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Come on Spring!
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Default The Cluck - Tuesday, June 10

A quickie because the Girls are restless and need a romp in the yard. I've been supervising to be sure Lucy doesn't "pick" the irises that are just starting into bloom.

I felt kind of mopey yesterday and had a long afternoon nap. I'm not sure what that's all about - maybe the weather? Anyhow I did get my Lurker Lorraine pepper plants in and calendula, heiotrope and some snaps. It rained last evening so will be wet this morning but I'm planning to do cukes and a few other seeds this afternoon.

Coffee is ready. Come and join me on the deck.
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Thanks for the coffee Ruth, morning everyone.

Last day of school!
my dog has to have surgery this am for a toumor betewwn her hind legs. The vet thought it needed to come out right away. I think to preserve as much skin as possible an make it passible for her to still pee...ahh geriatric pets.

It is going to be a beautiful day, so after school the kids want to go to the pool. my first venture into a swim suit...eeekkkkk!
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Morning Chicks!

Ruth, my iris's were beautiful this year, but Sunday evening we had a killer windstorm, and now my yard is covered with iris blossoms. The wind managed to tear the blooms from their stems and send them all over my yard. The strange thing is some are opening their blooms as they lay in the yard. Must be they had enough moisture in them to survive after the storm.

I am enjoying my time at home, but it is still a bittersweet issue. I still miss my job and I am now bitter in the way it was handled. But I can overlook it as I am so happy to be home with my precious boys.

Have a great op day!
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Good Morning!!

Ruth coffee and deck sitting, what could be better.

L, enjoy the pool and I hope your pup is doing better by this time tomorrow. have been handed a gift, tho it came in bitter pill form. A gift of time with your boys. Enjoy it my friend.....they grow up way to fast.

I'm afraid to say/type this, afraid of a jinx on my head.....but here goes. Life is very, very good for me right now. I have much energy, I can do what I want.......and after years of wearing a 350 pound body suit.......I have mobility!

Have a great day everyone!!
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Good Morning everyone

Gorgeous skies here this morning and we are off to the drop in to get a little fun and socializing in

Thanks for reminding me about the cukes Ruth, I put somein a little while ago but I think the squirrels had a munch fest!

Poor pup L, I hope things go smoothly today

Jenny, ((HUGS)) I know it kind of smarts right now and yeah, you have every right to be angry. But I am so glad you're focussing on the positive, those beautiful boys of yours

Deb, so glad life is peaches for you (Peachie?) just keep up the good work!

Off to get my brekkie and meds--have a great day everyone!
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Angry Good morning Glories!

Just a quickie this morning! Anyone for a hot cup of coffee?

Ruth-I would love to join you on the deck! You referred to Hershey's she preggy?

L-Enjoy the pool with the kiddo's! Hope the surgery goes well with you puppy!

DebKay-I often think of how far you've come in the past year! I wish we were making the Stone Mt trip again - I'd love to see you!

Pooky-Have a great one!!

I'm off to the doctor this morning. Tummy is almost all heeled up. Hopefully only one more visit and I'll be done.

I'll try to check back in later.

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Come on Spring!
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Mamaj - Hersh is "in heat". She will not be bred this time but next heat she will have a final rendezvous with Simon and have a last litter. They she will be spayed and we will have a huge retirement party! If she has another litter of nine, she will have produced 36 puppies - several of them Champions.

(I hear a collective Chick Groan of "There she goes with the damned dog talk again!" )
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Unhappy "GROAN"

Yes, Chickies-I am groaning, and not because of Ruthies "Dog Talk"! Carb overload yesterday--ended up BLOATED!

Back to the eggy's today though!

(((((((MamaJ)))))))--Nobody has commented on the lipstick thing, and how terrible you feel about DDS and DDIL-but remember, we are here and listening. It seems alot of DH's have SH symdrome!
I'll be praying for your well-being!

Jenny-It is sad, all over America people are losing their jobs-here in my town thousands of people have gotten laid off in the past month. Unfortunatley Reality Bites!!

Well, I'm off- I need to drink water water water!

Miss D
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Good Morning everyone

Back on the wagon today....hubby and I have done our collective damage. Ive agreed to get back to the atkins woe, and he agreed to quit eating popcorn everynight, and no dipping into the candy dish at the store next door. I know you might think popcorn isnt so bad, but my hubby fills a bowl that takes 2- 1/3 cup scoops of popcorn the almost full stick of butter that he puts on it!!! The man had quad-bypass 6 yrs ago, he knows better!!! We both do for that, its back to behaving.

