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Talking Daily ~ January 1, 2003 !!

Starting us up! Did all you sleepy heads overdo it last night?

Coffee's on!
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A new start to a new year...right?

My karma has been so bad lately, I am hoping I am doing enough to make it better in 2003.

Nope, I did not overdo it on the alcohol, but my stomach is very upset this am. Way too much food! I did not make it to midnight although older boy says he did?

The plumber and contractor are here pouring the mud in the shower pan today. It has to set for 2 days then they can finish the shower. 9 months

Quiet day for me. I might go puruse the stores but I have to make some thank you notes for the kids. DH is going to bring some soup to 94 year old grandmother.....
have a good one ladies, glad you are all here!
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linda.. you have contractors in your house on january 1???? GOOD HEAVENS!!!! is this a good sign for hte year? or a sign of more contractor problems??? whichever... good luck!!!!

slept really well last night thank goodness. and not much planned for today. want to get a new gym bag since this one has a huge hole in the bottom and things keep falling out. and i still need to get those socks.

and unfortunately, i have pneumonia. peachie yelled at me yesterday morning to call the doctor. she said i was sounding very breathless and the fact is, i was pretty uncomfortable.

the doc is a doll.. he called in a prescription for a zpak, and within a couple of hours, i started feeling better. so, don't worry. i just have to take it easy for a couple of days, which translates into NO SWIMMING. and i figure if i'm not allowed to swim, i'm not allowed to go to work. makes sense, right????

so here's the bottom line message, in public, in writing..

..peachie was right

aren't sisters great????

have a great day, ya'll... and may this new year bring you all much happiness and many blessings

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Come on Spring!
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Default Happy 2003!

Jiff, what a crappy way to start the year! Sounds like you have a great doctor. Now take the meds and REST! Definitely no work for you until next week, I'd say.

L144S, your stores are open on NY's Day? And contractors work? Things sure are different in ME. Up here you can't even buy a paper or a quart of milk unless you drive for 1/2 hour to find a store.

Janice, if you are looking for Delta on the map, try north of Watertown and over the bridge. I will have dinner waiting.

Well, last night was a great party! I won't go on and on but remind me next year that I had a fabulous time if I start to whine about going. Harry had fun too ensconced in a throne-like chair with folks going to sit and visit with him. (The man is 81 and having a lot of physical probolems but the brain sure works fine! He has prostate cancer which is in remission and other aches and pains.) Here's to NY's Eve 2003.

Today will be a fairly quiet day. We slept a bit late, drank coffee and played with the dog before eggs for breakfast. After testing my blood this morning, today will be a very strict Atkins Induction start. I made turkey soup from friend Claire's carcass yesterday - that sounds funny! Today I'll add some LC veggies and do something equally LC for dinner. Water, water, water.

Have a wonderful first day of the Year, Chickie Pals.
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I know it is scarry to think I have peoplewoeking here today. i think the store thing is NIXED, the kids want to go to the little ski hill up the street. Sounds like a plan to get out of the house and do something active.

Ruth, I am glad you had fun.....and Harry too!

Jiff, get better quickly, I look forward to your posts
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Angry Happy New Year!

Good Morning Ladies!!

Not alot planned for today......I havent been eating properly and had wayyyyy too many peanuts last night.

So today is a new day, and a new year.....I have 60 lbs to go, to reach my goal. Today sounds like a great day to get restarted.

We are heading over to hubby's kids place for supper. I always enjoy seeing the grandkids

Have a great day everyone!
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Happy New Year Everyone!!

Jiff........take care of yourself!! I think you should stay home from work for the rest of the week, sounds like a plan to me.

Ruth glad you had a great time. Sounds as if Harry did also.

L, contractors on NY day!! They must be very dedicated, lets hope they didn't over paryt last night.

Robin enjoy the grandkids!

Janice how are you doing today?

Well, will wonders never cease? I made it past midnight last night. The first time in I can't tell you how many years.

Not much planed today. I'm cooking a huge roast today with all the fixins. The kids are all still scattered to the wind, but I expect them all home by dinner time.

Enjoy your family today
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Really cool forum! And so different!

Had a very quiet night, Miree went to bed at nine (our bid to sleep later) and we stayed up and watched stand up on the comedy channel. Had one single rum and egg nog--big mistake, I hadn't drank in oh about a year and a half and it just hit me like a ton of bricks! Fell asleep promptly at 12:05 and woke up at 10 with Miree's insistance. Coffee in hand and am already tackling Mount Laundry--I don't even want to get inot how much I have to do--try mountian RANGE!

Robin, we all haven't been eating properly....hmmmm, gets me thinking...

L, that is wild that you can get a contractor on Jan. 1st! I hope this shower gets finished once and for all!

Ruth, I'm glad you ad such a good timeand it looks like Harry was in his glory. have a great day!

JIFF!! you'd better take good care of yourself girlie! I'm glad the drugs are working and after some much needed rest you'll be back in that pool in no time. Now listen to your sister! (you can pay me later Peach )

Janice honey, how are you doing today??

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Default Good Grief! It's New Years'?????

Well, I've been AWOL for so long, that about all I can say here is: Happy New Year to all you wonderful chickies! I hope that each and every one of you will have health, happiness and LOWER CARBS in 2003!

You haven't seen me lately, but I've been lurking and keeping up with each and every one of you........

J- hugs and prayers go out to you.... and remember, LONG ISLAND is a great place to visit - we've got really nice beaches, nottomention that we've also got chickies!!!

Pooky- I hope your Rosie comes home real soon......

Ruth- your NYE party sounds sooooo wonderful, years ago we used to do fancy things like that....... also, happy anniversary. I wish you and Harry many more years of happiness.

