I am still having lg slices

  • Sorry for all the trouble that I have caused. I just decided that I was spending too much time on the old comp. and not enough time out doors. i decided on the spur of the moment that I wanted to take the net out, so I did
    I have since walked 70km.+ most time with the grand children in strollers and walking slowly I have lost 5 pounds and have a great tan.
    I miss you all and will be going back on line come the fall. I hope to be at least a few pounds lighter and hope you are as well.
    I am at my sons place as he is the only one hooked up. DDIL phoned me after work and said she had a wonderful chat with a nice lady from Ottawa named Ruth xxx
    Well we are all well. new baby is great, other grandchildren wonderful, yes I have a husband, Lucy is my cat and Dylan has 2 teeth. I think that is all for now,

    Please have a large slice of a great Summer, a side order of happiness, and bite sized weight loss.

    Love you all,
  • We'll be waiting in the fall with the "welcome home" banner, party hats and streamers!!!
  • ((((TAZ))))
  • Yeah!!! Good foryou! Hope you have a great summer too!

  • you will be missed this summer...have a good one though!
    miss d