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nasus40 08-02-2002 06:24 AM

August 2 chit chat
I had to double check that i spelled chit chat not $hit Shat!! :lol:

boy i need to get some sleep. did much better last night now to get to the bed before 10 30. that is my next goal. I am off to exercise, then to work

I can honestly say that I am happy!! and things are really looking great. (well good)

Jiff morning!! and as far as wrk I can send out a new updated one if you need but ifyou want to send anything on to me bring it on!!! I am ready and willing. for me anyting willbe a help. and the kids are just helping right along. this new job was just the thing theyneeded to get off their duffs and help and the oldest is going to be starting to work but she is getting a good attitude on her as she is earning bbsigging money and feels less strain fromthe constraints of no cash. (little freedome here and there with spending money does wonders!!) so actually i have a few hours each day that is untaken for me time!!

I can not remeber what al everyone else said but morning take a drink of coffee and i will see you all this afternoon!

L144S 08-02-2002 08:12 AM

Good morning Sue and all to come,
Company still here. Mil and i played golf yesterday and are going to play again today... I made her walk, she may forgive me. Mom came yesterday afternoon and will leave this am. I was going to go to Kittery ME today with her but I have to take my own canr and really on't want to drive by myself.
Anyway time to get the kidletts up. Last day of camp and older boy gets to go to the aquairum today, little man is having a beachday/pizza party.

have a great day, another hot one in Ma.


By the way, I have read you all and am wishing I could be in NYC this weekend.

Ruthxxx 08-02-2002 09:14 AM

Having one of those Cave of Black Hot Jello mornings! It is still hot, the AC guy won't be here until Tuesday, the dogs got me up at 4 because a raccoon was drinking the hummingbird feeder juice, DH is in a crabby mood from the heat, the funeral yesterday was hot, sad and tense...........can I crab about anything else?


The good news is
  • it is supposed to get cooler tomorrow
  • I have Ethiopian Chicken in the crockpot
  • most of Lucy's mats are combed out
  • the Fair finances are looking OK - not good, just OK
..... I'm sure there is other good stuff. Time to count blessings.

Have a good day, Chickies.

Jennifer 3FC 08-02-2002 09:17 AM

Hi everybody! I am off to run errands and do shopping before I go to work at noon. I weighed this morning and found that I had gained 2 pounds. :( I am not putting it on my sig though cos I think something is wrong. It must be water or one of those other waste products!

We are about out of protein powder...what is everybody's favorite!? I think so far I like the Twinlab Triple Whey Protein. Note, it is triple whey, not triple protein! It was pretty expensive though. Buying it from Krogers probably had something to do with that!

Off to my morning. See you all again tonite!

SonoGranny 08-02-2002 09:38 AM

Morning everyone....... I sure do hope that today is better than yesterday was-- it can't get much worse!! (shhhhhh.... I didn't really say that... don't want the evil eye or the bluebird of crappiness or any other thing like that coming over here and zapping me!!! :dizzy: )

Today is going to be (fingers tightly crossed here) a mostly pleasant day -- I'm off and have errands to run... I'm gonna see about changing that darn ice cream maker.... I have a hair appointment at 2 for a cut and touch-up, maybe some highlights - gotta get gorgeous for August 4 and the chicks :cb: :joker: - and tonight we have tickets to see the Brooklyn Cyclones (a NY Mets minor league team).......

That's about it.... gonna try to keep cool and hydrated today, hope you all do the same!

Pooky 08-02-2002 09:55 AM

Good Morning friends!

Well it has FINALLY cooled off here, lovely much needed rain coming down. We were in a no fire zone for so long and I'm sure this rain will go a long way to repairing that. Since it's been smoking hot, I can now get to some much needed chores and work around the house that isn;t going to make me pass out from the heat. Good news that my illness seems to be gone. I was very careful about what I ate yesterday so I don't over stimulate myself and it seems to be working. I didn't take my Metformin since it does seem to make the problem worse. I'll try taking just one tablet today and work up to may actual dose again.

Ruth, this too shall pass :)

Sue, I am just so happy for you, I'm doing a dance just for you!:dance:

L, sounds like you're having a busy and fun summer :D

Jennifer, I'm also searching for a good protein powder. And I also made the mistake of buying some at the grocery store--ridiculous prices!

SamsG--bluebird of crappiness?? ROFLMAO!!:joker:

Hope you all have a great day! :)

2BFIT1 08-02-2002 11:50 AM

Good morning ladies :wave:

I have some errands to run today and then do some food preping this afternoon, along with household chores. BORING!!!

Jennifer~~~Good for you in sticking with your food plan yesterday. You did great :cp:

Ruth and L~~~Keep saying this to yourself, "I am too blessed to be stressed". It helps ;)

Sue~~You sound better and better each day. You go, girl :)

SamsG~~bluebird of crappiness was toooo funny :lol:

Everybody have a great day :cool: and don't forget to drink your water :smug:


2BFIT1 08-02-2002 12:27 PM

I have found that www.netrition.com is a great place to buy products such as protein powders, low-carb tortillas (La Tortias~Garlic & Herb :T ), protein bars, supplements, etc. The prices and shipping costs are great and so is the service. You can also click on the product name and it will give you a description of the product and then there is also the nutrition lable so you can compare products (carbs, protein and such). They also sell UDOS (essential fatty oils) and low-carb snacks such as Pumpcorn.

