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Default Thursday,Jan.30th.03,Daily

Good Morning for the second time, I don't know what happened but my post disappeared. It is -6, warmish and now 5:35am.

Thank you to the chicks that explained what WHMIS is.

Ruth you know I use these words to confuse you.
Debbie- no one should loose a friend to breast cancer, not one.
Mama J- tell DD to point at it and laugh at him
Well nothing exciting happening today that I know of.
Only one day until the big melt down, that is when at least 8? of us are going to work on the Feb. personal challange, if you win you get to be healthier In my case 8 lb. lighter.
Oh yea, went to tops last night, After the Birthday weekend, I stayed the same....

If I am going to do what I said, I will loose 2 pounds this week,so I must be good.
Well all for now, have a large slice of the good life today,

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I am not sure that it is even legal to say that yet....I am all for this new WOE giving me more energy....but insomnia?? I slept for about 5 hours tonight...maybe..and I have cut out all naps during the what gives? I have been wide awake since like 3:30 a.m. I'm not liking this!! I am hungry..and jitterry ot something...hard to explain!

Taz--I am gonna be joining the Feb. challenge..can't weight!! HAHA.

Not much else going on so I'll chat back at ya all later!!
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Good Morning......maybe........went to bed last night with a toothache. It's better this AM, but still there. I just had a cleaning last week........knew a crown was in my futute, but didn't bargain for another dentist visit so soon.

mis, my hubby has the same problem, with waking before it's time and not being able to go back to sleep. He stopped smoking in 2000 and has had this problem ever since. According to him, stopping smoking was one of the worst things he ever did He gained weight, he doesn't sleep well and our middle son has taken to calling him Betsey, says hubby has mood swings like a woman. Truthfully.....not smoking was the best thing he did for "us."

I did not have a good eating day yesterday........didn't get in all my protein or water. I WILL do better today!!!!.........toothache and all!!

Off to start the day, have a good day everyone. Think of me while I go under the drill (at the dentist.)


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Good Morning Ladies,

I will be attending a funeral today of a dear lady who lost her battle to breast cancer. She was in her mid 70's when it was discovered and already in stage 4 it had metatasized to the brain. When they discovered the cancer it was too late. Like my mother, she was one of those women in a generation that only went to the hospital when giving birth. Thankfully, for my mother, since her near death experience several Christmases ago, she now sees a physician on a regular basis.

I do hope that all you gals that are of the age of mammograms are taking advantage of this wonderful diagnostic tool.

Please pray for my dear friend and neighbor Bobbi, who is this very dear lady's lovely daughter.

My daredevil, Darren is celebrating his first reconciliation tonight. Suddenly last night after the pinewood derby was over, he became very fearful of confessing and was crying and does not wish to go. I guess I will be calling Father Bob today.

Boys did ok at pinewood derby. Both made it to the final round.

luv and hugs to all.
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning everyone. Boy, the coop was rocking yesterday - 30 entries in the daily!

Yes, Jenny, we all need mammogram reminding! I'll be praying for your friend Bobbi. i hope Father Bob can get DArren back on track.

Deb-kay, I hope that tooth thing does not mean a root canal for you. Maybe Betsey should take St J's Wort? See below.

Mis D - I can SO relate to the early morning wake-up thing. The only thing that helped me break the habit was St. John's Wort. Now I manage to sleep until about 5 or so.

Taz, you really threw me yesterday. I thought that M??? was some kind of exercise machine. Good thing there are smart chicks to set me straight.

I plan a trip to town for veggies and some berries today. The village grocery store is very sad when it comes to produce. Yesterday the broccoli was heading towards lime green! It's hard for them to keep things because there is not a great turnover. They did have iceberg lettuce, a nutritional zero! So it's big "city" time! I think Smiths Falls has a population of 7,000!

Have a great day.
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Good Morning you early chicks!

I agree, so much chatter yesterday, we certainly had a lot to say!

Today is stay at home and teach Miree day. She missedlast week since she was sick and so today is review the letter A and move on to letter B. I am also going to get her to practice writing her name. Lots of activities and colouring sheets to be done--shold only take 1/2 hour. The rest of the morning is general cleaning and this afternoon I get to take my car in to get repaired.

I was also recruited for scenery painting duty (looks like we've got something in common Jenny!) for my friend's son's play he will be in on Valentine's Day. I am only going in for a couple of hours Mon, Tues, Wed. night for 2 weeks and then it's done. Just as well, I haven't picked up a brush in a while and it will be good to get back inot the swing of things.

