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Come on Spring!
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Default The Daily - Monday, March 11

....and it's GAIL Day at our house. I do love that woman! We will be especially glad of her this week because I am really having problems with this arm and have some things that need putting away and doing - like putting the battery back in the smoke detector.

Don't nag, Chickies - I am taking the arm to the doctor this morning. An arm is no good if you can't use it to lift your hand to scrqatch the top of your head! Probably a bone bruise or a chip! Did something similar to the other arm years ago and just had to wear it in a sling for a few weeks.

Well, I have been taking Xenical occasionally for a week now and have not noticed any horrorshow side-effects. I eat fairly low fat anyhow and was only taking it when we had something higher fat for dinner. I'm down 2 1/2 pounds since last week but might have been down that much anyhow. It certainly is not a Miracle Drug but does cut out 30% of your fat calories. A huge meal of chicken wings would still be pretty high calorie.

Anybody want to sign up for Pysanky, Ukrainian Egg Decorating?
So far I have 12 folks signed up and we can handle 25. You would be in charge of your own transportation but can sleep at my house.

Gotta go and make sure DH has finished his breakfast before Gail arrives. Will let you know what the Doc says about the arm later.
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Morning Ruth, and all to come,

Ruth I do hope you take care of that arm pronto! The kids are depending on you. Oh and I would love to take the egg decorating class, can you send directions, since I will probably be busy when you have the class?

Had a busy, fun weekend, and a wild weather weekend to boot. Woke up Saturday morning to thunderstorms and 55 F. By evening, it was 25 and snowing, talk about extremes! I did give myself some me time on Saturday. We had a home show at the fairgrounds that I went to by myself. It was fun, I did a lot of daydreaming. I think I need to become a handy man. I love my dh so much, but he is such a procrastinator. I want to do home improvements now and he keeps putting it off siting that we do not have the money or we should wait till the boys get older. I am contiplating laying ceramic tiles in our bathroom by myself. Has anyone done this? Is it do-able for someone that is not a total cultz, but has never done too much in this field?

Tippy your report regarding dil sounded a little less gloomy, hope all is going well.

Jenni sound like you have been bitten by the gs bug!

Pooky how is Miree's arm doing?

Goomba how is your 12 year old doing?

Peachie, are you still planning a zoo trip this summer?

Staying op!
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morning all! just got home from work... gonna go to bed, so should stay OP for now....have a great day! Liz
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Morning Ladies.

Cluck Cluck-Ruth get that arm checked!! you must take care of yourself!!!

Hope everyone is having a happy Monday! I am at my horror job for yet another day!!!

Both of my demonchildren seem to be feeling better, that is a good thing!!

Leens how is the babe?

Have a great day everyone!!
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Morning Lady-Bugs!

Taking a few moments off from playing Barbie this morning to say Dd's have begun to think that I and their daddy are their own personal play toys.

Today is errand day. Post Office, grocery stores, office supply store. Dh has invited a couple of people for dinner tomorrow night. Should be fun! We get very little company so this will be a real event for us!

Have a great day! I'll check back later!
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Good afternoon chickies!

Just flying inot the coop for a bit since I am in the middleof a work day and I'm just eating my lunch!

Miree is much better and is using her arm well. Darn spiders! She's happy to be back at daycare and doing the usual things she usually does so that's good sign.

Casey, nice to see you back

Ruth, I'm glad you're going to the doctor--look what I just went through with Miree?

jenniwookie, I wish I could play Barbies too but alas, my group has 13 boys in it today

Jenny! Stop right there! DO NOT LAY THE TILES YOURSELF! It is critical that youg et someone who has experience doing this becasue you could make one awful mess and you have to position the tiels EXACTLY right or it will look funny. All kinds of stuff about plumb lines and all that. You'd be better off getting a professional in to do it and in the long run it will save you time and money to have the job done right.

Howdy Scooby, liz,and all those to come!
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Default Afternoon munchie blues

Ack! I hate this time of day. I'm trying VERY hard to plan things that I need to do around now so I don't decide what I really need is a bag of doritos! What do you folks do during your "trigger" times?

Ruth, are you laying the eggs you're decorating? ::::chuckle::::: When is the workshop? Probably BEFORE Easter, eh? I've done a little Pysanky - and just picked up some new dye. I'm pretty much self-taught, although my fifth grade teacher had us do eggs many, many years ago. Anyway, I'd love some proper instruction now that I'm at the age when I'd appreciate it!!

