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Default Feeling miserable, unloved, not cherished? Please sign in.

I'm having a pity party and you know that it's always better to suffer (whine) out loud and with lots of other miserable people. If you're not feeling miserable, maybe now is a good time to bail outa this thread.

I'm not normally a downer person but lately I've been so inundated with all the New Year's Resolution hype on weight loss that I'm about to lose it. *pardon the pun*

I seem to be alternating about 50-50 between self pity/loathing and a general pissedoffedness about the whole weight issue. As it happens, I'm in the pissedoffedness state at the moment and wish all size 6er's to rot in ****.

Going one step further with the 50-50 theory, I'm inclined to believe that: (a) when I'm thinking I'm the most pissed off and (b)when I'm feeling I'm filled with self pith/loathing.

Have any of you wonderful people been dealing more with this issue in the last week or is it just me?
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Ms Pit signing in!

You know Nora without going into details, I am sooooooo frustrated with this weight loss thing I could just (and have) spit. I don't think I can do it but I don't quite know how NOT to do it. (diet that is, not spit)

But! I know you are a positive person...I could tell by the smile that you have that just lights up a room.

Wish I had answers for you Nora and I wish I could say something that would take the steam out of the "pissedoffedness" but all I can tell you is that....I am hangin in there right with you!

yours in pissedoffedness,
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YES, YES, YES!! Big hugs, Nora. I feel the exact same way!

Every time I turn on the radio, tv, or open a magazine, it's weight loss city. There's all these skinny women on TV screaming they lost 5 WHOLE pounds in 30 days with this pill or that lotion. UGH!

My child is even getting in on the act. Mommy, don't you want to be skinny? I want to be skinny! Let's get Slim-Fast, okay??

I feel like my whole life revolves around my weight, am I gaining, losing, maintaining? Am I eating enough, too much, oh no, I drank a soda!

This was my new year's resolution. I am not going to obsess like I have been. I want to be thin, but mostly, I want to be happy and healthy. And, surprisingly enough, when I am relaxed about it, it goes much easier. Hmmmm.

Nora, I felt like I was the only one going crazy!!
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I know what you mean about the "little kid thing"! My little guy keeps asking me if I am, "Jolly like Santa"!

bah humbug

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Come on Spring!
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Joining you Chickies in pissedoffedness - and not just about the weight thing. I want my OWN life! Too many constraints these days - not money at the moment but responsibilities!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Can I join in the pissedoffness? I'm still mopping up water from the washer. Repair guy didn't show, so I called him. He thought I wanted an appt for tommorrow. Hello? I'm standing in 2 inches of water and I specifically asked if you were open on Sundays, yes that means I want to wait 36 hours for you to get here. Stupid man.

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I like that word pissedoffness!

I hear ya on the way the whole friggin' world jumps on the weightloss bandwagon for a few weeks every January 1st. I get so sick of hearing everyone else TALK, TALK, TALK about it! I just want to tell them "Just do your thing and shut up about it!"

Plus I am kinda pissed off at myself for not doing what I KNOW makes me feel best and IN CONTROL by dropping the empty carbs from my diet. I'm getting there, tho.

The other thing I am a bit upset about it that I told the truth to an internet friend (not anyone from here) about the fact that she is not doing her daughter any favors by shielding her from the fact that she has a weight problem and needs to develop healthy eating habbits NOW. She was going on and on about 'Well, she is just a teenage and she should be able to eat whatever she wants" etc. Needless to say, the friend isn't speaking to me now. (I was nice about it - just truthful. Actually, the mom is probably carb addicted too and doesn't want to fact it either. One of those "I'm OK, your OK." situations, I believe.)

Open mouth, insert foot - thats me!


Oops! Editing here cuz I walked away, thought about it and realized that what I said about everyone talk, talk, talking about weightloss could be taken wrong. I don't mean ANYONE here! Talking and encouraging is what we are all about! We are on a totally different level than those OTHER people. I'm talking about the person in the line at the store that has the 3 giant bags of grapefruit in her cart and goes on and on about her new 'diet' when you know she will forget the whole thing after a week. And you know that she has probably done this same drill for 5 years in a row. So please, I'm not referring to any of us here - old or new - practicing LC or not.
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My pissedoffness comes when I see a Bally Total Fitness commercial and show women who have obviously been doing this since they where in utero--as if THAT'S going to inspire me to join a gym!
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May I join in?
I'm pissed that I'm sick with a cold. I ate too much and too many of lots of bad things over the holidays. I thought I'd be able to really get down to business this week. Eat right, exercise, you know the drill. Now I'm sick.
I hate this. I hate that I can't do what I want and I hate that my body feels bad. (Whine).

