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Come on Spring!
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Default Daily Cluck, Monday February 25

Morning everyone. Am off to the frosty outdoors with the doggage. Please don't drink ALL the coffee. Back in a bit.

hey, check out announcements and the new smilies! :sheep:

Cold out there but a distinct smell of skunk in the air. If we gotta have skunk, I want flowers too.

I made the big mistake of getting on the scale this morning and am up to 214 again - 7 pounds since Valentines? Hardly seems possible although I have certainly not been pure. Back on the protein and water again today. I must admit I've been a bit down lately about DH and my darn aching hands and wrists. Could I be an emotional eater? (Love those smilies!)

Yesterday during the Game (Ahem!), Lucy aka Lucifer chewed the plug off my vacuum cleaner cord! Gail comes this morning so I must get off to the Church to borrow that vacuum for the morning. Lucy still thinks paper in the house is better for potty than snow outside. Never get a puppy in winter in Canada. No way she will be ready for a dog show at 6 months!

Gotta grab some eggs and dash off to the Church. See you later.

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Morning Ruth, and all to come!

We had a nice/busy weekend. Saturday was soccer, at 8 and 11. Then a school dance in the afternoon. That was a lot of fun. It is kinda a nice social event. Children can not go on their own, they must be accompanied by an adult. The boys do not dance much, they spend most of their time playing tag around the girls as they try to dance. The adults get to socialize with friends and neighbors. Don, as a student council member, had to work a shift selling pop. I help him and I was so proud, he was very good at serving pop, he had fun "flirting" with the girls. He worked hard and did a great job, I was so proud. I ended up leaving the dance with all those wonderful warm fuzzy feelings, knowing I live in a wonderful place surrounded by great people.

Ruthie, my home town PWD connection will not be breeding anytime soon, she will be showing her in May. I may have to look for another breeder. Yesterday during the "game" I felt I could not loose, I was rooting for both teams. I was kind of cheering more for the Canadians, because I wanted Lemiux (sp?) to get the gold, although he had some difficulty on the easy shots yesterday.

Sherri, I love the way your perfect day ended. It may not have gone as planned, but to know that you are needed by your special daughter can really warm the heart. The video and snacks sounded perfect!

Jenni, I love garage sales, we sometimes also do the Goodwill shops. There can be a lot of junk, but now and then you can find a very special treasure, and at a bargin price.

Liz - 80 pages, you are a super scrapper! You are encouraging me to begin my scrap booking! Thanks for the motivation. But I do have to clean off my work area first.

Tippy, my heart continues to go out to you and those gd of yours.

Hi JHP, nice to see you posting again.

Hi to all!

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Limping in this morning, sniffling, coughing, and a slight fever. I hae abdicated Mommy role this moring, dh took dd to daycare and then himself to work. I have a day to myself and recover. The Metformin pills are playing havoc on my stomach and I barely slept last night. Gees, can anything else go wrong??

Sorry to hear about chat, I guess there's always got to be someone to screw things up!

Ruthie, just be patient with her, she'll get it and then she'll be a fine show dog soon enough!

Jenny, sounds like you had a wonderful time at the dance--brings back good memories?

I love the new smilies--especially the monkey--I swear it could be Miree!
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Morning Chicks!

Lived life on the wild side this weekend...put a slice of light cheese on my egg for breakfast, ran the dishwasher when it wasn't full, and dipped some pretzels in mustard! Wow! Made the mistake of buying digemon tapes for the little guy so now I am being called things like, "you walking barbque" and, my personal favorite..."you bucket of puss". [[[[sigh}]]]]

Loved the hockey game...congrats Canada! I don't like it much when they hit the guy in the face with the stick, BUT! I do especially like the stick up the shirt thing! Reminds me of the good ole days gone by when my best friend JT (who has not been sighted for years!) pulled the girls bra strap and then there was a big scuffle on the court and a pile on...when all was said and done, she was called for a foul and had a complete look of total disbelief and "who me? I never touched her!"....ahhhhh those were the days!

speaking of daze!!! chickadee! LOVE your new marketable skill! I just have a wee...suggestion....That crazy lady? I suggest that you send her $1.10 worth of fabric with complete instructions to your new clothing line...all in limerik form, of course!!