As for tile - I agree that laying tile is work for pros if you're dealing with individual bits. That said, they've got this great stuff on the market that are large squares made up of smaller tiles that are all attached to a mesh background. I've put those down in one bathroom with great success.

Have a great afternoon and evening all!
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Come on Spring!
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Hi! I'm back from the Doc and know just about as much as before I went! Doc Jennifer suspects I have damaged a bursa in my shoulder as there seems to be inflammation. She sent me for an X-ray anyhow in case there is a break. Until we get the results, I am to ice and Advil the thing and try not to use that arm. So we shall see. I drove myself to the Doc and then on to get the X-ray and found I could manage OK so it's not the end of the world. I have some exercises to do but she said not to start them until we know for sure the thing is not broken.

I hate this! Can I throw myself on the floor and kick and scream for a while? I can't even hug both dogs at once and have a good cry! Anyhow - on with life. Pay no attention to me. I'll get over it. pout pout sulk sulk whine whine whimper whimper
I was planning to start painting my kitchen cupboards this week too!
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Unhappy ((((((((((((((((((Ruth)))))))))))))))))))))

You sound like you could really use one right about now. I had a damaged bursa in my knee once, it was horrible for 6 months or more. I always thought bursitis was one of those things that only hurt when it was cold or something. DUH!! It still hurts from time to time.

Had a great day at work. Looked up and it was 3:00, unreal!! If only every day flew by so fast!!

Have a good one, everychick.
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Evening serving the after dinner decaf...hear that Goomba?!

Ouch on the arm! The eggs? do you poke little holes in them and blow the stuff out? I'm IN and I want to sit across from Janice!! Sounds like fun!

I have a mystery rash on my hand and it sure does look like did that happen? I don't think I ever had it before and certainly not on my hand!

Jenny! funny you should ask about the zoo! I just cracked my last drinking cup from the zoo this morning and had to toss it! Maybe we will visit dh's Mom in the May or June, I am just not sure of what is going on!

I went to visit a friend of mine today who got plowed over by a skiier (sp) and broke at least 3 ribs. I have known her since second grade! Was nice to see her, but not so nice to see the pain she is in.

nightie night chicks!
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Talking Good Evening Ladies

Well tonight is the first night of the half and half coffee .. I guess I will have to aquire a taste for it as I can taste a difference. BUT I will get use to it

Things are going pretty well for it being the first official day of our March Break!! I do think that this week is for us to actually appreciate the fact that our kids are in school I do feel for those poor teachers that attempt to teach the two youngsters I have

Tomorrow it my 12 year olds b. day .. she will officially be a teenager She has been doing well with watching what she eats .. its hard not to eat properly around this place .. even hubby is complaining that he misses his pasta! I told him he can have whole wheat pasta anytime he likes My guess is that he has been filling up on carbs in the caff at work.

Ruth do take care for that arm and try to rest it.

I have not been a good little OP girl this past weekend .. I'm a bad girl .. hehehehe .. Why is it that when ever I get a headache I think I have to have sugar?? Guess thats one of the many mysteries of the world .. well Im off to stop WW 3 in the girls bedroom. If you dont hear from me tomorrow send a seach party

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Thank you, Goodforme, for directing me to the correct location. I must admit I have been wandering around a bit aimlessly for the last two days, not quite sure where I should "park".

I am going to spend some time reading as many of the past posts as I can find, in order to get a sense of what you are all following in regard to WOE.

I started out with Atkins three years ago, having been successful with it in the 70s when I had a whole 5# or so to lose. Atkins is unrealistic for me, now that I have the equivalent of a whole person to lose, but low carbing is still the best route for me. I don't count carbs but after all these years I know what low carb entails for me. I imagine I probably stay at around 40-60 grams and appx. 15-1800 cals/day. I walk quite a bit so this works very well for me. Unfortunately, I also tend to fall into some heavy duty bingeing, sometimes for 3-4 days at a time and undo all the loss.

About enough of my situation for now, before I wear out my welcome. I may not be able to post every day but will do my best to be a consistent, supportive and reliable member.

I wish to thank all of you who were so diligent in "bumping" up the treads that led me to your "home". Without that I never would have found you.

Sincerely yours,
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