The Daily - Monday March 25

  • Happy Monday, everyone! Cold and sunshiney here - still lots of snow but the longer brighter days are so encouraging.

    Wonderful Gail comes to clean today. I really really need her after the past two one-wing weeks. However, it's amazing what you can do with just your left hand. I actually stuffed, trussed and roasted a chicken for dinner last night! DH did the cleanup!

    I got on the scale again this a.m. - not a good idea, even in metric. I'm trying not to obsess over it but.... my doc pal says that I need to eat lots of extra protein and not worry about calories until this bone heals. However, it's hard to do when you are a scale addict.

    Today, I am going to finish DH's taxes and start mine. In Canada, they are not due until April 30 BUT we both get small refunds so will file early. Maybe there'll be enough for a dinner out! The time changes in two weeks which means driving home from town will be in daylight, not in the dark.

    I am also going to phone a painter to do some work in the house. If I wait until this arm is better, it'll be summer and I do need hallways, the back room and my kitched cupboards painted as soon as possible. I am going to cheat and have just the outsides of the cupboards done - that means I can avoid taking everything out. Gail and I can do the insides - on the installment plan. Ask me in two years if we ever get it done! I also need a new sink in the downstairs powder room - time to call Harold the Drunken Plumber and try to get an early in the day appointment. HDP ususally managed to break something if he works late in the day.

    CAtch you later, Sweeties. HAve a good Monday.
  • Morning Ruth and all to come,
    Busy day here so I wanted to say HI and let you know I have enjoyed reading your posts. Little one is not feeling well and older son is on last day of sprig break. I have a color appontment for tomorrow and after 3 weeks spring break I need it. I need to have hair look presentable for Wed nigt Seder. I have 30 coming. 18 adults and 13 kids. The weater looks ok to send the kids out to the circle to play, but it is a sitdown dinner.
    Well I have to go. I have bathroom stuff on the agenda and finish getting the house ready. Have a great day ladies and smile!
  • Good Monday Morning Friends.

    Boys have conferences this week so that means we have a full day of school today and half days tues-thursday and then Friday off, not because of Good Friday, it is the first day of spring break, they will have all of the following week off. They would never want to imply that the kids get a religous holiday off. Do you know that they do not even put fish on the Friday menus, now what would that hurt. They do serve fish sticks, just not on Fridays during lent. Anyway, all this time off is such a nightmare for working parents. Lucky for me, I have my mom in the area to help out. She is wonderful and the boys love spending time with Grandma.

    Goomba, more hugs your way, hope the vet has some good mews regarding your kitty.

    Ruth, please take care driving with one wing!

    Kel, "our young boys of summer are beginning to come out also" Dh is coaching older ds and I would bet he has a hand in helping out younger son also. The boys and I were out playing catch yesterday, and mom's arm aches this morning.

    Pooky hope you are able to stop in and say hi!

    L sounds like life is keeping you busy.

    Hi MamaJ, Jif, Peachie, Stilltrying, and all my dear friends.
  • Morning!

    Warning.....Mom brag alert! I am now the proud mother of a First Place Bantam
    State Wrestling Champ! AND I am so glad the season is over and we can all relax a little bit around here! AND.....just to make sure, I can still pin the kid!

    Managed to stay op this weekend! Always a happy thing! Trying to drink more water but the most I can get in is 96oz and that is asking a whole lot of my septic system.

    Not much else is new, Going to pick up some flowers for my neighbor who has a birthday today, hop on the tread mill and cleaning!

    have a great day!
  • Hi Kids!

    Here in Portland today to have a day with the ladies! Hair, lunch, shopping. Only a couple more of these left before I move. I sure am going to miss it!

    Being pulled to go make breakfast for dd's. Also, need to shower. Hope you are all having a great day! Goomba, here's a hug for you: (((((HUG)))))

  • I really want to thank everyone of you for your support and caring!! I can't imagine what I did before I found you all!! You are all truely angels heaven sent to help us all understand that there is warmth, love and compassion in this sometimes cruel and often unsual world!!!

