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Default The Daily - Tuesday, July 23

Ohboyohboyohboy...have I ever pulled a fast one on you Chicks. It's just after midnight here on the Left Coast so I'm the first one here.

I've sure enjoyed reading all the posts. What a busy flock of Chicks! Ruth, as usual, you have me panting in your wake! But I'm wondering why those bees keep heading to your place. You must be AWFULLY sweet.

We're having a heat wave (which for us in in the mid to high 70s). Sure seems hot to me. I went to the pool this morning and the staff had opened some of the big glass doors that look toward our beautiful coast mountains. So nice to have the lovely fresh air coming in and look out over such a splendid scene. The pool is too busy for my taste these days though what with kids out of school and taking lessons. We water joggers feel crowded out but this too shall pass and we will have it all to ourselves again come September.

I had to take my printer in for repairs. The paper uptake thingamajiggy isn't working. It will probably cost more to fix it than to buy a new one and wouldn't you know, the warranty just expired two months ago!! Isn't that always the way? Why don't they just put a sign on them saying "Disposable"? Now, DH is getting on my case about getting some cheques and invoices printed but too can do without a printer. hehehe I get a holiday.

Today was a strange eating day. I had a piece of cold fried chicken before I went to the pool. When I got home I had my usual bacon and cheese omelette. Wasn't even thinking about food until about 3 pm when I ate about 7 fried chicken wings. DH was so late getting home I finally had my dinner at 9:30. Fried pork chops and a salad with avacado. I'm scared to go to bed now in case it all backs up my throat.

I still can't get over this woe! I really don't eat much at all and yet I'm rarely super hungry. On WW I was constantly thinking about what I could have to eat and how many points it was going to be and worried about going over my points. All that fretting and still lost slower than glaciers.

Well, Chicks. I hope you all have a lovely OP day. I will be checking in later to see how you're doing.

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Well Linda, you are up but where is the coffee?

Just kidding! Fun to be the first one here. have a good day and I am glad you are enjoying all the things that are hard to make work on WW and you are loosing!

I had a great day yesterday with my friend. A little mall walking and some lunch. I took the kids to the pool in the afternoon and stayed for dinner. Hot day ahead and we have karate this afternoon. My am job is to go the gyms near the kids school, (they go in a different town) and look at the class schedules. Maybe try a class or 2, then join in Sept. once school starts. They have camp for the next 2 weeks and possibly they will let me take a trial membership for that time. Who knows....maybe a pay as you go and I can try a few places.

Anyway, coffee is on, help yourself, Good morning to everyone to come.
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Hang In There
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Linda: I was going to shock everyone by being the first to post, but, low and behold! You beat me. Our pool is the same way. All the little one taking swimming lessons! But our club made the hour between 9:00 and 10:00 Adults only. It's sure is a quiet hour.

If you're wondering what I'm doing up so early, it's pre-hospital nerves. I know everything will be okay, it's just that I'm ready to get it over with, so I can start feeling better.

Any of you play BUNKO? Last night I played with a group that I used to play with years ago. It was fun being with them again.

Which one of you chicks said you have an E-Bay business? I'd like to hear more about that. If you don't want to talk about it on this thread, will you PM me. I really am interested.

Glad the Hotlanta meet was a success. I'm ready for next year!!!

Who can tell me about the Devaniti Sugar free syrups? I bought some, but not sure how to us them. How much chocolate syrup do you use to make a chocolate protein shake? The label doesn't help.

Who's making the coffee? It's way to early to wake Alvin, and that's what I'd do itf I tried to make coffee here.

Hope everyone has a great day.
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Come on Spring!
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Fly by post ....

Hot as heck around here - thank God the Office is AC. Worked hard all day at the Office yesterday and on the road collecting advance sale ticket money. Got home at 6 and SH asked "What's for dinner"" Grrrrrr. He ended up cooking for himself (fish) while I sat on the porch and read and nibbled wings. I hope tonight's meal is better.

Am supposed to be picking up money in Athens at 7:30 (15 minute drive) but am goofing off a bit. Today will be another long day with a meeting re final fair crap tonight at 7:30. Rides are up and looking good and, so far, there has been no problem with the "carnies" (don't call them that) and the village people. The new pizza place is doing a roaring trade so no complaints from there.