Have a good day chickie friends!
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Morning all,
Wow what a weekend! Snow tubing was cancelled so we went skiing instead. 5 hours straight with the kid lets trying to keep them safe from all the other Waco skiers. It was physically and mentally exhausting. I hit the sheets at 8 last night. Congratulations to the Canadians. Good show in the hockey. You deserved it.

I have been having some work done in the house. We gutted one bath and are adding another. I would have thought it would not have been this complicated, but 6 weeks later we are still not done. The plumber came to install the sink faucets; the problem was that HE was supposed to get them. I picked the tile before anything even started and the contractor waited till last week to order it. I want my house back!

I am taking the kids skiing with some friends on the 8th. The DH and I split the kids to go on different excursions. I am going to MN to visit friends with my older boy. His best friend has moved there and the mother and I are great friends too. He wants more than anything to go to the Mall of America to go to the amusement park. I on the other hand want to shop! There are wonderful stores there and I could do some major damage. DH is taking the little ones to visit Nana and Papa in NC. They have retired there and are building a house. They donít have room for all of us in the rental so it will be just them.

Ruth, Paper training has its draw backs. That is that any paper on the floor becomes the potty! We got one dog in the winter and I too will never do that again. But al in due time it will happen.

Don, I can wait till my boys are old enough to go to dances! I hope to be a fly on the wall!

Pooky: try a little yogurt with active cultures. It may help on the old tummy. And feel better.
Liz; I could be all cought up at the rate you move. I am 5 years behind right now and in 5 years I will still be 5 behind!

Hi to all that follow.
Be well,

do something nice for yourself today... you are worth it!
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Morning All

Sounds like an interesting chat on Saturday night. I hope everything turns out ok. It's so sad when there are rotten apples hanging around.

Yesterday dd and I went to mass. Then we hung out at home and cleaned up the yard and the cars with dh. The day was absolutely gorgeous and I was sure that Spring was going to be here this morning, but's about 20 degrees this morning!

Today is errand day. Post office, movie returns, grocery shopping, etc.

I hope all those here and all those to come have a great day!
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Good Morning!

We had a beautiful, sunny, warm weekend in Houston. Today is sunny and warm but tonight a cold front is coming through and we'll have highs in the 50's for the next few days. We'll all have pneumonia before the week is out.

Love the new smiles, especially the . I love My whole kitchen is !

Have a great day!

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I'm scraping away at the crud today while cleaning the house a bit.

We made an emergency run to the Vet yesterday. I'd been noticing that our cat named Brat just didn't seem like himself! He vomited twice and seemed aloof. Yesterday, I heard a howl and hiss and saw him coming out of the litter box. Oy vey! I phoned the Vet (And oh, is he cute!), and he met us at the hospital. Brat had a catheter inserted and they will do some minor procedure tody. It is a common problem with neutered males. His urethrea is blocked and he will now have to be on special food. Oh joy!

Regarding my son, I'm thinking and praying for the right answer. I really wonder if his wife WANTS to know the truth. I'm going to write their oldest daughter today. She is twelve and we exchange beauty secrets. Isn't that cute!
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Good afternoon ladies! How is everyone, lovely spring weather in TN today however Ihear we are in for a cold, rainy, snowy few days after today!! YUK!

Got up at 5:30 and did the Y thing 30 minutes on the treadmill and the weight circuit. Now if I could just quit eating. Got a WOK over the weekend, anyone know any good stir fry recipes??

I can relate to the bathroom issue I have 3 bathrooms and 2 of them are torn up at the moment. We are redecorating. Horrors!!!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Monday!
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Good day! No longer morning...where does the day go? Back to shift work today...doing evenings today and tomorrow. Trying to get back on program, but may need to re join ww to get the last 30 or 35 off, cause I just don't seem to be getting it done...have a hot holiday in May and a 20 year high school reuinon in July that should be motivation enough, but apparently not.

Hope you are all having a happy monday, take care for now...Liz
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Default Good evening, ladies!

Ruth, I'm sorry but since I have your permission, today at work STUNK! My boss jumped on me something fierce and made me and that is sooooooo . Now I don't know if I can go back or not. I have been offered something else, and am seriously considering taking it. Hate to leave the good people in the lurch, but would love to leave the bad ones in the dust!

I am going to lock myself in the bathroom for a bubble bath and a little talk with myself. I promise not to answer myself, though! I need an attitude adjustment.

Hope you all had a wonderful day today, I'll be in a better mood later! Thanks for letting me vent.
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