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Default TGIF Daily chat mar.28/o3

Just a quick one. Running late. Coffee to you all. Have a great day.
I hope that if I don't say I am trying to stay OP, that I will. You know what I meeeeeeeen

Well chicks must go it is 5:46, time to get the shoes on for work.
Love ya,

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Morning TazCat and all those to come - so I am off today and don't have to get up - so why was I awake at 530am???????????

Today is DH's 42nd birthday - I ordered him a cake and Iam taking the kids to his work to surprise him, then I am taking the kids to the zoo - and DH and I are going out to dinner at a new Japanese Steak House. SHould be easy to stay OP there!!

Hope everyone has a very nice Friday!
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she who must be obeyed
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Good Morning! I have been up since 3am My 22 year old son came in at that time......the security system keypad in our bedroom chimed when he opened the front door. Bing go my eyes and here I sit. Gonna be a loooonnnnggg day and even longer night, as tonight is the night we have the joy of sleeping on buses to Florida.

Rachel enjoy that Japanese Steak House. and Happy Birthday to your hubby.

Taz enjoy your day also.

to all.....I'm just to tired to post more......oh can we say, want some cheese with that whine.

I need a nap......have a wonderful day all. Think about me tonight trying to sleep on a bus.
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Come on Spring!
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Feeling pretty down this morning after bad doc news re Harry yesterday. Read my journal for details. However, I am going to rise above this!

I planted parsley and basil seeds yesterday to get growing under my lights and took cuttings of rosemary and sage to root. I got my Lee Valley Tools order thanks to Doug and Claire who picked it up in Ottawa. I can hardly wait to assemble my new garden cart and try out the raspberry cane cutter.

Lovely morning in the greenhouse yesterday. I did big baskets and had so much fun. This year I should check them out more when they fill out and maybe make notes for next year over what I liked and what the customers likes. People sometimes have weird tastes but so do I.

The dogs are particularly needy this morning. Do they know we are going away next week? We each had a dog half lying on our laps when we drank coffee on the sofa this morning and checked the news. (I am trying not to obsess over this war so we look at BBC News which seems less hyper than the American channels. Sorry if I've insulted anybody. I just want this darn war over so the troops can get home to their families and everyone stops killing people. )

I'm still not dressed so I'd better quit this goofing off and spiff up a bit for a doctor trip and then shopping in the megatropolis of Brockville!

Have a good TGIF, chickies.
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Good Morning you early risers (sorry Deb!)

For the first time in a long time I had a wonderful sleep last night--even my daughter complied and didn't wake me up till 7am! We had a nice breakfast and then got ready to go--you know, orderly and with smiles instead of running around, half tired and all that. What a refreshing change!

More news about my inlaws, they have rebooked their flight once again to come on September 18th as they realized that they would be flying out on the biggest Korea holiday of the year--Chusok, kind of like Thanksgiving but it takes 5 days So that means their visit has dwindled down to 5 weeks and I really am OK with that. Honest!

Rachel, HB to your dh! Hope you guys have a wonderful night!

L, I LOVED that climbing wall! Gee the kids must have had a lot of fun!!

Deb, just think you can sing "Wheels on the Bus" as you head to Florida! No, really, I hope you enjoy your trip

Ruth, I started some of my seeds last weekend and I'm about to do another batch. I know how you feel getting into the garden!

Taz, don't work too hard!

Have a good one everyone!
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Hi ladies,good morning! Ruthxx so sorry to hear your bad news and I hope things work out for you'll. Keep the faith and I'll prayer for you'll. Somehow some of ypu'll thought my dh is away at war but that's not so . I've finally started seeing weight loss I'll weigh in on wednesday. I'm doing my dvd today and power walking. I have my sil kid and my own tody so I know I'll have an active day . Have a nice day everyone.
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Rachel, hope you and your dh havw a wonderful night.......
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Lovin' Life
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Good Morning Ladies

Well, I fell off the wagon yesterday and proceeded to roll in the mud.......then......when the wagon came around looking for me, at supper time, I hide behind a tree and enjoyed every last piece of pizza I told hubby we had to have (I think he was afraid of the mood I would have been in if he said no)

Ok, so I hopped back on this morning. Only because of all the hangover effects yesterday has on me!! Headache, backache, and very stiff joints. Yup..... even after 3 ibuprofen it was still worth it!

Lets hope thats all out of my system now!!

Bella, Welcome

Ruth, prayers and thoughts for you and Harry

Rachell, to your hubby, enjoy your dinner. Sounds like you have a very nice day planned

Rushman, WTG on your weight loss!!

Thats about it from my small corner of the world, its time to fill my water bottles for work.