I am trying hard to stay on restricted carbs - no red licorice in the Office this year! Packed cold beef and salad for lunch today and my 6 bottles of water. Our water is even worse now - we have both coliform and e. coli! OK for washing and flushing but .... one more filter goes in today and then we test again. Sort of scary.

You Chickies have a fun day for me!
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Default good morning, girlie girls!!!

how's it all going? i'm sure lindabc is all snug in her bed, since she was up in the wee hours. and it's STILL the wee hours out in west coast land...

and barb, you'll do fine with your surgery, and here's hoping your recovery is easier than the last time. at least now, with old alvin getting svelte, he can take more care of himself, and YOU!!! and i've never heard about those sugar free syrups.. where do you find them? they sound like lots of fun... coffee, protein shakes, maybe even on a little fruit?? let us know what happens.

L... having fun with the kids and your friends is so important. i'm jealous. but it's great to hang out with those near and dear to us.

as for me, well, dragged mom out of bed at 7 because peachie's hubby is taking her to the bank at 9, and it takes her SO LONG to get moving!!

and i decided not to walk today. ozone alert. not a good thing. am planning to go up to my house today with a contractor friend and arrange to get it cleaned out once and for all so that it can go on the market and disappear from my life. some regrets about this decision, but it's NOT a practical house for me, for many reasons, and it's time to move on.

and have to think about the relatives' impending visit starting this weekend. they actually will want to EAT [two teenagers, too!!], so that'll take more organization than i've had to use in a LONG time. and it'll be important to make it all kind of even out so that by the time they leave we don't have a whole lot of stuff in the refrig for science fair projects.

<sigh> it's always something.. have a fab day, everyone...
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I am trying to block out the fact that the relatives are coming! Geesh...isn't it enough that I just got back from OZ?

L, I think you mentioned yesterday about Disney? We went at Christmas and had a great time....although I would recommend NOT going during Christmas week...extremely crowded!!!

The Davincci syrups...I think that you can get them at the health food store...they are sugar free and I hear they are great!

I want to go to the fair! Hang in there Ruth!

and sweetie dreams to Linda!

I am going to take a crack at the basement today so that I can move some toys and craft crap out of the toy/computer/treadmill/craft (you get the picture room!)

I think after dh takes mom out that perhaps I can get her over here. Pretty sure that he is going to take the big kid into the museum in the city today....mabe I'll make mom sort paint? HEY! Just a thought!!!!

Toying with the idea of doint strict atkins for acouple of days....but I am kind of fearful of it so I am waffling....which is much different than gravy and biscuiting!!!! oh well...tara tara tara and all that good stuff. BUT I did have a good day food wise yesterday blah blah blah up two pounds from the trip, for a grand total of up 6 for the summer and double blah blah blah....

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GOOOOD Morning Chiclets...... it looks to be lovely outside my window... but what the heck do i know? I'm in my office w/the A/C running (gotta keep the puter happy doncha know )... dh is in the kitchen, grinding coffee beans........ (now just gotta teach him how to make my special omelet without burning it!! ) and all is right in my world!

Linda, you are sooo right... I rarely feel hungry since I've been doing LC, altho I am sometimes noshy.... when I am, SF jello helps, as does a handful of sunflower seeds (depends if I'm looking for salty or sweet) ... used to be a pint of Ben & Jerry's and/or at least half a bag of sour-dough pretzel nuggets

L - you're lucky that some of the places near you allow trial or pay-as-you-go.... there's nothing like that around here.... Here it is pay up front, and if you don't like it.... TS! (oops,not nice!) I mean too darn bad!!

Ageoldie - good luck w/the surgery... all good thoughts and prayers are going out to you. It's now time for ole Alvin to take care of you for a bit! (after all, he's learned how to do it from the best - YOU!) I haven't used the devanti syrup, because I haven't seen any... I HAVE used the Atkins syrup (only because the store is right near me) - and it is GOOD! I have used both the chocolate and the hazelnut, and while I was there... ladies were snapping up all of the other flavors (it seems that there has been a "run" on the store ever since that NY Times article came out!!)

oops... gonna continue in a sec... don't want to lose this!
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Trying to find my way.
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Morning all. gosh you all have me so tired i am just sweating thinking of what you all have done!!

