give ourselves about a week to get through all the carb stuff we had (rice, pasta, etc) to avoid wasting a lot but after that, out it went. We've made a little project of it so I think that helps - it's not drudgery, it's a hobby.

So, where are we moving to, ladies?

Feffy, wanted to add that if you're just getting started, check out www.atkins.com for a really great breakdown of the info. I found that it really makes a point of stressing some of the finer issues like - limiting cheese, drinking water, etc.

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