And this new year new you crap is getting to me. All these bone thin women promoting exercise equipment and diets. They look anorexic. This is not the way real people look. Even if you diet and exercise and get to your ideal weight, no one looks like that if their over 12 years old. They aren't even size 6 their like 2 or less. Is this the size of most adult women, I think not.

I'm done now, the cat has come to comfort me and my pissedoffedness is beginning to subside. A cat purring on my lap always brings down my blood pressure and makes me smile.

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Ms. Peach, it's so good to know you.. you are one of the dearest, most supportive people I know. I can't wait until May when I get to hang out with you and Jiff again. *smooch*

Sherrie, I am so totally with you on this whole stinking obsession! And it is an obsession with me. I'm so friggin' sick of allowing my weight to take centre stage of my life. I honestly don't know how my poor husband puts up with me. I'm really glad he does, though. LOL!!

Roofie, I love ya gal. I can't imagine the pressure you must be under with all the responsiblilites you have. Yep, a night or two away in May will be something that you can look forward to. I sure am looking forward to it, too.

Dyan, aren't these repair people unreal? It's almost like they're debating with themselves whether or not they really need the money before they deign to come to your house. Picture the guy (or gal) in his/her blue coveralls.. still with me? Now, picture a giant boot coming down out of the sky and givin' him/her a lifter, right in the seat of the pants. You can give as many lifters as you think necessary, it's a nice freeing visualization. LOL!!!

Kel, I'm with you. The only difference is that my problem is not with other people's actions or lack thereof, it's mine. Obsessing about a problem doesn't aid in conquering the problem. I really gotta get my plan together.

Pooky, how about the women with 6 pack abs who you see working out on these frail pieces of exercise equipment that can be yours for 4 small payments of $49.99? As if!!!! Do they think we all just fell off the turnip truck?

Nikkic, I do hope you're feeling better today. I can imagine how frustrating it is for yoy. Finally feeling like you need to set some fitness goals and then too sick to really get going on them... Just take good care of yourself until you're well, okay?
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Thank you Nora,
I've been doing different woe's since August and I've lost 44 lbs. so far. I just took a break of sorts over the holidays and really was going to get back on track. My newest goal is to unclutter and reorganize my life. Easier said than done.
Well, I am feeling better today, so OP from here on out. Look out Gazelle, here I come.
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Well here are my 2 cents worth...
I think it is fine to be pissed off, as long as you use it to your advantage. Stop looking at your short comings and see what you CAN do to change. I will never be taller than 5' 3", not will I ever be anything other than big boned. What I can do is move everyday and be a productive participant in my life.

The gym adds are frustrating, but if anyone has been to a gym lately, people don't look hat way. It is like the toy adds for kids, they want it, but when they see it, it is nothing like the adds.

I personally have given up weighing myself. it sets me into a tail spin and I can't recover from the obsessive ways. I will go to the gym and I will do my best to eat healthy.

I kind of wish we could all do what we want to do or need to do to be healthy and screw what the scale says it is just a number.
So I guess I am on board with Kel. Letís be here to support and conquer together and take that negative energy and use it for good rather than evil.

Ok off my soap box
~Dixie CGC,TDI~
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Default How do you think I feel?

Hubby has taken to calling me Oprah....one month I am up and the next I am down...though I haven't been thin or run a marathon yet!

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I am soooooo glad that I came here because I am soooooo pissed off today!

I lost 5 pounds on my start of induction Wednesday, over the seekend I GAINED TWO BACK!!!!!!! I did NOTHING different!

No fair! I am miserable without my carbs, STARVING ALL THE TIME! I am sick of it and it hasn't even been a week!

I cryed for a good part of the morning today. Now I have a headache!

I agree that I am also just sick of the whole weight issue! I feel like I am being made to conform with someone elses standards. I'm Fat, GET OVER IT!!!!!!!

Oh, I am so mad!
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Trying to find my way.
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Gina Honey are you drinking enough water??? I last year posted a wonderful post from another site regarding the fact that at about week 3-4 the body tries to hold the water thinking that it is in a drought as the body is riding itself from the water. it then holds on to it for a while. I will see if i can find it. i know i do not have it in my files as that had gotten allwiped out tis summer. so let me search for a bit and get it out to the forum. but please drink drink drink.

and why are tyou hungry??? you should eat if hungry and that may also be part of the problem if youa re hungry then you must not be eating enough. that would drop your caloric intake to below basal rate and then get your body to the "starvation mode" which will cause you to conserve your calories and start to gain too.
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