I have loads of things to do myself including clean and a few appts so i am going to skip the exercise as it is way to late to got. I did great diet wise till the argument with dd yesterday adn well then i blew it big time. so back to the drawing board today. I am going to try really ahrd. is should be easier as i have a huge dish of broccoli salad to nibble on when I am off to munch.

So here goes a new day and new resolve!!
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Default Good Morning all you Beautiful Ladies!!!

Just dropped the daughter off at band camp. Another hot day for the kids.

Linda I think we should make it your job to start the daily before you go to bed each night,

Ruth everytime I read about your fair, I get the cotton candy smell in my head.

Barb good luck on the surgery.

peach how did the little guy like his Yankee Stadium replica? And the froggie, bet that was a big hit.

Too much to do today. I need to find a place to get the emissions done on my van. the place that the boys took their trucks to, the machine is broken. I MUST purchase my tags by tomorrow or pay a penalty. I'm usually not a last minute kind of girl, it just ended up that way this year. And grocery shopping is on the list, and after I get the emissions, I will need to stand in line to purchase the tags. Fun, fun

Off to start my fun day, have a good one everyone.

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Anyone know how long the posts are "allowed" to be? It seems like whenever I have a longish post.... I get a message that says it's too long and it disappears!!!!! So, now I'll continue!! Hmmm, where was I?

Ruth, glad to see you made him make his own darn supper! - after all, you had a rather crazy day and just needed to sit down with that book and relax! The water situation is sounding more serious tho..... I didn't know that coliform and e.coli could be filtered! Always drink your own!!!! I hope your day today is a little less hectic, altho it doesn't sound like it's going to be!

Jif... sounds like you're in for an interesting few days coming up - what with teenagers (gasp!) coming to stay... actually, I shouldn't say that. I should say "eating machines" coming to stay!!

Peach - since we younger sisters have to sticktogether, how about coming by here after you finish your toy/computer/treadmill/craft room and helping me with mine?!?!? Sounds like a great idea to me!!

Well everyone...... have a great day!!
wow! Sue and debkay... you guys just slipped right on in there in the middle of me!!
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Here I am all bleary headed since dh and I slept in this morning--yesterday was so hot and hmid it was near impossible to sleep. There was a wonderful storm last night and sonme lovely cool winds blew in and now all the humidity is gone. Happy day!

Off to a fundraising meeting with the supervisor at the daycare to ensure we don't go under over budget again. If anything the meeting should be fruitful.

samsgrandma, I think the length of the posts are in direct correalation to the amount of smilies we use--I find if I have too many smilies in a post it doesn't want to post for me.

deb, same thing happened to me about buying tags for the car--yet the government (in it's infinite wisdom--NOT) didn't send me the renewal slip until the DAY BEFORE they needed to be renewed! Can you imagine explaining that to a police officer?

oh sue, I hate arguments with loved ones, I can relate to wanting to binge. When dh and I were in a mess, I ate so many bags of pork rinds--anything to keep stuff in my mouth but at least it wasn't all that bad for me.

Peach--you're not done that basement yet??? I hope you're not waiting on me--I'm still waiting to get my kitchen finished!

jiff, just read yesterday's post about the silly girl at work--don't you love kids that think they know everything but in reality know nothing at all?

Ruth! Pace yourself! I hope you are getting in some nice walks by yourself to clear your head, putting up your feet and having some tea, and most of all, don't let anyone get you going and doing too much!

oh ageoldie, it's going to be alright. It will be over soon and working yourself up now isn't helping you health wise. Say the serenity prayer to yourself a hundred times if you need to: God grant me the serenity to acept the things I cannot change, courage to change those things I can and wisdom to know the difference.

L--kids always keep us busy right? Sounds like you're enjoying your summer!

Linda, sweet dreams busy lady!

Have a good one for all those to come!
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It's MY Life
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Morning Everyone! Boy, I made the mistake of putting away some laundry and straightening the kitchen and look at how many people have been in already and it's not even 8:00. Have most of the post-trip laundry done and put away and suitcases back in the basement. Now to get caught up on the regular daily chores. Always something. We didn't get the storms they predicted, but thankfully the weather has changed for the better today. We are supposed to have 2 whole lovely AC free days before the heat comes roaring back. DS and I are going up to the ProAm day at the golf tournament tomorrow. DH can't get away from work this year. It will be the first time he's missed. We always enjoy it. Today after doing my exercising (I saved it for last yesterday and didn't get in in )and doing the house stuff I need to run down to the city and do some major grocery shopping. It looks like Mother Hubbard lives here and with a teenage boy that is NOT good!

