Holy Cow!!!

  • Hubby's blood test results are back and here goes:

    At the begining of April my hubby had his blood tested again and his overall cholesterol was 171 but his tryglicerides were 800!!! He's been on Lipitor and every other comparable medication to lower them. Understand, my husband was about 15 lbs overweight, never ate sweets and has worked out 5-6 days a week for years. He decided to try Atkins to see if it could help and VOILA!!! His overall cholesterol went up to 183 - not abnormal on a diet like this and I've heard this is a temporary increase.

    But... (drumroll please...)
    Here goes...
    His tryglicerides went from 800 to 125!!!!! His doctor called him personally this morning and asked, "How the H*ll did you do this????"

    Ironically, I have decided to move onto to a more sugar-busters type of diet. I have been on the Atkins diet for almost 8 weeks and I've only lost a total of about 10 lbs. I hate mealtimes, I've cut out all aspartime and everyting I love. I hate eating eggs and I'd rather go hungry all day and get to have some whole wheat pasta in the end versus eat another celery stick with cream cheese. I've been so disappointed with my weight loss because I've been on this diet faithfully and I've been working out. Hubby lost 11 lbs and really doesn't need to diet much more so he's itching to start eating some whole wheat stuff. I am just miserable and can't seem to find my way in this dieting world. I'm very happy for everyone who's done well on this diet but I am mystified as to why I'm not doing as good. I have friends who've lost 30 lbs in three months on this - at this rate, it will take me a year to lose 30 lbs! I could be on ww and do that, couldn't I??? And at least with ww you can eat a dinky muffin now and then!Ugh.
  • I know how you feel! I am so discouraged today I could cry--I have done this woe eating on and off for 6 months now-with no noticeable results. I know, you are not supposed to go "off" of it-but if I am not seeing results then I tend to stray! Maybe I will look-up Sugar Busters-
    I just can't understand why pounds don't melt off me like they do some people! I tried on a pair of shorts from LAST YEAR and they are way to tight--what gives??

    WTG-to your hubby though!

    Miss D
  • It is really hard being a woman--men just lose weight so much more easily than we do. I would hang in there a little longer and then reassess what it is you're eating. Maybe you need to add more variety in your veggies. I find that if I stick to the low carb veggies mainly, I not only get bored, but I am leaving our much needed vitamins and minerals in other areas. I also allow myself a "free day" where I can eat what I want to in that day (but not trying to go overkill!) and the remaining 6 days are strictly program days. After all, you have to live this program too. If it isn't working the way it should, then switching things around a bit may help!
  • oh ladies. my heart goes out to you. everyone's body is different, and it's more than the man-woman difference. try something else if this isn't working for you!!!! just because this doesn't work for you doesn't mean that you did a damn thing wrong!!!!!
  • Thanks, ladies.

    I realize that with this strictly Atkins woe, I've been getting in the neighborhood of about 1500-1800 calories a day (sometimes even a bit more.) I know you shouldn't have to worry about stuff like this but I can't comprehend in my mind how I can lose weight if I'm still eating a lot of calories. That's why I'm going over to the SugarBusters way of eating for a little while.

    Miss D - I've been reading a lot about SB and the difference is the carbs. Atkins says all carbs are bad. I'm thinking that may not necissarily be true. SB says whole wheat and unrefined products (bread, pastas etc) do not spike your insulin like sugar, sucrose, and refined wheat products. The result is a "trickle" of insulin into the blood which helps stabalize weight loss, cholesterol etc. They are wary of fats, though, and that makes a bit of sense to me. So I'm eating a bit LESS food right now, but three times a day I get up to 1/2 cup of whole wheat whatever. And the meats are going to be lean etc. Also, there is room for various fruits. I'm eating whole wheat cereal but trading in the high-fatty foods like butter and mayo and high fat meats.

    Regardless, neither SB nor any other diet I've seen lets you eat unlimited quantities of anyything so there is definitely an element of deprivation here. I also realize I should keep my caloric intake to the 1200 range in order to see realistic weight loss. Those combine for a hungry girl but again, I'd rather be hungry most of the day and get a "treat" (since when did whole wheat anything become a treat?) at every meal than eat another pork chop with butter!

    Maybe after a little time with this I'll get so hungry that a pork chop with butter and a celery stick with cream cheese sound good. Isn't that always the case?????
  • Men just get a metabolic break - guess it's to make up for the testosterone poisining

    Great news about the triglycerides though!!!

    As for the Atkins woe, it is really not a good choice for on-again, off-again as your body never gets to be/stay in ketosis. If it's not for you, you are definitely better off with a different plan. Unfortunately, even a little cheating will sabotage your wl and get you discouraged

    I have found if I'm good about sticking to my carb limits, although I am eating calorie-dense foods I am not eating a ton of calories per day as I am not particularly hungry. But, if I have too many carbs (even good carbs like nuts & berries) then I start to crave more and away we go...
  • Adrianne way to go with Hubby's triglycerides. I am so proud of him what are his other numbers??? HDL LDL??

    I can bet the doc was sitting there just mystified. I think we have another convert!! HEE HEEE

    I also aplaud your decsion. not every body can do atkins. many here do a modified. and fluxuate a bit. do what you need to do for your diet and know that you do not have to leave we also welcome SB and low glycemic and many others. So do not feel that you need to leave us as you are not strictly atkins. (I doo PP and am not kicked off) we love having you here. If you are unhappy then you will not stick to what you are doing and then gain it all back. so eat happy. the plan is to eat happy and be healthy!!!