The Cluck - Friday, May 15

  • Good morning and TGIF!

    I'm off to help open up WallyWorld and buy more purple seam binding. Does anybody want anything? I'm outta here in ten minutes.

    See y'all later.
  • Morning Ruth! You are truly amazing!

    I am sooo glad it is Friday!

    Hope everyone has a fabulous day!
  • Good Morning Ruth, Rachel and all to come.....

    Wow, your up and ready to go so early Ruth! Have fun

    I worked away at my bench yesterday, and today all I have left to do is sand all the end bits and attach the seat. Then I can put a light coat of varnish on it and its finished. Hopefully by the end of today it will be all done. I think tonight I might hit the fabric stores and see what kind of material I can find to make the seat cushion. It looks great, and should look wonderful in the window once I get it done.

    Hubby and I finally decided on a new tv and surround sound system. Man, Im getting old!! These things are so complicated to hook up. What happened to buying a tv, plugging it in and attaching the cable to it???? We've got special wires up the wazzoo, plus 50ft of MONSTER cable for the speakers. My god, Im never going to be able to work this thing! ......dont get me started on the remotes!

    anyway, I intend to have a great day, I hope everyone here does too!

  • Sheesh! DH reminded me that the Brockville WallyWorld opens at 8, not 7. Good thing he did or I'd be sitting there fuming. Actually I am thinking of persuading him to drive in for me. Hmmmm.

    Robin, the bench sounds cool. Will you take pictures, please? Let DH figure out the darn techie stuff. I made a big mistake when we got out first VCR by figuring it out and installing it. Now DH expects me to do all the techie stuff!

    OK - I've got 20 mins so I'm off to do a quick "Gail" before I leave. I doubt that Harry will want to drive to Brockville for seam binding but maybe I can persuade him we need other stuff!
  • you mean, Robin when you buy a new tv you DON"T just hook up the cable and plug it in????? Wish I could go to the fabric store with you...I love those FAT quarters...not that I actually want to DO anything with them...I just like to collect them and pretend some day I MIGHT do something with them!

    Jenny, been thinking of ya.

    Morning Scooby!

    Ruth, could you pick me up a case of Fruit2O??? and perhaps if you have a fish department in there...a couple of snails!!!!???

    got to get the boys moving a bit faster.

    have a good one!

  • I feel spoiled. Our Wallyworld is open 24 hours a day and is 2 minutes away. When they first built the store it was in the middle of nowhere, now 2 year later it's in the middle of everything. DH and I can't wait to move to the country.

    gotta go make some breakfast.
  • Well, now that you mention it Ruth--wanna help me pick out my annuals?

    Actually M and I are going to Home Depot this morning to see what they have--gosh, I can't believe how convenient it is now to have Home Depot in your own town! Oh the controversy surrounding it too.....Well, it's only been open for a week and business has been booming, so I hear.

    TGIF!! Very glad it's here since this is a long weekend! It's Victoria Day weekend for all my American friends, and it usually falls around the 3rd weekend in May. Important solely since our one-time monarch, Queen Victoria had her birthday now. Of course to the rest of Canada and not those who actually name the holiday, it's May 2-4! Another tradition brought forth by us beer guzzling individuals as a landmark for the summer season to begin. Tradition holds that those who own a cottage (or those who wish they owned a cottage and so are coming with the owner of a cottage) come down for this weekend to open it up for the summer season. Usually marked by excessive partying, socializing, high festivities and merrymaking. And the 2-4 part? Kind of tongue in cheek really. The weekend usually falls around the 24th of May yet lo and behold, the makers of beer up here make them in cases of 24. Have no idea who came up with this but pretty much everyone understands it if you say May 2-4. All I know is that since I live in cottage country everyone and their dog will be here by this afternoon to begin the fun...

    So ends another Canadian language lesson for my American friends!

    So I had better get my rear in gear and get going! Have a great day everyone!
  • So how do we get there Pooky? I'm tired of 90 degree heat and 100% humidity.
  • Due north Dyan, due north.
  • Hi all, hope everyone had a lovely day. We had a neighborhood garage sale today. Last year we participated but we haven't accumulated enough junk to do it this year so it was pretty nice to actually walk around. A bunch of ladies and thier kids all came over to my house and we walked for an hour and a half - buying things here and there. I'm so happy with my garage sale purchases today! I got a sandbox for the kids. Then I popped over to Home Depot and grabbed some play sand, filled it up and set the kids in it. It actually kept them OCCUPIED for 43 straight minutes!!!! I folded laundry, got dinner ready... it was great! Yee Haw!!! So worth the $8.00 I paid for the box and the $5.00 I paid for the sand! And it has a lid so the neighborhood cats aren't able to use it!

    I had an interview on Wednesday and one on Thursday. The one on wednesday ended up being quite a disappointment. I was so upset (the guy liked me and wants to hire me but he wants me to be his workhorse - 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and 1/2 days two times a month on a Saturday!!!!) But I had an interview yesterday for a job I definitely thought I would NOT LIKE and I love it!!! 40 hours a week max, full benefits, I would be doing asbestos litigation discovery so it's a bit tedious, but I wouldn't have to dress up every day and I could even do some of it from home if I wanted!!! And it's the same money that the "workhorse" wanted to pay me!!! They're interviewing three attorneys for the one position and I would LOVE to get the offer. We'll see, I suppose.

    Well, happy "long weekend" to my Canadian friends! Next weekend is Memorial Day Weekend. An American holiday to commemorate those who died in wars. But mostly a long weekend and the official start of the summer. All the pools open next weekend and we can't wait!

    Have a lovely weekend wherever you are!
  • I am home after a long day.

    It was great except I finally got the doc to xray one of my patients and she ahs pneumonia. Poor thing she has been coughin for quite a while. (that is what happens when I have too many days off!!!) But this being national nursing home week we have been dong so many things tuesday we had a fashion show where we or our patients got all dressed up and paraded around. Well today was the formal dance. 7 - 9 I went down there as 7 30 and well I had to drag the patients in theri wheel chairs and walkers out to the dance floor and dance with each and every one of them!! We had fun and I am sweatty. I was doing the twist and got goosed!! what excitement!!! well now I am all sweaty and tired I am going to bed!!!
  • aaaah. asbestos litigation!!! the old days of product liability defense for the tobacco industry!!! It's a fascinating field, adrienne, go for it...

    and congrats on the interviews. they're always interesting.

    sorry i won't get to answer everyone right now. i'm about ready to follow sue's lead and hit the sack.

    but i wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU ALL for all the hugs and best wishes. we all know what a long nasty haul the past couple of years have been, and i'm so grateful for being on the other side, in every respect.

    and all the prayers, good wishes, encouragement, and just plain giggles from all of you have made everything easier.

    well, enough mushy stuff for now.,

    more tomorrow.

    oh adrienne... i'm not a lawyer, thank goodness.. just a biochemist turned medical writer... did a long stint developing defensible scientific arguments. fascinating stuff.
  • Jif - you're a biochemist? So Biology probably wouldn't phase you, right? Wanna do chapters 1-9 for me by next Friday? Just the questions and definitions. Probably not. I'd better squeeze that into my weekend along with cleaning, laundry, making my DGrandparents 50th wedding annivesary scrapbook, and.....working overtime. I never have to work weekends, but this weekend, when I have so much to do, I stupidly volunteered myself for a big project. It was either I do it this weekend, or I fix it next week after the Architect had screwed it up. Oh well, the OT will be nice on vacation.
  • dyan... happy to help!!!!