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Just wanted to share........GOOD NEWS!!!!!

My friend Jenny just called, the biopsy came back normal......clear......whatever the medical term is.

Thank goodness......this may sound selfish, but I can't lose another friend to breast cancer.

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Default So happy!

Very very happy that your friend got the good news, and that she didn't have to wait any longer than this.

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Great news, Debbie!!!

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Deb, Thanks for sharing your wonderful news!

ps...and I do not consider you selfish, just caring!
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Ruth, I believe Taz's comment about WHMIS meant that she had to study up on the regulations regarding hazardous materials used in her job or on the premises of her company. Everything that can be hazardous must be labeled as such. This reg came out when I was still working for the Workers' Compensation Board so I remember well all the boring lectures we had to go through to learn about it.
Well, chicks, I was supposed to go for my pool exercises this morning but it was a bad night what with knee aching and dh snoring in my ear. I finally moved myself off to my recliner chair and even though I set the stove timer it would seem that I slept right through it and didn't wake up until 7 (which is when I would usually leave for the pool). As penance I forced myself to do five minutes on my stationary bike (it nearly died of shock ) I sure learned very quickly that I'm even more out of shape than I thought. I don't think I even made it to three minutes. But, I'm determined to persevere and will try again tomorrow.
Ruth, how on earth did the dog get the dishwasher open? She must really be a wonder dog.
Well, I have had two meals now and took a Xenical pill with each of them. Last night my dinner was High Liner salmon with dill sauce (thanks, Pooky, for the recommendation. It's delicious) and some stir fried zucchini, mushrooms and red peppers. Later I broke down and had a small bowl of bread pudding which is lower fat but higher carbs than the Atkins cheesecake I would have normally had but I was low in carbs for the day anyhow.
This morning I took another Xenical with my breakfast of fried ham and 2 scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese. So far no miserable side effects so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
I think to combine the Xenical with low carb, I will have to watch out for extra butter and cream and go easy on the side bacon, but otherwise I'm going to try to do it keeping my calories under 1600/day. Usually I'm around 1800 calories.
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Oh Deb, that is sooo amazing! HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF.........

OK, Ruthie, let's try again: WHMIS is the name of a list of hazardous materials. Big long stupid initialized name for a list of stuff that can be toxic or hazardous (too long, if you ask me, but then again, when isn't the government long-winded? ) The list is issued by the government and is made available to all Canadian companies. By law, all companies must provide a written record of all materials that appear on this list (as it is a safety/health issue for employees) The written record is called MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) Each company is required by law to have a binder containing the MSDS on site for all employees to see and know about what materials are hazardous. Failing to provide a comprehensive binder of MSDS, the company can be charged with negligence and a whole host of other things. I know about this because I also had to take a WHMIS course and I maintained the MSDS binder where I used to work. I'm assuming taz has to do the same thing. I hope that explains it better, but I'm going to step on Taz's tail for walking outta here and letting me explain it all!
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Thumbs down

Oh Debbie ~ That's wonderful news! I can only imagine how you and your friend Jenny must feel! Definately a cause for a huge celebration and prayer of thanks!!

I'll try to post more later. Things have been so busy here and DIL is having to use my computer ALOT lately. She's a teachers aide and is being sexually harrassed by a student! The school refuses to address it and is trying to sweep it under the carpet! She's doing much research on her legal rights! This boy has even exposed himself to her at the school! What's this world coming to?

Hope everyone has a beautiful day!

OBTW - Thanks for asking Ruth-the "puppies" are doing very well and we're getting to the point of rescheduling the other surgeries.

Later ~ J
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Hi Kids,

Wow Pilates, I have some tapes on that and let me tell you, my body is just to GOOFY to do them, yoga too. Just give me a strait line to walk and thats about it

Age, congrats on the wedding anniversary
Deb - Praise God that your friend is okay......
Mamaj - you have a beautiful day too ! huggs.
Nelie, your brave for not touching the bread, I would have no doubt engulfed 1/2 the loaf w/out anyone even seeing me do it, bravo lady !!

Everyone, have a blessed day and keep your chin up because you are beautiful and the whole world needs to see that beautiful face

Love, Leenie
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Afternoon all!!