Jiff -- you better take good care of yourself, we're about due for a quick-meet in the city, aren't we?

Peachie - YAYYYYY, younger sisters are FREQUENTLY right!! It's just soooo nice when our older ones acknowledge that fact!

Sherrie - I've seen various mentions of a bf, but you never answered the question when you got back from vacation "SPILL THE DETAILS ABOUT THE BF"!!! (sheesh! I HOPE that I remembered right and it was you! :blush: )

Sue - happy birthday.. please give yourself a break, you do too darn much for everyone else and not enough for yourself!

Dottie - prayers and good thoughts have been going out to your SIL, I'm glad she was able to be home for the holidays.

To all the new arrivals - welcome, I look forward to getting to know you.....

To those I've missed - my apologies, but know that I've missed you all and look forward to catching up....

To ALL: can't wait to see all of YOU GUYS in joisey in May! - Remember, for anyone who can get a cheaper fair into NY's LI MacArthur airport than any of the "major" ones - it's only about 10 minutes from my house, so I can provide transportation!
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Good afternoon, Chicks, and happy new year to you all. My grand plan to start 2003 on Induction was totally ruined by a mad craving to have pancakes and syrup for breakfast...which I did. Oh, woe is me. Will I ever get my will power back? How can I go for so long OP and then blow it so completely...and not just once but over and over again for three months? My pants are feeling very snug today.
Not much new or exciting here so I'll just say welcome to our newbies. I hope you enjoy it here and stick around. Lots of great folks here.
Jiff, take care of that pneumonia. I had it once and it sure layed me low. No work for you.
Bye for now.
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oh here i am again!!!! it was a busy day, great sales. half price socks at kohl's, and about 40% off the gym bag at sports authority, so i'm happy.

and lunch out with mom, and a visit to her friend in the hospital, and I'M TIRED!!!! definitely no work tomorrow! BUT what'll i do to keep from being bored???

AND unfortunately, this isn't my first bout of pneumonia. i've managed to avoid it for at least a year, but here we go again!!!! i'm SO ANGRY with that damn job!!!! they ENCOURAGE people to come in while they're sick, just so management can send them home. they share all too well, and then everyone gets sick!!!!

everyone has this chest cold, and most of them get over it. i get the chest cold and then pneumonia!!!!!

sorry for the ranting. hope ya'll had a great day... and thanks for the warm wishes..

and sam n rosies grandma.. this month??? please????
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Happy New Year, Chicks!

Leens, before I forget, how is your mom doing?

Ruth, your evening sounded lovely and as long as you did not wake up with a red A on your chest I think that you are fine! Give Harry a big hug and a kiss on the cheek from me. Tell him it is from a fat chick from N.J.

jiff! WTG calling the doctor and following directions! ya done good!

Linda! I had a low carb breakfast....that was pretty darn good for me!!

Sams Grandma! good to see you!!!!

Pooky! So now I owe you again!!!!! It's in the mail....we both know how long THAT takes!!!!

Hey Debkay! I bet they all DID show up for dinner....come to think of it, I would too! Had a sit down budget summit with dh...he has it planned out till the year 2018! I tried not to gag and managed to keep a straight face.

Robin, you are doing so well with the wieght loss!!!!! Thanks for being so encouraging!!! BTW...did you ever find a pattern for the moose costume?

L! wowed by the contracters showing up today. Did the kidlets go skiing? We took the boys sledding on a little hill the other day, boy did they have a ball! Hope you guys had fun!

Morning Janice!!!!!! come on back for some after dinner decaf!!!!!

Had the nicest Christmas ever this go round! I enjoyed every minute of it! I am just about cleaned up and de Christmased except for the snowman/ ginger bread man shelf in the kitchen. Did the annual 12 noon trip to the cemetary to toast my dad with Jiff and mom...first time mom had gone.

The boys go back to school tomorrow and dh to work

Have a nice evening! Hey to all!
ps,....jiff, could ya make the Peach proclamation just a tad BIGGER?????!!!!!

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One of my new years resolutions is to post more! I get to the computer and read and something comes up and I don't really have much to say but I just want to check in with you all--(y'all? YOUSE? Youz allz!) Well, anyhow, here I am!

Nice NY, quiet, cooked for DH and me alone, but went for a visit to the SIL and her out of town family. We all were cooking like the dickens, and there were cakes and I made cookies. I made lamb steaks out on the grill, with pesto pasta and broccoli, it was great. Today cooked again, DH is getting spoiled! And went to BJ's for meat and veggies! The next few weeks challenge will really help me out. I've gotten through the holidays without any gain, thank God, but I wanted to loose more, as I have been doing some (dreaded) exercise. I know I'm right, I'm sure that soon they will prove that exercise is bad for you and that it causes cancer and bunions and halitosis, and that we all need to REST MORE! But for now, I've been doing a Leslie Sansone tape for 5 WEEKS! I lost ONE pound. ONE. ONE! ONE!

Well, I'm back to fewer carbs and keeping up the small portions. I'll go post on the January recommitment thread, and think about some goals.

For now, good night all, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. And, as my sweet neice adds, "see you in the morning light," to which we add, "and don't get out of bed!"

Warm thoughts and evening prayers for all who need them. And Janice, you'll love Long Island, I know a cute house for rent and we'll get you working in no time! And Jersey is only a hop and a skip over the bridge!

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is this big enough??>
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Jiffy, sweetie, please take care of yourself! No work until next week, k? I can't have my hero sick, now ya hear?

Dottie - I think you are on to something about the harm of exercise. Maybe we should pool our $ and fund a research project on it, k?

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