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Question How did you meet your partner??

Just curious, how did everyone meet their husbands? current fellas? or life partners?

I'll go first

met the love of my life online thru yahoo personals. Yup, Im not kidding. I got so tired of trying to meet fellas the "old fashioned" way, I took to the boards online.

Who's next? Inquiring minds want to know.
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I worked with DH's brother. BIL took me out for ice cream and a "get a social life" speech. He came back to my apt. and noticed that I had an Anne Rice book on the coffee table (DH is a big Anne Rice fan), and said he knew someone he thought I might like, could he give him my e-mail address? I said sure, why not, and when DH e-mailed me the first time I found out they were brothers. BIL said he didn't tell me that they were brothers because he thought that I might hold it against DH. We e-mailed and talked on the phone for a week and then met in person. And lived happily ever after ever since.
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My DH and I grew up on the same street. He is 5 years older so he would have nothing to do with me. i went to boarding school he went to college. The summer he graduated I was home between Jr/Sr year we hooked up. He was way cute back then! (still is for a 40 year old man). I have know his family my whole life and he mine, so they knew what they were getting
We have been together 18 years now an dI think for the most part I will keep him.
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DH was my best friend's brother. I was 14 and decided that he was kind of cute. My best friend was horrified that I wanted to go out with her brother and made me chose between the two. I chose him and 17 years later am happy that I did! My SIL are still good friends!
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The first time I met my DH I thought he was a Redneck-which he is--but I laughed my butt of the first time I saw him-he had on this western shirt that was turquiose and black-and very loud. He was with my sisters fiancee--I pretty much ignored him-except ot laugh at him.
A few weeks later we were at a dance club, and my sister and her fiancee were there-DH came in-looking a little better, and asked me to dance-we did-then he told me "he would be honered if I would go on a date with him." Well, after I quit laughing, I accepted-his friends still joke about that to this day. BTW my sister and her fiancee were married, and a year after to the day DH and I got married-they are divoreced mow--sooooo---Not a REAL interesting story--but it works!!

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Well, mine is kind of exotic, I met my dh while I was a teacher in Korea. He was a student in my class learning to speak English. I was dating another guy for a while and he went to Hawaii to study English so my dh and I became closer since we were friends before. Before long, we were dating and within a month we were engaged. Got married a year later after returning to Canada. Been 5 years now and so far so good! LOL
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When I was in second grade and DH was in first grade, he used to chase around the field the little girl with long braids and cateye glasses - that was me but we didn't know each other by name. Then his family moved to another area of the city. Fast forward twenty years and he and I both worked at a local computer company. I was attempting to rid myself of an unhealthy marriage and he rode up on the proverbial white horse with the armor just a gleamin'.

That was just about 18 years ago now. Been a rough road here and there (whose road hasn't) - the armor is a bit tarnished and there's quite a bit of gray in those braids but I look at our three wonderful teenagers and I certainly WOULD do it all over again.

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I had moved away from my small town to a big city and was living alone. Through someone at work I met a couple of single gals and I used to go to dances with them occasionally. One night, one of them called me and asked if I'd like to double date with her. They knew this German fellow who didn't speak much English and he'd just split with his girlfriend. Well, I'd had some horrible experiences dating new immigrants so I was inclined to say no but heck, it was Saturday night and I was lonely. It took me an hour to get myself all prettied up and then she phoned to say he'd made up with his girlfriend so the double date was off. I got back into my grubbies and took off the war paint and darned if she didn't phone me back to say she was mistaken and the date was ON again. Very disgruntled by this time I got all dolled up again. They drove up in DH's pale blue convertible (doesn't every new immigrant buy a convertible first thing?) and we went to a pub where everyone talked except my DH. Then we went to a private party where everyone talked except my DH. Then we went out for a late snack and he couldn't even read the menu so I ordered him a bowl of clam chowder. I found out later that he hates seafood but he ate it anyhow. After five hours of barely hearing a peep out of him, I was amazed when he wanted to go out with me again. We've been married nearly 39 years and, although his English is pretty good now, he still doesn't talk much...durn him.
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My DH and I lived in the same neighborhood in FL but did not know each other - turns out we had mutual friends and we were at their wedding (with other dates) and met, started talking discovered we lived in the same neighborhood - married a few years later, had 2 kids, moved to TN....not real exciting but happy!!
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I met my husband 5 years ago when I was working at McDonalds.

He was dating someone I knew..who was cheating on him (big time). They ended up breaking up...we started dating after that (we were friends for like a year before that happened) and then one year later we were married.

We have been happily married now for 3 years!
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Funny you should ask, April 7th DH and I will be married 30 years. BIL introduced us, I thought he was stuck up. Married him at 17, boy was I green. He is six years older???? Still, no I guess, I love him more. think I will keep him for now, never said it would be for ever.
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I met my dh on a blind date. We lived in the same small town, but he didn't know me. I knew of him because he owned a business. He knew my sister and her husband real well. A good friend of mine set me up on a blind date. He dh was best friends with my dh. At the end of the 1st date I knew I was going to marry him. We got married 7 months later and it's lasted 17 years so far.
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Hmmmmm... there was this guy at the "y" who was kinda cute - I wasn't seeing anyone, he was! When he wasn't, and then asked me out, I was seeing someone! Finally, he met someone and got engaged (we hated each other ON SIGHT!!) - and he then started bugging me to meet his brother......... for months I said no, then when I was away at school, he called my house and told my mom that he had set up a date for me with his brother for the day I got home for Winter break........ didn't want to go..... fought like anything...... we've been married more than 33 yrs, 2 kids and (so far) 3 grandkids!!
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Me to make a story short.

I decided that man hunting was not for me. I gave up on the bar sceen. So when the girls were headding out i was staying homw when the all had their coats on i dashed up and said wait for me. I went and there were these RR men and my friend had her eye on one of them and i had my eye on 2. just to feel them out (NOT UP!!!) My other friend wanted to pick up these other two men at the bar and i stuck to my guns and decided to go for these tow, and atleast find out who was the more interesting. well we played a few games of pool then sat down for some drinks, the 3 of us and the 3 of them. Mary's "Henry" knocked over a glass and it broke he let out a yell (quite drunk and quite a he## raiser) bit a chunk out of the glass. Dick (not the guy I was leaning towards) letout a yell of his own and bit a new glass. ( thought I was in real trouble) I looked very worried at Tom (yes it was Tom, Dick, and Harry) and he shook his head and said I do not so that kind of stuff. Well we stuck together and have been married ever since 20 years this June. BUT!!!! those guys had me convinced that occasionally Tom had a twin brother Howard and it took me a while to figure out that it was not true!!! I did not know if I shoudl

Funny though a year after we met my sister endedup with a Howard. (he was a total jerk and still is)
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I met my DH through a co-workers boyfriend. She invited me to walk around the disk golf range with her, her boyfriend, and some of his friends. When i got there, her boyfriend had brought along one of his co-workers also. We got to talking quite a bit and really had alot in common. I continued to run into him when I would go to my co-workers house since her boyfriend would be with her and bring him along too!. Anyways shortly after, we moved in together, and got married. This was 7 years ago. To this day, we all still work together and also go out together!
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