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Talking Sunday Jan. 19th Hen's Roost

Good Sunday Morning friends!

It seems the northern blast of Arctic air has given us a wee reprieve before the onslaught next week. We are expecting temps of -34 or colder, hokey smokey! I called the oil man on Friday to fill up our tank. Poor dh, he fouoght it so hard bvecasue he just wanted to use the wood stove but Mother nature has differetn ideas. What steams my clams is that money is supposed to go toward getting a new water softener and new water heater. Looks like that is one back burner until all the debt we're ringin up is paid off...sigh...

I just reread what I posted yesterday and I'm sorry if I left you with impression I didn't realize Miree was bored--I knew it, that's why I altered her schedule. She's growing up fast, but the mom in me doesn't want her to be a big girl too quick, know what I mean?

Puppy Update: Rosie is filling out quite nicely, got a lovely little pot belly on her and she's adjusting just fine. I sent off a thank-you card to the man that found her and a gift card to Canadian Tire and sent off another card to the vet clinic thanking them for taking such good care of her. Tomorrow will be exactly 2 weeks since she's been found and she has made quite a drastic improvement. The time she spent outside forced her puppy hair to be all gone so her adult hair is coming in. She really does look more attractive that way anyway. She is still somewhat skittish about me leaving her but dh has been sooo good with her, giving her extra pets and hugs that she doesn't seem so lonely. Her potty training is going very well--seems it was the people who had to get organized, not the puppy. It has had excellent spin off effects too--I take her for walks 2 times a day, morning and night after eating, and I get the benefit of having my exercise quotient in for the day!

Ruth, if we lived closer, dh would be there in a heartbeat setting you up and it wouldn't cost you a dime. Dh likes to build and repair computers in his spare time and has many people calling him to come and fix the infernal beasts. He never charges anyone and he never expects payment. However, people are truly thankful and generous and do give him a lttle something. You need to find a computer man in town that does house calls like my dh!

Linda, glad it wasn't the flu--the damned Norwalk is horrible! I just finished disinfecting every doorknob, telephone, remote, handle in my house in a vain effort not to get sick!

Dottie, sounds like you really do need these 3 days to de-stress and relax--enjoy!

Jo-Anne, I feel better already! Who knows maybe one day my little dynamo might work for NASA?

Jiff!! I just love that story of your boss--did she ever realize it was her fault?

taz, oh no--you're sleep eating! For goodness sake, get some pork rinds girlie!

Sherrie, there's no such thing as an overprotective mom, just a concerned one. Regrets are in the past and from everything I've read about Tommie, she's one bright and happy child!

Robin, it's called a headband--the thing that gfoes over your forehead and over your ears? Too bad about the women's shelter, I guess a lot of people feel the same way and they have no more storage room left!

Have a good day everyone!
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Come on Spring!
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Discovered why this house is so cold in the morning. I turn down the thermostat 10 degrees just before I start kitchen cleanup. DH goes to bed while I'm doing that and gropes at the thermostat and turns it down 10 degrees! That's why our house is freezing temperature in the morning! Sheesh!

I am off to Church right now - could not set up the coffee yesterday because all the water supply (in jugs) was solid ice. I just love winter in the country! NOT! But it does give us something to crab about. (We are getting more snow as I type!)

The girls are sleeping beside the woodstove after the morning pre-breakfast romp. I hate to stir up Hershey to take her to Church but she needs it. Lucy and I may or may not go to Kingston this afternoon for Show Handling - it depends on how brave I feel about the long drive. A book and tea beside the stove sounds like a better plan!

Catch y'all later. (If I talk southern, will I feel warmer?)
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Well, Ckicks Good Morning to you. I just got up, had a grand Sunday morning sleep in. We were out last night for supper and cards at sil. We had a great time. I hate to say this Chicks, but I said I could be good or be happy with my choice of food, I was happy, large fish and chips, ooooh,what am I going to do?
I am going to spend the day cooking for next week.
Well I hope you all have a great day,
love TAzcat
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Default It's Sunday!!??!!

Well, I'm not the only one who is getting a late start today now am I I just got the kiddies off to a friends house down the road--YIPEE! Outta my hair for if DH would only go to...

Went off the lo-carb thing just slightly last night--I had one slice of pizza--it was pretty good too, I ate my salad and just wanted a little pieace of I did..and I didn't even gain ten pounds by doing it!

I bought a great little book at the book store(my FAVORITE place to be) It is a Fat/calorie/carbo counter for like every food there is! Every popular food restaraunt, every brand of just about everything is at my fingertips now. I do use Fitday like alot of you, but I find that the carbs don't always agree with what it says on my package, so this is just a little extra reminder! Love it!!

Pooky--Believe me we all know you are a intuitive, compassionate, capable mother--We, at least I did not mean for it to come off like I did not think you knew what you were doing! Sometimes, it is nice just have have your friends re-enforce what you already know though! you got one Bright little chickie on your hands! All I got to say is READ--READ--READ to the child!!!!!!!!

Well, I have nothing planned today--I swear I must have slept standing on my head last night-I have the most awful pain in my neck/shoulder area, I cannot even turn my head, usually if I get a sore neck it goes away in about an hour--not this one--I'm off to heating pad land!!

have a great day!
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Sore finger (arthritis) today so just gonna say hello and have a nice, OP day, Chicks. Hurts too much to type.
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Well i had a late start to the day DH snore's soooooooo loud, late time i looked at the clock it was almost 3:00am. No wonder i'm so tired today
Anyways it's been 21 days sence i restarted introduction and i measured today and lost a whole 1 inch for that time .

Oh well i'll just stick with the program see what happens down the road. Guess i'm a slow loser lol. I did not get on the scale today was to tired to get it out this morning. Really I'm afraid of that evil thing

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Where is everyone? Sleeping, I guess. Wish I was. Tired isn't the word today. We had a good day, got to go see my little nephew who is sick and just not himself, then off to grandma's to pick up my wee one. She was so glad to see me! It's nice to be missed.

Off for some late dinner and then bath and snooze, talk to ya'll tomorrow!
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