Last night we rented Count of Monte Cristo (new one) and it was excellent. The count looks just like a fella that works at the starbucks we go to all the time. Whats funny is I keep telling hubby that "Joe" looks like one of those rennasaince (he!! if I can spell it) guys, who should be wearing royal purple velvet and tights, and be very dashing. Well doesnt the count come out of his hot air balloon, and the first thing I said was, OMG, that looks just like Joe!!! and he agreed, it did look just like him

Well, I coloured my hair this morning......I have the worst time with it!! Last colour was dark brown, but turned out this reddish med brown (bought wrong brand) this time, its almost black hopefully the sun, and a few good washings will lighten it up a bit. I wouldnt mind the grey so much if it was distributed a bit more evenly....but I have this patch right at my widows peak and its always the first thing ppl look at! Then when I colour it, that grey patch, turns a beautiful golden colour....never even close to the mix Im using. I spose, I should spend the money and get a professional to do it. I just hate to spend that kind of money sometimes Im just so cheap!

Jenny, enjoy your time off, and dont let what happened at work spoil your time with your boys. Its done, its over, and remember, everything happens for a reason. Enjoy!

Im off to make my eggs and lunches.....Have a great day everyone!

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Quick Hi!

Robin - wash your hair with dish washing liquid, like Dawn, it will tone down the color. When I was 16 I dyed my hair black too, the same way, it was suppose to be a medium brown. My mom told me I looked liked Elvira, only without the boobs. (this was in my size 3 days).

Mama J - let DH explain the lipstick. It maybe completely innocent. I know I've probably ruined more than one old friend's shirts with makeup or lipstick when I'd give them a platonic hug. It may not be anything, it may be something, but you'll never know until you ask.
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Need I say more??

Miss D
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L, I hope your doggy is going to be ok. It's just as troublesome as having a child in the hospital isn't it?

MamaJ, I too have been thinking on the lipstick on the collar situation. I'd say he has some explaining to do but don't convict until proven guilty.

Robin I can never color my own hair. It seems to be very porous and soaks up all the dark tones. I've even tried light brown on my mostly dark brown hair (just to cover the gray) and wound up with near black hair. Much too harsh for my aging face.
Hope the dish soap treatment works, but be careful. Detergent is very drying.

Debkay I'm so happy for you that you are feeling so energetic and positive. You've done great.

I, on the other hand, totally blew it yesterday. I tried to move on to Phase 2 of the South Beach Diet yesterday adding in just one piece of multigrain toast to my breakfast eggs. HA! I guess it had too many carbs and man, did it ever trigger a carb binge! I really should have more will power (won't power?) but I went LOOKING for goodies. Found 'em too. Stale chocolate liqueur (those little dark chocolate bottles with booze in them). Must have had about 10 of them. THen I found a stale square of semi-sweet baking chocolate, ice cream, bread, blueberry pie. Oh, the GUILT!! Here I'd been celebrating a 2 lb loss last week and now i feel that I've totally blown it, but I'm trying very hard to get back on track today and show a little restraint. Sheeesh!
Back to Phase 1 for me.
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Hi all

Sometimes I wish we could all just come over each other's houses and just talk and talk and talk! It really feels like having all these nieghbors and friends around when I come to this board!

I am grouchy tonight: too many balls in the air and I'm just not keeping it together. DH's brakes went last night and his car had to go in the shop today. I had to drive in with him, then take him to his evening job, before driving myself home. he'll take the train home later, and we'll go pick up the car late(the mechanic leaves the car out for us). But this was a real pain and I had to walk out of an important meeting to get him there, and I was upset, and he was still late and mad at me.
On top of this, our closing may be put off AGAIN as one of the sellers is on vacation(a brother and sister selling deceased parents' home from out of state.) I have been ready since May 30th and it keeps getting put off for different things. I am getting mad, and yelled at my lawyer today. now I feel bad, but I don't know what else to do. I have 4 contractors set up for next week and DH and I are all ready to go with painting this weekend. I will have to cancel the contractors, and since one depends upon the prior( electrician, put up drywall, then painting, redo hardwood flooring in 4 rooms.) we probably won't close for at least a week, and I can't take off then due to an audit at work. this may put off the move into the first week in July. I am so dissapointed.

I'll live, but it was a really really hard day!

Tomorrow will be better, right?

thinking of you Janice, Jenny, and everyone

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Hi gals. I have week one of induction behind me. This next week will be a little harder but I think I can handle it. I'm going to South Carolina tomorrow to visit my daughter. The meals that we cook will be OK I just need to really watch my resturant meals.

Jenny always remember when a door is closed God will open another one. My company just shut completely down and both me and my husband worked there. He went there right out of high school and had been there 30 years. I had been there 15. I don't relish the thoughts of starting over at my age but I will. My dh has already found a job and is adjusting to it a lot better than I thought he would. Enjoy your children,

See everyone Sunday.
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