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Talking A birthday thread for Sooner! Where are you???

Hope you are having a great day!!!

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Hope you are lurking!

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Default sooner!!!!!

where are you???? eating lots of chocolate cake and opening many presents, we all hope!
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Aw, shucks, chicks! I don't deserve all this attention. It's a dirty, rotten shame that I don't write as often as I read on these boards -- so I don't deserve your congratulations...


Thanks for the good wishes and thoughts today. It IS my 49th birthday and I'm grateful to have it!

Anybody w/in slurping distance of a Margarita -- have one for me! DH is wisking me off to the Home Show so we can look at high efficiency furnaces (that romantic devil) -- and my cousin is whining me into going to some kind of Dessert for Literacy function (hmm -- there might just be some possibilites THERE...). All I want to do is use my coupon for my free Chinese buffet -- good only today -- with proof of birthday (they'd never believe I'm 49, so they'd probably think I have a fake ID ) and take a nap.

I'm a real live wire, ain't I?

Thanks again!

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Come on Spring!
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Well Happy Birthday and I sure hope you get a chance at that Chinese Buffet. WOuld you believe I am salivating as I type that!
Have a wonderful day!
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Happy Birthday! I say go with the nap!
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Happy birthday! I hope you get the Chinese and the nap!
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Mmmm....Chinese food...mmmmm....

Happy Birthday Sooner!!!
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HEY! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

That coupon wouldn't happen to be a twor-fer, would it?

but, alas and alack, I am snowed in with the boys BUT I did manage to rummage throught the cabinets and pull out the tequilla (and the worm) and a paper bag!

Here is your Horror Scope: I know we don't believe in those things, but they can be kind of fun!

Your good sense and intuition will lead you in the right direction. False information and misguided friends, may try to lead you astray. but as you keep your wits about you, everything will turn in your favor. You can rectify any problems that have been hanging over your head quickly (why does that last sentence make me think of Marie Antoinette?) Your lucky numbers (or those chinese entrees that you should order off of the menu) are: 8, 19,27, 36, 43, 48

all the best, my friend!
peach (who admits to being a slug)
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Happy Day Sooner!!

Hope you have a really, really good day, even if you are looking at a furnace.

Happy Birthday!

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Happy, happy B-Day, Sooner!!!!!

So glad that you lurk here often so you don't miss out on the craziness that going on around here! lol

Hope you have a wonderful time whatever you end up doing today!

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Happy Birthday! Have a great day! and i do believe you are what you say you are...only if you believe me!!!
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Default A Limerick (who'da guessed?) for my Little Soony

Now's the time to take down Christmas lights,
That have sparkled and jazzed up your nights.
Candles placed on your cake
Very surely will make
Enough brightness for twinkling delights!

Happy Birthday!
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Come on Spring!
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OMG! A chickadee sighting! Where have you been? Please hang out with us - we will even read your limericks!
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Happy Happy, 49er.
Many more, please go for the CHINEESE FOOD,
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