Jiff, congrats on the numbers! I've said it before and I'll say it again--YOU'RE MY HERO!!!!

Deb, I am so glad your friend is OK, now real life can move forward.

Jenny, I am so sorry about your friend's mother, I am sure she will need your caring shoulder to cry on today...

Mis, oh yes, I had insomnia (actual more like fitful sleep) for about a month after starting Atkins. I knew what it was so I didn't worry about it. It will go away, I promise!

Linda, I don't know about Xenical but I only want to offer you the best of luck.

Sorry to those I missed, I always think about you everyday anyway and I wish you all well. Have a good one!
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Default <sniff, cough, sneeze>

sorry, pooky. i just don't feel very heroic today!!! but i'm not going to work and that's final!!!!

and jen.. sympathies on your friend's lost battle. i've scheduled [a 6-month overdue] mammo on feb 26, and actually made 'mother-daughter' appointments. you should have seen the look i got when i told her about THAT one!!!! should be an entertaining challenge for that event!

as for darren.. how bad could he have been??? those little guilty consciences... sometimes they just blow everything so out of proportion. sounds like fr bob will have the right kind of sympathetic ear.

and debk.. wish i had a whole lot of morpine to send you for this ordeal! hope it goes smoothly.

taz. staying the same after a birthday is a major victory! hope you're feeling proud of yourself!

ruthie.. i feel your veggie pain. i've lived in a town where the winter veggies were hopeless..

as for our resident insomniacs, i have no suggestions,. oh wait!!! maybe i do have one! try some calcium supplements!

so have a great day, everyone. i'll be checking back since it'll be such a boring day for me. my one goal: getting mom off to exercise class for the third day this week!!! she's fighting it less. maybe she's just getting worn down??
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Morning to all!

I finally joined the gym last night. I made and kept a 6am appointment for my fit assesment with a personal trainer. He took my measurements, did the body fat calipers, cardio test, flexibility test, and 4 weight machines. Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Good: My flexibility is above average. My body fat is 9% less than what I thought it was.

Bad: My cardio was below average.

All in all I can't wait to go back. And I lost a pound, I truly believe that it's cause I only drank that 1 Diet Dew yesterday. I haven't had onw yet today. I'm going to resist unless I get a really bad caffine withdrawal headache.
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Good morning ladies! I never posted on the daily before, don't really know why, but I'm going to start!

Jenny, so sorry about your friend's mother. I had a suspicious lump about a year ago (I am 36) but the needle biopsy turned out fine. Now I have to go for a sonogram/mammogram every year, and a breast exam every six months or so. It is a pain in the **s, but I just buckle down and do it.

Speaking medically, can I ask for some prayers this afternoon at 2 PM and tomorrow morning at 9AM. This afternoon I have to get a chest xray (just routine - no symptoms, but because I smoke I am paranoid about this). Tomorrow morning an abdominal sonogram for a funny feeling in my "upper right quadrant", which has been present for about 2 years now - had a sono when it first started that showed nothing, but I asked for another one just to be sure.

After the chest x ray this afternoon I have my consult for lasix surgery!! Excited/fearful.

Pooky - it is great that you are teaching Mirree. I have fond memories of my mother teaching me how to write script. But then my teacher asked my mother to stop b/c I wasn't learning the cursive correctly!! That was sad.

debkay - I am on my second crown. As a grinder, I ground through my first one in about 5 years. This second one is a gold crown!! (at the back of my mouth) and was only about $40 more than the porcelain crown, but the dentist said it should last twice as $850 a pop I sure hope so.

Miss D. - I have insomnia too sometimes with this WOE. It does pass. One of the best insomnia cures I have ever practiced is to imagine painting a huge, huge wall with a tiny paintbrush, starting in the upper left hand corner.

Hope I didn't miss anyone. Have a great day!!
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Good Morning Kids,

I made a great Chicken Scallapini (sp?) low carb recipie last night, I was very surprised how good it tasted. Now to experiment w/more of those lc recipies in that book.

I did fantastic eating yesterday, even w/my stomach growling at 2:00 am and waking me up, I didn't get out of bed to gorge to me haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Not doing much today except the usual work work work... but yesterday I got good news, my job review went well, I got the highest you can get in performance which is "Outstanding Employee" yes I do feel good.

Life is good !!

Have a Blessed Day Everyone

Love, Leenie < --- wannabe
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Morning still Ladies!!