Deb, sounds like too many errands in one day. Don't overdo it.

Sue, You and I sound a lot alike. Something like an argument or anything like that sends me teetering even when I am trying SOOOO hard. Good luck today.

Samsgram, you and Linda have about got me convinced to go back to strict Atkins for awhile. I would LOVE to not feel hungry all of the time.

Peach, good luck with that basement cleaning!!

Jif, getting a housee ready to sell is always a difficult thing to do--good luck with that. Also good luck with keeping those teenagers fed! I know my DS eats every 3 hours it seems like and after watching the rest of the boys during the basketball weekend that seems to be the norm!

Ruth, the water situation sounds pretty bad--sorry to hear that. Your story about DH and supper reminds me of the time I was SOOO sick I hadn't even gotten off of the couch all day and my DH asked me what was for supper. I gave him such a look and his reply was--"It's not like I'm asking you to move a piano or something!!" MEN!!!

Barb, hugs to you. Those prehospital jitters can absolutely drive a person crazy. Heck, I work myself into a stew just going in for a Pap test. Everything will be okay and we're here for you.

L, hope you find some classes that you like.

Linda, the view from your pool sounds beautiful. As I said to Samsgram, you about have me convinced to go back and try induction again. It is sounding better and better!!

Have a good day everyone!
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Diet Freak ;)
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I helped my mom while I was in Houston. I cleaned her house top to bottom. You talk about a workout. Then I went outside and cleaned my car and hers. Swept off the carports and cleaned off the deck. I was a busy little bee.

I did not read all the threads posted. WOW!!!! So much too read and so little time.

Glad to see everyone here and posting. And I just woke up and I have coffee brewing in case anyone feels like I do.... a little sleepy.

Fixing to go to Corpus Christi and have my phone updated. I was so excited.....I had to pay no down payment for the phone. And we programmed it over the phone. I thought that was pretty neat.

Hope all is well w/ everyone. Everyone please keep me in your father in law is coming in a week and we dont get a long too well. I am having to practice loving someone that I dont like.

But, I know you all dont want to hear about that. Sorry. Just venting a little.

Talk to you all later

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Good morning everyone!

I'm supposed to be cleaning my bathroom and bedroom, but as you can see the lure of the computer was just too strong to resist! Hopefully I can do a bit of both before I go into work.

We love the DaVinci sugar free syrups. We bought the larger bottles and the pump tops to go with them. We add a squirt or two to protein drinks to flavor them. It is really more a trial-and-error type thing than anything specific. We also like them in oatmeal, etc. They are great in coffee. The kids tried some over crushed ice for snow cones, but the flavors we bought aren't real conducive to that. I promised them I would buy some fruit flavors for snow cones, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Other than buying them through the web site, they are hard to find here in California. Ross carries a few flavors on occasion. I haven't found them at health food stores, or at Trader Joe's or anywhere else. Starbucks carries the regular flavors, but not the sugar free. Smart & Final carries sugar free Torani syrups, which are similar, and cost less. Not quite the same flavor selection, but certainly a start.

My daughter so wants to see Stuart Little 2. I'm glad to hear it was good. My daughter is 14, not 3 though! She would rather see SL than Star Wars. You can imagine what her brothers think of her movie choices!

Barb, good luck. I hope all goes well for you.

I leave tomorrow night for my own surgical adventure. I guess I should sign off here and get my room cleaned!

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Trying to find my way.
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Jiff you have me scrambling to my resume to see if I had put punctuations after my bullets. I never knew that!! DUH I guess i need to put everything in my writer disk!! that should help. but any ways what a kid want to live life without working for it. life is so much better if you work and earn your way you alteast have pride in what is done and how you do it!!

I blew it for about 1 hour (can I do CAD todday) but feel better now i think the carbs are making me very off the wall. So I am going to really get OP and go this afternoon. I am not going to wait till tomorow.
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