The Wendy plan

  • Does anyone else know about this? I heard about it through Weight Watchers, although I'm not real clear on the details. It's named after a woman who did weight watchers and found that if she 'binged' or had a free day once a week, that it raised her metabolism and she lost more weight. Any answers?
  • As an old Weight Watcher...
    I can tell you what I remember...

    Let's say that you were allowed up to 27 points per day... That would be 189 per week. So you would eat really low on like 2 days and medium 2 days and at range 2 days and then have one HUGE point day.

    I guess this could work one of two ways with LC... You could do it with Carb count... 140 per week, or with calories... That would vary by individual, I guess...

    Sorry to not be much more help.
  • Thanks Gina Marie. My question is, does it work??
  • I never tried it, but it does make a certain amount of sense as far as calories are concerned. If you keep your body guessing, there is not time to slow down the works...
  • I saw this plan in Woman's World Weekly magazine about 3 weeks ago- it was the February 11 issue) if you can get a back issue from someone you know it had all the details.

    Her plan went something like this: working with 22 to 29 points

    Day 1: less - 22 ww points
    Day 2: more - 28 ww points
    Day 3: less - 23 ww points
    Day 4: most - 36-39 ww points
    Day 5: less -22 ww points
    Day 6: more -29 ww points
    Day 7: bit less -27 ww points

    If you get the magazine they have menus for each day with different foods to choose from and the points and calories for each.

    Hope this helps
  • I actually did try it for a while last year and Mauvais has it right. I got all the info from the WW website and a lot of the WWers were trying it. Some had more success than others. I'm so glad you reminded me of it because today I had at least a 40 point day. I will try to stay low tomorrow in the hopes I can make up for my bad day today. I can't say I was very successful at it though.