Have a great day Ladies!!
and I'll tighten my seat belt on the wagon!

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Angry Morning!

Ruth - Hugs to you, Harry and the girls.
Doggages are very intuitive when someone is worried or anxious. (The night my Dad died, my puppy was so sweet, I know she knew how I was feeling.) I hope the Doc visit goes well, you need to ask the questions if Harry doesn't.

Deb - I hope you get some sleep on the bus. Just remember to sleep with one eye on the kids. I'm still close enough to that age to remember the trouble you can get into with a chaperon who falls asleep early. LOL

Rachel - Hope you and DH have a good night out!

Taz - thanks for the stay on plan sauce yesterday, it really worked !
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Red face Can we say--"NO SLEEP"??

Boy that seems to be the consensus today anyway. You know we got this new puppy--and I do mean new--5 weeks old to be exact. Well, nobody told me I was gonna be up all night just like I would with a real baby! Sheesh! I put her in her dog bed in Tori's room and every 2 hours she was whining do I took her outside--then she laid with me on the couch until she fell asleep-then back to Tori's room, just to start it all over again.........The whole house was up by 6a.m.-(including my 6 year nephew) man-am I tired!--PLEASE TELL ME THIS WILL GET BETTER!!! I have NEVER had a NEW puppy--so I could use any tips. One good thing is that she has not doodooed or anything else on the floor yet

Dyan--I did watch the interview yesterday--how sad! I am praying for the family, for her safe return!

Ruth-Haven't peeked in your journal yet, but I will say some prayers for you also!

Robin-we must have fell off the same wagon--I think I bumped my head as I have been eating potato's and chips and bread-things I have not touched in months! What are we gonna do?

MamaJ--Welcome back-I am glad you could post to let us know how you are!

Pooky--I think this works like this--when everyone else has a lousy night-you have a good one--when we are all peacefully sleeping-your not--someone is on the wrong wavelength here--!! Oh well, It is nice to have one chick without cobwebs in the brain.
DebKay-I don't know if you will check in before you leave-but if you do, say hi to Mickey for me--he will remember me, I was just there with my family in September--along with 50,000 others!!

Scooby-have a good time tonight-They are putting a Jap. St. House down the road from me--can't wait, I have never been to one!

Taz-Taz-Taz-always on the run-have a great day, and drink your water!

Rushman--hello to you too--hope I did not miss anyone--have a great day all!!

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Come on Spring!
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Default Harry's Doc Visit

Took Harry to the Doc today to get the dressing removed and check out the incision. It all looks fine but the Doc is sure it's cancer. Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) or Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) is his diagnosis and the damned biopsy results will not be back for two weeks!

Anyhow, if you are going to get skin cancer, these are the two "best" ones to get, especially if caught early.

Thanks for all the good wishes, Chickies.

(Dyan, you are probably right about doggie intuition. When we talk about the War, Hershey always sits beside me and hands me her paw.)

I'm going out to rake off the side flowerbed and then take Miss Lucy to the Bank. Then off to shop and avoid the Chinese buffet!
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Sending prayers, healing/comforting vibes up your way, Ruthie! Glad that it was caught early.

My big male Dal, Scooter, always hands me his paw out of comfort too. I swear dogs see into our hearts much more than most people do.

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Glad there was some good news Ruth.

Mis - Where are the puppy pictures???? What's her name? Is DH being SH about her?

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Hang In There
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Just a quickie to let everyone know that my surgery is over and was not nearly as bad as was expected. Once the doctor got in there (my knee) he discvered it was only scar tissur and not bone tht had showed up in the xray and was not nearly as hard to deal with nor will the recovery ime be nearly as bad. I just have a couple of stiches on one side of my knee and three or four on the other and am not in too much pain. He said by Monday I should be able to go back to work.

It's quite around here, so I'll go and try to catch up on lod posts I've missed.
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Barb healing vibes coming your way.....and of course Janice you too.

Ruth.....Harry and you are in my thoughts and prayers. I know the next two weeks will be tough, but please try to enjoy your trip out west.

Miss, new puppies can be very needy, your right, just like a new baby. And.....I'll pass along the hello to Mickey, I'm sure he will remember you!

Dyan I'll try to take your advice and keep one eye tuned in to the kids, but it won;t be easy.

Robin you had me at your telling of you fall from the wagon.


Pooky......5 weeks with the inlaws? Bless you my child!

After my 3am wake up call, I did go back upstairs and lay down about 8:30 for an hour or so......I managed to drool on my pillow so I slept a little.

Off to pick up the daughter from school....I need (according to her) to take her to Publix (grocery store) so that she may get goodies for the bus trip. there goes a quick 20 bucks.
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