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Oh gosh, I'm grateful for you guys reminding me what there is to be grateful about! I take too many people and things for granted.

I am grateful for my family, even the ones that don't pay too much attention to me!

I'm grateful to my husband for always trying so hard to take care of me the best he can.

I am so SO grateful for my son, I'll never be loved by another like him.

I'm grateful for my job, even if it does feel like the pits of **** some days, because it is security for my family, and that is something hard to find. Also, I have good friends there, fortunately, since there are so many back stabbing busy bodies there too...ok this is going the wrong direction. Next..

I'm grateful that I have you guys to come to at the end of the day.

I'm grateful that even though it is cold outside, I am in a toasty room in my house.

I'll stop now!
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Wow, so many things we take for granted isn't there.

I am grateful for my children big and small, for teaching me patience, understanding and how to laugh, love and cry.

I am grateful for my husband who loves me without boundries and who never fails to tell me how beautiful I am (he just got glasses we will see how long that line goes on for, LOL), for his patience and understanding of my illness and putting up with myself and 3 stepkids, (he deserves a medal for that one alone).

I am grateful for my faith in God, it has seen me through hard times and easy times.

I am grateful to my Mother for teaching me about parenting, faith, cooking, sewing(which I detest) and that you are never completely dressed if you don't have lipstick on!

I am grateful that God has seen fit to place a special needs child in our care for longterm or short it has taught me many many things I never would have known without him.

I am grateful for the ladies at 3fc for listening and relating to personal pains and emotional gains, I am not alone as I thought I was!
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Some of these brought tears to my eyes! I am grateful for so many things, how often we forget in our busy lives all we have to be thankful for.

I am grateful for my husband and my two darling children...I am grateful and thankful that God has given us the ability to care for them and love them.

I am grateful for the United Methodist Women's group I have joined that has welcomed me with open arms and hearts!

I am grateful to all fo my friends and family - many of whom I truly miss this time of year!!

I am grateful to Ruth for starting this thread and getting me thinking. Thanks Ruth.
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I have MUCH to be thankful for this year.......

First, my family. I have three pretty terrific kids!!

My husband........the love of my life!!

After my beginning of the year 2002, I'm thankful for my life............not only my life......but a better healthier life.

I'm thankful that both my and husband's parents are still with us. And two of my Grandma's!!!

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Default Not just grateful, but happy

Someone suggested to me a little bit ago that rather than think in terms of what I am grateful for, to think in terms of things I love about my life. So here goes:
I am grateful for...
my good health
my good friends
my good family
my good living situation
last but not least, I am grateful that I have a job!

What I love about my life:
I love the way the light comes into my apartment
I love the way my cat snuggles with me
I love where I live
I love that I have good people in my life
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Tilly, you love the way the light comes into your apartment? I love things like that too! We have a picture window in the living room and the Christmas lights hang in the window over the couch, and it is so great. I have a big quartz rock with a light in it that sits on my entertainment center and that has a great glow, also. I know exactly where you are coming from! I love city lights too. Night landscapes can keep me staring for ages.
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For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given, and the
government will be on his sholders.
And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father,
Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9-6
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Wow, such wonderful things to think of.

I'm another one that has so very much to be grateful for, but first is my belief in God. Without Him I couldn't make it through each day. And because of Him, I am able to love, forgive, endure the real life issues. Praise be to God.

My Family ~ I've been blessed with children and grandchildren who are healthy and have inner and outer beauty.
DH, even when he's a SHDH is a my wonderful, perverted, generous soulmate. (Yes, he has my sick sense of humor!) The feeling I get when watching him sleep next to me.
My parents, brothers and their families. I am grateful that altho my dad required triple bypass surgery that it was diagnosed before he had a heart attack, that the surgery was successful and he is doing wonderful. And that God saw fit to place me in their family.

I'm grateful for being able to sit back unnoticed and watch all the kids cutting up and swapping their stories (mine and all the neighborhood "adoptee's") and the feeling I get in my heart and the tears that come to my eyes.

For having my older son Chad in my life. Though I didn't give birth to him, I can't imagine not having him in my life.

And tho it saddens me (even moreso today) that Melissa and my grandbabies are in England, I am so grateful that I know they are safe and happy.

I am grateful to be able to share holidays with my stepchildren and their mother. That we share a love and bond for one another.

Grateful for being able to provide a home, food and clothing for our children. That there are gifts under the tree.

For being able to share what I have with someone less fortunate.

For my friends here. You've helped me through some extremely emotionally draining times. If it weren't for you and my wonderful friend Susie I don't think I could've made it. And I love you.

There's just so much I've been Blessed with.
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