Yup it is now 9:00 am and I am posting again already! Thanks to all of you for the comments and suggestions about my lack of sleeping. I wish I was one of those people who only need about 4-5 hours of sleep--but unfortunately I am paying heavily right now very sluggish, and just wanna sleep.................
The funny thing is that after I got up, I came out to the couch to read (yes, I really am a bookworm!!!) and about 5:30 I heard Alyssa back there sniffing, and Tori coughing, well I went to check and got Lyss up to give her some medicine........needless to say she did not go back to sleep and Tori got up like 15 minutes .when DH got up for work was he surprised to see us snuggled on the couch watching cartoons at 6:00am

Well, I do have things to get done, then I will go get Tori and take a nap!! Then of course I won't be able to fall asleep tonight--Benadryl here I come

Leenie-- WTG on the eating, and the job review!! Keep up the good work!

Pooky-I have one suggestion--take it or leave it When teaching Miree to write her letters--(does she recognize all of them yet?) mix them up--when Alyssa started pre-school she knew all her letters and could write them, the teachers said the biggest problem with most kids though was that they memorized the letters in ABC order, but did not remember them out of context! You might have already taken that into consideration--one more thing is that when she writes her name, make sure she uses the appropiate case--not all capital or all small--they say if they learn all one way it is hard to break them!

Tilly-welcome to the daily! I used to work with a gal with the same name as yours (Tilly) she was so freindly and fun-loving. You are in my prayers

dyan-- Good for you for going to the gym! Your numbers look pretty good! Just kick in some aerobics and you will be cardio fit in no time!

jiffypop--I hope you feel better soon! Rest, Relax--and enjoy a quiet day! Drink Water!

well, I've stalled long enough got to do some cleaning!

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Laundry is going, kids are at school and I have been to the gym, ok it was a poor excuses for a workout but none the less I went. ļ And I have been to Staples.
Older boy¡¦s party is on Saturday. We are collecting school supplies for a school in Springfield MA where the families are so poor that they can¡¦t even buy lunch. We collect stuff like pencils and protractors, calculators and such. We ask the participants to bring this stuff instead of a gift for my son. It goes over very well and the school is so happy to get the stuff. Me I get a tax write off for my donation.

We have a boy that is very allergic to nuts and I have to be very careful! We want to go to lunch with him after Temple on Saturday morning. Boy does he have VERY few choices! I can¡¦t imagine that the mother will even let him out of the house. My son wants him to sleep over, but I am scared to death!!

Speaking of, some guy dropped dead at the gym yesterday afternoon! OMG!!!!

You sleep deprived chicks, I am one of you, DH has been appointed a special master to the court to run a business for some guys that can¡¦t get along well enough to dissolve the company. He hasn¡¦t slept in a week. Needless to say, I haven¡¦t either!

Jiff: Happy anniversary, I am so glad I have been able to get to know you.
Pooky, I hope Miss M had fun
Hello to everyone else and keep warm,
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Good morning everyone

Last night I went out to Chili's and had baby back ribs with bbq sauce on the side and grilled veggies (instead of the fries and apples). Was pretty good.

Wasn't able to sleep much last night though, hopefully I can make it throughout the day.

Have a good low carbing day !
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Morning Ladies

Im still run down with this cough/flu thing. Spent most of the day yesterday in bed. Today, Im going to at least take a shower and do my hair.

To my fellow pcos'ers out there who will understand my excitement.......yesterday started my first TOM since going off the pill!!! Even feeling as crappy as I do....Im thrilled about this!! This woe eating seems to certainly help!

Tilly, welcome to the daily!!

DonDar....your in my thoughts today

Jiff, good luck with your mom & daughter appointment, for some reason I can picture you telling your mom and congratulations on your progress!! I told hubby about your progress, and he kept shaking his head, told me I didnt read the numbers I pulled up your post. He's proud of you too!!

Time for tea.........have a great day ladies

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Good afternoon everyone.
I spent the morning outside with the 6 kids I look after and am trying to thaw out. Counting the days to long walks in the sunshine. I didn't realize that this plan could be the reason I am up at 1, 3, and 5 am. My husband is loving it though-he has had a hot breakfast everday for two weeks.
Made an appointment to go see what curves is all about. My husband moved my excercise bike back into our room and my two year old decided it would make a great fort with his blankie over it. No better excuse to not hop on!!
Off to the doctor today to see if this plan is helping my sugar levels. I was supposed to start medication before Christmas but made a deal with him to try to lower the levels through diet and excercise. I am feeling better so hopefully it has worked.
I hope you all have a wonderful day!
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