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Default Daily peeep Jan.21/03

Just a quick start to the day. It is now 5:35am, -7, and still snowing, another 2 inches fell last night.
Thankyou Ruth for the information, I have my copy to take to work of "What is an American", I think it is beautiful.
Well I am trying to read a few more threads before we leave, I have such trouble loading them, it takes me forever, I have to keep reloading. Oh well,
Have a lg. slice of the day, Love
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Come on Spring!
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You are welcome, Taz. Sorry you have more snow! We are in a clear and cold spell this week - really cold. It's -34C with the wind chill right now. When It gets that low it's the same in F degrees, I think. I've an extra t-shirt on this morning.

So, chickies, I'm off to Kingston in a bit, lugging that darn hunk of hardware with me. My shoulder and wrists are sure going to be stronger after this episode. I will drop the tower off at the PC place and go for breakfast. They have promised to fix the problem and set me up for Internet and email at the same time. We shall see! You know, I'm kind of kicking my butt that I had to go to a Kingston operation when the guy in the next town sells and services! He is more expensive, of course, but... Oh well, it's a done deal now.
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forgive me ruth, but i'll believe it when i see it. they seem to have such attitude!!!!! give em ****!!! dress to intimidate, and give em the evil eye if they DARE to imply that you don't know what you're doing!

and taz.. i love the way you startus up in the mornings. but you are always up so darn early!!!! HOW DO YOU MANAGE????

and for everyone else... sorry i've been kind of sluggish about posting. i'm so upset about that young woman in SAfrica.. such a tragedy. many prayers.

nothing much. mom was supposed to go to senior citizens aerobics today, and blew it off. i unloaded the 'you're cruising for a wheelchair' lecture and got her to promise to go on thursday. something else that i'll believe when i see it!!!

could you canadians please PLEASE keep all this cold air up there??? we're too delicate down here in the south<???>

wish i could think of something to say, but my life is boring [and that's not so terrible]

have a great day, ya'll... will check in later.
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she who must be obeyed
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Just a quick run through this morning.

Linda I'm so sorry to hear about the friend of your daughter's. Life isn't fair at times is it?

Ruth take your chicken purse and wear your steel bra........that'll show em.

It's mild in my part of the south today......but that will change come the end of the week when we get a northern blast of cold air. I'm with Jiff.......the ladies in the south, Jiff NJ is in the south would like you to keep your cold air.

Have a good one to do errands.

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workin' my way back down
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Morning chickies...... just a quick fly-thru this morning. Since I've been MIA the last few days, I figured I'd better touch base, even if only briefly......

many prayers go out to SAfrica to the family of that young woman

Jif--- YES, you DO have small shoulders!!

Ruthie--- you give 'em HE**

Taz--- how DO you get up so early?

All of you northern chickies....... keep that cold air up there!!!!! - we have more than enough for our own needs!!

Well, have a great day everyone..... will try to come back later.
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Big Loser
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Morning chicks!!

Quick run through myself! It was 50 when I got up this morning and pouring rain. It has already dropped 10 degrees, if it freezes we are in BIG trouble!!!!

Have a good one ladies. -34 Ruth I think I would stay home!!!!
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Good Morning All!

It seems that whenever we have an extra day out of school here we follow it up with a SNOW DAY! After a 3-day weekend I was kind of looking forward to some quiet this morning--but the girls are back there now calling friends of theirs to come over--yup they are bored already!

Not much happening in my neck of the woods--got a couple of inches of snow last night--pretty cold here also, who keeps sending us all this white stuff???

I'm hoping to get something done around here today, things I keep putting off, I haven't even been reading FlyLady stuff--I really need to catch up.

Was really lightheaded Sunday and Monday--so far today I feel OK, don't know if it is because of my neck or because of the way I have been eating. Carbs have been at a bare minimum last couple of days, just haven't felt like eating much--went to

aerobics last night and that made me feel somewhat better. Been taking an MV also--hopefully that will give me back some vitamens I have been depleteing.

Well, enough about me--I can't stop thinking of the young mom in S. Africa, I know it is a world away but, it hits close to all our hearts.

I'll check in later, gotta find some fun things for my cooped up kids to do today!


Taz--did anyone ever give their opinion about what this is?? I thought he was just a happy guy dancin' the "Jig"

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Come on Spring!
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Back online! What a difference with a fasted and fancier computer. I can no clearly see pictures and stuff.

A few minor problems to iron out (like forgetting my 3FC password - DUH!) but I made it without losing my cool with the techies. By the way, they set my homepage to TSN - how smart was that?

Kind of quiet in here today but Suzanne says there has been a huge increase in hits so maybe folks can't get in.

Off to check out the threads.
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Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers for the bereaved family in S.Africa. My daughter didn't really know her but she had met her and liked her. She is really a good friend of my daughter's SIL. Lots of tears being shed in that family and by all her friends, I'm sure.
I want to know how all those folks manage to get themselves inspired to do exercises, whether at home or at a fitness center. I just don't have it in me I guess. It's all I can do to drag myself to the swimming pool three mornings a week. At another website I go to regularly, they are all talking about working out for 40 min to this or that tape, or doing their treadmills for an hour, etc. I have great intentions but I just can't seem to summon up the wherewithall to actually get started, even though I know I'd feel so much better if I did.
Another question. Is there any way to set FitDay to my local time? I usually don't go in until early evening to fill in what I ate for the day. If I enter some food items at 7 pm and then go in after 9 pm to add an evening snack, their time has already changed to the next day and my data is lost so I have to re-enter everything.
Another question. When you are strictly LC, do you find you get full a lot quicker? According to FitDay I'm eating between 1400 and 1800 calories a day and yet I feel as if I'd been eating 3,000. Those calories are mainly protein and fat. My carbs are usually in the 18 to 24 gr per day which keeps me just barely into ketosis. I think I should be losing weight faster but I guess it's the prescription meds I take slowing things down. Of course, it would help to exercise more too. GAAAAAH. It all comes back to that.
Ruth, good luck with your computer.
BTW, you all can't blame us west coasters for your cold. It's 43F here today and hasn't even gone below freezing lately.
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Lovin' Life
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Default a late day