AdoAnnie 08-02-2002 01:47 PM

Hi Everybody, Didn't get to check in yesterday--DS and I spent the whole day running around getting school supplies, school clothes and grocery shopping. We had a 106 degree heat index, so it was really exhausting. Think we have what we need for school and the fridge and freezer are crammed full of good things (OP even) to eat. Last night while DS was sweating at football camp DH and I grilled supper for when he came home. A new recipe with boneless skinless chicken breasts. Split them, put pepperjack cheese in the middle and wrap with two strips of bacon. YUM! Got big raves from DS and DH. Today I did some major exercising with The Firm BodySculpt with 3lb weights for lower body and then did the 2 Mile Walk Away tape. This afternoon one of my friends and I are going over to help another friend decide how she wants to faux finish the walls in her basement--I love to do stuff like that so it should be fun. She bribed us with wine so we should be VERY creative! ;) Tonight we are grilling bacon cheeseburgers (a request from DS) and fresh green beans. Can you tell I just went shopping--I am sounding like Julia Child or something. :o

Sil, thanks for the info on netrition--going to take a look there!

Pooky, glad you are feeling better and that the cool air found you!

Samsgram, sounds like you have a fun day planned--enjoy yourself!

Jennifer, hope you get good results from your tests.

Ruth, sorry about the AC and your friend's passing. Try and stay cool. Ethiopian chicken sounds really good--have you posted that recipe here?

L, have fun out on the golf course.

Sue, glad things are going so well--good job on going and getting that exercise in!!

Better get going -- Hello to all who follow!! :wave:

ageoldie 08-02-2002 03:23 PM

Hi everyone,
My knee is doing great, and today my disposition is even getting better. Had a really bad poor me day yesterday. Can I blame the donuts that my day keeps sending over every morning? The first morning, I thought "How sweet" and since it had been forever since I had eatten a donut I ate it and enjoyed it. Yesterday I ate it and felt guilty and that set me off on a sugar binge. Thank goodness there is not that many sweets in the house!!! Today, I had to risk hurting my dad's feelings, and didn't eat the donuts. Of course they are still here and the day is not over..:stress:

Sue: I tried to read back all I missed while I was in the hospital, but I think I must have missed something. Did you get the job in the NH or as the traveling nurse? Congratulations, either way, and I'm glad it's working out for you.

Jennifer: the protein powder I like best is ULTIMATE Whey powder in Vanilla Ice Cream flavor. It blends well with anything you want to mix it with. I originally bought it at GNC, but the last time I bought a huge can on line at syenergy.com.

Well my son's just come in with a Wendy's Mandrian Chicken salad for my lunch. Being waited on has it's good points. I could get spoiled by this.

2BFIT1 08-02-2002 04:02 PM

It's good to hear from you and I'm so glad that you are doing better. As far as letting the kids wait on you~milk it for all that you can get :lol:

liz321 08-02-2002 05:02 PM

Hello gang! Long time no see...haven't been around 3fc much...but have been getting a ton of stuff done....and having fun too....the bad news is it is so cold I need my furnace on...brrrrr! Only in alberta....hope all is well. I will never catch up on all the news so I will just have to start from today....bye for now! Liz

goodforme 08-02-2002 07:08 PM

Hi all! Off to my friend's house, dd says her grilled cheese sandwiches are waaaaaaaaaay better than mine, and she has better videos! Hmph. Anyway, it's a free meal, although pardon me if I skip the sandwich.

Had a pretty good day today, not too tired, not too winded. I feel hot though, that temp was way down at 95 when I went in for the blood, so I guess raising it to 98.6 is just too hot for this southern belle!

Talk to ya'll later, I gotta go fix din-din for mama!

LindaBC 08-02-2002 11:03 PM

Good evening, Chickiepoos. I'm late as usual. It's been a fairly busy day.
Early morning was my one hour at the pool and I got a pretty good workout in.
Then I went to my WW WI (I still have a few prepaid meetings to attend). Lost one whole pound. Still have one more to lose to get back into virgin fat territory. Tried my new bathroom scale right after getting home and it weighs me 3 lb heavier than the WW scale. That should keep me on my toes. LOL

DH and I had to go to a funeral today for a fellow who used to do electrical subcontracting for our company. He was a really nice guy and always joking. His wife is a nice person too. I didnt even know he was terminally ill with cancer until Peter came home and said we had to go to his funeral today. It was very touching with lots of stories about the fellow being told. He was even nicer than I remembered. Strangely enough, there was no gathering for coffee and snacks after the service. Apparently the family was getting together but there was no announcement that friends or acquaintances were welcome too. I've never been to a funeral that didn't have refreshments after and I was getting HUNGRY. Luckily I had a handful of nuts in my jacket pocket to nibble on. LOL

DH is on a tangent lately about criticizing my housekeeping. I realize I'm no Martha Stewart but it seems like every time he comes in the door he's finding fault with something. Yesterday it was "When are you going to clean the carpet in here? (our office)" and today it was "Don't you ever wipe down the front of this fridge?(the beer fridge in the garage). Of course, my temper being what it is, I rise to the bait every darn time. I can't believe the words that come spewing out when he pushes those particular buttons. This poor guy works a 10-12 hour day 7 days a week and I was giving him s**t for not painting the fence, getting rid of the wasps nests under the roof overhang, not changing the light bulbs I can't reach, not putting my toilet paper holder back on the ensuite bathroom wall (it's been sitting on his bedside table for a month now. :mad: ) and a great, LONG list of husbandly deficiencies. Oh well, as someone so wisely stated "This too shall pass". :lol:
Today I made Low Carb Vanilla Ice Cream in my new CuisinArt Icecream Maker. It turned out pretty good but I think I will tinker with the recipe to make it smoother and richer. There are some fabulous recipes in the AtkinsFriends website and lots of tips on how to get the best out of your icecream maker. I figure this recipe I made today must be about 5 gr carbs per 1/2 cup. It makes a nice change from light jello and whipped cream for a sweet treat.
Have a nice weekend, Chicks.:wave:

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