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Ruthxxx - Thanks! I am tallying everything on FitDay. I only ate 12 carbs yesterday and I think 2 of them were fiber!
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workin' my way back down
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Morning Chickies........ sheesh! I feel like a slug today...... it's 10am and I only am JUST NOW finishing my coffee! (it sure feels good to have an "extra" day off!)....... DD called to "remind" us that DH needs to go to Sears to pick up a small freezer for her, and then please please please bring it in to her since it's his day off -- yeah, right.... one teeny problem w/that - (did I say only one problem?) a) it won't fit in his little convertible so he needs MY truck for that b) she lives in NYC - about 1 to 1-1/2 hrs depending on traffic and c) what if I DON"T FEEL LIKE IT!!!!! hmmm - am I sounding cranky here? Oh well, it might be a new year, but some things NEVER change!

Peachie - when you finish your basement, will you come over here and help DH with mine? He's been dumping one box at a time for a couple of months now -- come to think of it,, there is actually a path to the circuit-breaker box now!!

Jif - glad to see you're home relaxing in comfy clothes and knitting that scarf. My hands have been hurting too much to knit or crochet lately - not a good thing, since both dd AND my niece have babies due next month!! So, when is lunch? More importantly, WHERE is lunch?

GM - I promise that the lousy feeling WILL go away -- I ate so many carbs the last few days (for the first time in months) that I was actually dizzy yesterday! I feel awful! Now I remember why I don't "cheat"

Anyone I've missed:
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Mommy x 4
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Morning Ladies

We have heavy winds here and rain, rain, rain. Little one and I have been ill with colds and fevers. Went to bed at 6:30 last nite, right after I put him to bed. Glands are swollen and I feel like 10lbs of -hit in a 5lb bag......eeeeewwwwww.

My resolutions are for better health, in body, mind and soul!
To find peace! To make it through this adoption court without losing my sanity or compassion for others!

My list is short, but it is what I can tackle for now.

Happy thoughts to you all

Pookie-still saying prayers for you and yours
Mammaj-still saying prayers for you too

I did drink my water yesterday, till I sloshed when I walked!
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Moderator & Happy Chick
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Hi Kids,

I wanted to say thank you to all of you who prayed for my Mom when she was in the hospital during Christmas, she is home and doing wonderful (old bat ) I love that woman so much but she drives me bonkerss.......ninnie. Praise God !!

Cough, cough <--- icky cold here but it figures cause I only get sick on my vacation days

Nothing new here, SOSDD, just gonna run down stairs (okay wobble) and take something out of the freezer for dinner ? did alot of cooking in the past 2 weeks so I don't really feel enthuzed to cook some more.

Have a wonderful Thursday

Love, Leenie
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Hang In There
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Default Emergency Help Needed

All the motivation in the world is not good at keeping these carb craving attacts at bay!!! So I thought I'd come back here and get some extra incentive!!!
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Default Maybe no help, but empathy...

I feel your pain ageoldie! I am on the second day of Atkins Induction, and boy is it hard! Yesterday, I felt awful. Today I am feeling better, but still like something is missing... That chocolate that I would eat at about now...

Hang in there! I hear it gets better!
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Default I'm new here!!

Hello Ladies--(are we all ladies here?)

I just finished reading all your threads--you sound like a great group to join!! I am currently reading the Atkins diet book and I am planning on starting full fledge----Monday.

You will all come to know that I am a procrastinator...especially when it comes to dieting.

I was especially interested in Ginamarie--you just started too? I am getting geared up for the Induction Phase.....any tips? I gonna be sick for awhile? I need to read up some more so I am armed and ready!

DebKay--I know what you mean about getting a job...some spending money...some "alone" time....I quit working 2 years ago to stay home with my youngest......I'm goin' a little stir crazy...I just finished a Medical Transcription now I am gonna try to find a position at home--if anyone knows of any

Anyway--one reason for this procrastination is that my State team is in the Fiesta Bowl tomorrow I may want some Beer--which is taboo on this diet right?

Well, That's all for now!
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Default Hello Misty!

Yes, I just started yesterday... My husband and I are both doing Atkins Induction together, so I hope that we will succeed. I don't think I could have done it alone.

Yesterday, I felt awful, but I think that is because I was really addicted to carbs and sugar... I used to eat chocolate everyday! I feel a lot better today, but still seem to be hungry. I am holding out for dinner though, as it is already 4:12. I think it's really fantom hunger though. Like my body is saying "Hey! Weren't you gonna put some croutons on that salad!!!" I have heard that it gets better in a week to 4 days. So hang in there!

I have found that a lot of the infomation in the Atkins book and on the site is confusing. First they state that you can eat cheese liberally, and then they say to limit yourself to 3-4 ounces... Just little things like that.

Some of the folks here have turned me on to a site called This is an awesome site. You log in all that you have consumed in a day and it calculates (among other things) your total calories, fat, protien, and carbohydrate grams for the day. What I am shooting for is no more than (ie, less than) 20g carbs per day and 2000 calories max per day. I hope I can get away with the high calorie count because I weigh over 300 pounds now...

I have done a bunch of research on this, plus my dad has done Atkins himself for years, even met him and had an appointment. Has his book signed and everything! I may go to see him too, so I will share any info I get.

I have heard that aspartame sometimes slows down weightloss on Atkins, so try to limit yourself on diet soda's.