I did my Tae-Bo tape this afternoon, and although I was pretty hot and sweaty I managed to finish the whole thing!!! Yea-for me! I was completely surprised-I think I will do it some instead of the treadmill seeing as how one of these days I may fall asleep on that darn thing and cause an accidnet!!

DonDar--Sorry to tell you--I HATED learning and dealing with the MSDS at the Hospital and Surgery Center I worked at--LOL--sorry dear--just more for us to learn--I commend you for having a job like that!! I could not do it!

Debbie--I am so relieved to hear about your friend although breast cancer is NOT a death sentence it takes strong women (and men) to fight it! Believe me, I would thank the Lord if a cure was found for my mom!

After reading GinaMaries post on the other thread I have thought about it and I am gonna try to give up the Diet Pepsi altogether! Maybe that will be the Kick I need wish me luck!
Well off to take the girls to dancing

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Debbie! I am really happy to hear about your friend! AND! I am really happy for you too!

Janice? I have a solution to that kid exposing himself!!!!

Debkay was nice enought to remember that Jiff had her surgery one year ago today and posted a message on the weight loss board...if you want to add to it, scoot on over!

Ruth, I don't have a date yet. Today I went to my primary care doc. I still need cardiac clearance and a gyno "thing" . I do have an appointment on March 12 with the if I can get the pile of tests and paper work done, I may have a date soon after.

same old same old around here, no high drama...except that that I cause myself and I am trying to keep it to a minimum !

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Come on Spring!
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Whew! I thought WHMIS was some sort of strange sex practice known only to folks in the Maritimes! I can sleep tonight!

Great news about your friend, Deb-kay.

By the way, Lucy must have buried the bone in the DW when the door was left open. One of these days she WILL figure out how to open it.

Dinner's in the oven right now so I am going to check out the boards and see what trouble is lurking! It's no fun being a moderator when everyone is so darn polite and supportive!
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Okay, I'll bite (the reason I need to lose) and ask what is virgin fat?

I am just starting on Low Carb again. The only problem I have with it is that potatoes are my comfort food. Here's hoping I don't need any comforting. LOL
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I haven't lost virgin fat in years! That's the weight you haven't lost and gained over and over again. My lowest was 180, so I have a ways to go!! Anyway, this fat's been around so long, it's virgin by association

MSDS! Don't even get me started. Did I mention I'm getting audited AGAIN tomorrow? And guess what? I didn't add my hand lotion to my MSDS binder, so I guess I better hide it from the auditors. I got written up for that last time.

Well, you guys and your exercise have inspired me! What can I do but join the group? I have a "weightlifting for dummies" video that kicked my butt the first (and only ) time I did it. Breaking it out after dinner, I suppose.

Ya'll have a wonderful night! Off to eat pork chops and broccoli, then work out (shudder) and bath, then sleeeeeeeeeeeeep. Talk to you later!
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quick hi, just headed for bed after a yummy dinner at Olive garden with DS and DN. Am thinking about weighing myself for the Jan Challenge, but I'm too scared.

Of course, since I'm exercising alot, I could blame it on the muscle gain! (Instead of on the chips and ziti)

Just go to bed, OK dottie?

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Default wow!!! so much going on!!!

it really doesn't pay to jump in here so late in the day!!!

debkkk... congrats on your friend., and well, just for being you.

all this hazardous waste talk!!! but what i'm thinking is: NO ONE should have to deal with haz waste issues at the hours that taz is going to work!!! That's something best left to a more civilized hour, like, 10:30 am, after a couple of cups of tea...

and linda.. i've always thought that xenical was cruel and unusual punishment. why should any company develop, and government approve, a drug that causes such unpleasant and embarassing side effects? why is obesity such a shameful illness that these side effects are considered to be better than the weight? don't get me wrong.. drugs have a place in this effort, but xenical?????? i'm praying that it all goes well for you.

i like lucy's attitude. she's a hoot!!

and janice.. maybe your DIL could just flash a weapon.. you know, a basic pocket knife. nothing serious. nothing illegal.

yes. it's one year since teh wls... and what did i get today?? THE FLU!!!! i'd rather have champagne.

the grand totals: 261 pounds total, and 164 since the surgery. i've done everything humanly possible to make the most of this 'honeymoon' year, and i have 'only' about 60-70 to go. it's a lot slower than it was, but it's still coming off.

other than this, there's really nothing going on.. wish i were more interesting!!!
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