I got out of bed this morning, and heaven only knows what came over me, but I went right to the work out bench and did my weight routine!! Got my walk in and added some extra blocks. I find Im walking faster and getting back to the store sooner than usual. So, today, I added 1/2 of my short walk, and still made it back in 45 min.

Linda....try getting a walkman, and your most favourite upbeat tape or c/d and go for a walk around the block. You'll be done before the first couple works for me!! I started walking to Lou Bega's "Mambo No 5" man...I used to get a stitch in my side trying to keep up with the tempo of the entire cd...but I didnt know I was walking so fast until the stitch started. Gets embarrassing when your singing along and ppl look at you funny I dont care, Im out there for me! and yes, I do feel fuller with less food......mind you last night I had 3 burgers and was stuffed silly....sure felt good lol You can do it Linda "one block at a time"

I seem to have an extremely large surge of energy lately!!! Im actually considering painting the walls in the store, in a light worn leather look, and then painting the top 3 feet of the walls (has a ledge to seperate it) paint moose, and other critters in some sort of distressed brown. I'll have to think on it a while....but I will have to act soon, while I have all this energy!!!! I dont know if its the weight lifting, but what ever Im doing ......its working!

Have a great day ladies
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Hi everyone! What's good for supper? I have eaten roast and beef stew and steak, steak, steak until I am sick of the sight of red meat. I don't like pork chops so I guess I'm going to have chicken tonight. Ewwwwwww, I hate touching raw chicken! Maybe bf will cook if I ask nicely!

Hope all had a wonderful day, mine was so-so. Dr tomorrow and then d&c on Tuesday, unless I can change his mind. I am taking a permanent marker and will threaten to redecorate his office if he doesn't listen to me. Think that'll do the trick? Off to quick thaw a chicken, talk to ya'll later!
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Talking Hi Ya'll !!

Just a quick hello! I've been occupied and pretty busy trying to
reorganize myself! Also that end of year stuff-emptying out all the file cabinets, storing old files and setting up everything to start anew!

Linda & Debbie ~ I may have only lurked the other day but prayers have been said for your friends and their families. As others have already said, I keep thinking of them.

To those feeling under the weather - I make a pretty mean chicken soup! Hope you feel better soon!

Lurkers ~ Hope you join in with us all soon! Some pretty friendly chickies in this LC coop!

Peachie ~ You okay? I'm ready for the beach, too!

Sherrie ~ Are you ready to share to scoop on the BF?

AgeOldie ~ D**ned thieves!!!!!!! Please get the alarm!

Jenny ~ How are you? <HUGS> and thoughts with ya my friend!

Ruth ~ Glad you're finally up and running! Don't overdo!

Jif ~ Any new news with the job interview?

Pooky ~ Glad Miree is doing well with the homeschool!

LindaBC ~ Understand your excercise feelings! I'll sit on the sidelines with you and sip a LC patio drink while "they" sweat!

Taz ~ Ever find your pork skins? I think he's kinda a "I can do it with a a jig and an attitude - umph" thingy!

L ~ Did you resolve your portable DVD probs?

Scooby ~ Are you still doing much travelling? How're you looking for the May get together?

Jennifer ~ Where are you?

Tilly, Chuckie, Missed, Yentl, ummmm, well for everyone else I've missed -

Sorry chickies, but that's the best I can do with this darn CRAFT disease !!

Time to go cook dinner! Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!

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Evening all--at least here it is evening!

This is the neverending day! Kids have had kids over--my aunt stopped by, I can't get anything picked up and to top it off DH is in a mood and I cannot be nice!! I usually can just be nice and suck it up ....for about a out!

Linda--Believe me, I am no exercise guru--I try to walk my treadmill 3 times a week and do aerobics on Monday nights--I have to literally force myself to do this little bit! I am trying to talk DH to put the TV and VCR from Tori's room down in the exercise room--I would but I guess he bolted them down on her shelf so she can't pull it off on top of her. I listen to music...buit I still get bored!

Well, I'm gonna check my e-mail
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Tried all weekend to get on to the internet... the computer at work belongs to the other care giver ( we share 24/7 care for a lady with alzhiemers) so didn't fiddle with anything muttered a lot though!!

Finished my 48 hrs and dashed off to the hospital to see how DIL was after her total hip replacement. She's only 28 yrs old and the hip was like an 80 yrs old. She was to druged to say much but I got to hug and kiss her so my heart is more peaceful!! Our son is crashed on our couch tonight so he can go back in early tomorrow, feels funny having him here without her.

Going to be hecktic the next couple of weeks, helping care for her when she comes home, the hip is uncemented because of her age, so that it can be replace down the road 25 - 30 yrs - it's a new type of hip.

Tried to stick to my LC perfectly but couldn't do it, just to much stress and I'm so exhausted, ... but I have been doing about 80% which is a lot better than 0% desperately need some down time just for me.

Will catch up on the posts tomorrow. Goodnight everyone it's almost midnight and my pillow is calling.
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