Ok, so listen to me the expert after only 1 day! I am sure that the good folks here have some much better advice than I do, but feel free to contact me at anytime for advice or just to share.
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Is there such a thing as SEMI-Induction? Well, there is now. That's what I'm on today. I had my last pieces of toast this morning. You see, I was wavering between going back on WW so I bought some lovely grainy bread but sometime between eating the toast with p.b and jam (sigh) and throwing out EVERY SINGLE CHRISTMAS COOKIE IN THE HOUSE ..I dug out my Atkins book and I'm rereading the chapter on Induction. Lunch was half a deli bbq chicken and a small salad and then I had a snack of cream cheese mixed with Crystal light powder (almost cheesecake?)
Dinner (and meals and snacks for the next few days) is in the oven. Chicken thighs and wings sizzling away. Today I went shopping and bought all the protein and veggies I'll need for a week so I'm ready to go. Full of determination.
You'll never know how hard it was to dump those cookies. Peter's going to have a shock when I tell him if he wants goodies, he'll have to go somewhere else. He's not gonna find 'em here.
What brought on this new determination?
My clothes feeling tighter for one thing.
I got on the scale yesterday afternoon (not the best timing but I had to do it while I had the courage) and although I knew I'd gained some weight, little did I think that I'd gained 18 lb ...this is since Oct 6 when my records showed that I weighed 262. That 38 lb took me over a year to lose and I managed to gain back almost half of them in less than three months! Of course, I wasn't trying to stay OP at all. I ate about a pound of chocolate truffles and I was working my way through all the Christmas cookies at a fine rate. I deserved to gain every single ounce. I just wish I could figure out how to put on the brakes. You know how some people can have just a nibble or a taste of something and say "Yep, it still tastes good" and not bother with it again? Why can't I be like that? I have to go whole hog.
Well, I'm not going to beat myself up about it any longer. I am turning over a new leaf as of today and it's going to be Atkins all the way. I'm just SO glad I have you folks to turn to for advice and inspiration. Bless you all.

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Linda! I am SOOOOO proud of you! Throwing away those cookies must have been so hard to do. you are truly my hero. Now for the flip flop thing on your plan--I recall us talking about this before? Stick with one for one calendar year hon and I KNOW you will get results. And no cheating either! Not even a nibble! Got that?!
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Linda, I am feeling your pain. I have been on a low fat binge, but not so much sweets. I crave triscuits and chips and bread and rolls and bisquits, and SHUT UP SHERRIE!!!!! Anyway, I haven't gained anything but I certainly haven't lost anything either. Today was strict induction and boy, am I sick of eating boiled eggs. But, it was easy to stay away from the junk when I threw it all out. Under the coffee grounds so I wouldn't be tempted to dig it out again. DD was disappointed when she went looking for a snack, but she doesn't need it either. There, I put my foot down, and no more junk gets in the grocery cart from now on!!! (Are any of you saying "Yeah, right??") Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

It's been hectic cleaning around here, I am so sick of this place always being in a wreck. Well, mount laundry is a thing of the past. I washed so many clothes yesterday I had the whole house smelling like fabric softener. Then I was lazy and didn't want to fold them or put them away. Well, trust Flylady to sneak in when I least expected her to. I set a timer for 30 minutes and swore to work until the dumb thing went off, then stop. Well, the whole houseful of clothes only took 25 minutes to hang up or fold and put WHERE IT BELONGS! To think how long I've been dreading this chore. Whew, at least it's over now. Of course, there's another basket full tonight, but it's cooking now. I think I may have a handle on this!

Ya'll have a wonderful night, I am planning on bubble bath shortly then off for a much needed full night's sleep. Don't ask why dd feels the need to get up at 4 a.m. and wake the entire house. Anyway, she passed out at 6:45 tonight, so it's more of the same in the morning. Kids!!!! Talk to you tomorrow!!
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Doing This For My Future!
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For me the cravings for sugar are the worst after dinner. I always want something sweet! Its really not that great. The thing I am doing is having a Diet Rite (sweetened with Splenda) after dinner to curb the cravings. It works really well, and I factor it in as one carb. My calories are staying at about 1500-1600 a day. My carbs have been below 20, and I am feeling the weight loss. My pants are VERY loose. When I get up, I have to pull them up, all the way practically to my boobs and then they stay up. Weird, but good

I havent weighed since Sunday..and this Sunday I will weigh again. I am anxious to see how Im doing. Ive found that chicken breasts are really great to have on hand, and only take about 15 minutes to simmer up! Plus..look at all the protein your getting in the chicken!

I no longer have the headaches or the foggy head..but the cravings are still pretty high. I think the main thing is I always used to have something sweet after dinner, and its just the habit. All in all, I am never hungry, am losing weight, and my skin is clearning up! This is SO much better than the low fat diet. When I was on that, I would go to bed hungry, wake up hungry, I was losing my hair...this is so AWESOME!

Today I made the cupcakes I bought before Christmas, but didnt have enough time to make. I am taking them to work with me tomorrow so I can give them to everyone. I am going to sit them in the break room, and they will be gone within 10 minutes! I also have a brownie mix that I need to get rid of. I think Ill give that to my brother Its so nice to get rid of the high carb stuff. It makes the people at work happy because Im bringing them something, and it makes me happy because Im not eating it! Heres to tomorrow
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Manda - I had cravings really bad the first time I went thru induction, I found that Atkins Dieters Advantage supplement really calmed some of those cravings down to where I felt more in control. I plan to get some Basic Formula 3 tomorrow, after researching a ton of vitamins for the twichy legs, I found out that this 1 pill 3x a day would give me all I need minus the potassium. Figures the answer was under my nose all along.
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Default I feel your pain...

My dh and I did a pantry cleanout of all the carbo stuff that we had in there, chips, crackers, ect, ect... Now the darn this is EMPTY! I am on day 3 of induction today and am feeling pretty darn good! Will this last???
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