    My vet is going to try some medication for Tuppie .. and I really pray that it helps. It's ironic when you look at things .. I would actually welcome a diagnoses of congestive heart failure over the FIP .. because that would mean that the rest of my "family" is safe. I find the waiting difficult .. they all mean so much to me that the thought of loosing one let alone all of them is truely scary.

    Thank you all for being here ..

  • Hey all checking in again.
    Don doesn't it seem so silly that the school will serve fish, but not on Fridays when you wnat it. Gee they might have to admit that people have Religious observances! Even my sons school will put out Matzos for all the kids durring Passover.

    I hope your little one is ok and that all the other little ones are safe.
    brag away! it give the rest of us an in to do the Congradulations and enjoy the break.
    I hope you enjoyed your day with the girls. I love days like that too.

    Ok off for second round today. I bought faucetts for the bathroom and have put in a tenitive order on the vanity, Just have to have the contractor doubble check the mesurements.
    Now to finish cleaning the house for company.
    be well,
  • goomba, honey.. angels???? US??? <cough cough, choke choke, splutter> isn't that a bit strong????

    and goodforme... as for the mom pants thing.. those double knit polyester things are EXACTLY what we got her!!! the only things she wearzs!!!! fortunately ?! there's a haband ou tlet near here..

    hmmm as for the rest of it. mom fell this weekend, and her internist told her to go to the ER, and her rheumatologist told her to go as well. but mom is a stubborn old nurse, and won't budge. i THINK she's ok, but her back is very sore.

    an interview with a headhunter [only distantly related to a vampire] on thursday. at least it's something. a few other leads.

    went to unemployment this morning to get transferred to a different office, and they weren't terribly willing to do it, but they did it anyway. i was warming up to a mild temper tantrum, and maybe the lady just didn't want to hear it.

    oh, and i had to make a stop at the surgeon's this morning to pick up some paperwork, and couldn't resist the scale... and i'm down 5 pounds since last wednesday!!! maybe i just needed some of raul's movements!!! the grand total is now 173 pounds, and [what's 173 minus 97?? hold on... ] 76 pounds since the surgery on january 29.

    remember, i don't suggest that everyone [or even anyone!!!] should follow this path. if you can lose weight without such a drastic step, please please do so. while effective, this is not an easy way to live.

    hope ya'll had a great day.
  • Glad this one is behind me!
    Onwards and upwards. End of the period and the quarter at work today. Talk about reports! I don't know why they spent all that money on my computer, I only use it 2% of the time! At least it's all completed and couriered off, and now to start accumulating it all for next period. (We don't have "months" at my job, that would be too easy! We have 4 week "periods", which is an awful word for me!! )

    Jiff~ Our moms must keep the manufacturer of those pants in business! I never see anyone else wearing them. My congrats on the loss, as well as the "intestinal fortitude" (pardon my pun) for going through the WLS. That's so tough! I admire you, girl!

    L~ I'm with you on the bathroom fixtures, I would looooooove a new sink!

    Goomba~ My prayers are with you and your WHOLE family!!

    Jennie~ A day with the girls! How wonderful! Enjoy yourself immensely!

    Peach~ I'm proud of your son! Glad you can still pin him. My dad told me I was never too old for a whoopin', even if he had to stand on a chair!

    Dondar~ You wonder what sort of message the schools are sending the kids. As if nobody observes the traditions of their religion What gives?

    Ruth~ Have fun with those tax refunds. Mine is already gone but not forgotten! Take care of you!!

    I'm off to climb Mt. Laundry, in honor of my daughter wanting to play in it! Dress up is much more fun in CLEAN clothes, don't you agree?? Have a wonderful evening, ladies!!
  • Peachie-Keen!!!!
    Congrats to the big guy!!!! Wow!!!! We're so proud of him!!!