Daily Cluck - Monday February 11

  • Good Morning, Chickies!

    Gail arrives in 40 minutes to clean so I am doing Fly Lady tidying. Why the heck don't I do it on Sunday? Very cold here with a sprinkle of snow so not out long this a.m. Methinks Lucy will not do as well today as she did yesterday on the housebreaking - mainly because I am too shivery to stay out long.

    I'll be back later. Lucky Scooby2 in Florida by now!
  • Good Morning Ruth and all those to come!

    Quick one for me too since my contractor is due to arrive any minute now to start work on my kitchen! Yahoo! Cold and shivery this moring, heard on the radio it was -21 and going down. Guess I need to bundle up today--Scooby, you sure there's no room in that suitcase?

    Have a good day everyone!
  • Happy Monday Ladies!

    WOW, what an awesome weekend thread, I used at least 3 tissues to get me through it. To listen to our dear Angel's anguish (oh I need another tissue) and then to read all the support from all the wonderful weekend chickies. That is why this is such a wonderful place to be I am so proud to call all of you friends. And dear Pooky, trust me, meds are good. We all need a little help in some ways, be happy that you have found something that can help you. You are a very special person, I love listening to your project work and Miree stories. Often times I wish I lived by you because I feel we could have fun shopping and taking "kid" trips together. Hang in there, luv ya!

    And after I cried, I gasped in horror and than had a great laugh. Ruth, I think I would have made a trip northeast to help you find your prescious pooch. I am so glad she was found in the back seat.

    Did anyone else spot our own Vanessa, aka That Girl, posting an answer to the lc question. Nice to see you posting, hope you visit more often. How's the not so new home doing? How long have you been there now?

    Have a great op week!
  • Hi ladies!! 72 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze. Kids are napping and then off to the beach....My father is taking DS fishing in the lake this evening. I about to sit doen and read a book on the porch....just wanted to check in .....hope you all have a great week talk to you soon!!!!!

    My parents neighbor is mowing his grass....why did I move from here..I can't remember!!! Oh yea July is horrible....
  • Scooby,

    Just checking in or rubbing it in?!?! Sound like you are off to a well deserved break. Enjoy yourself!
  • Good morning, although just barely since it's 11:55 here!

    Pooks, I'm glad you're coming to grips with your situation. I have to admit, I'm not very knowledgeable about panic attacks, but it sounds like you're dealing well.

    I was really glad to have a ThatGirl sighting too, Jenny. I always wonder how people are doing, and Vanessa was always one of my favorite posters. So are you, Giggles, just in case you're lurking again!

    Scooby - okay, I'm completely jealous! I can't wait to go to Tucson, just for the chance to sit outside and be warm. Just because there will be baseball involved has nothing to do with it!

    My Father-in-Law came home from the hospital this weekend. He is doing so much better. I'm amazed at how much he improved in just a few days. Yesterday he was walking around his house.

    I am happy these days because I'm an Olympics junky. For the next two weeks, I'll be glued to my TV whenever possible, getting into sports that I didn't even know I liked. And, just so you know my Canadian friends, I hope the Canadian pairs skaters win gold! I think Jamie's adorable!

    Have a good one,
    Chickadee (who's still OP, but not weighing)
  • Chickadee you are so sweet!
    Thank you so much! You made my day! I read almost every day and I intend to post but something always pulls me away. Thanks for noticing and remembering me

  • Just popping in to say hi. Been MIA lately but doing well.

    Pooky - You have mail! (PM)

    Take care.

  • Chickadee, glad to here that your fil is doing better.

    That Girl, always good to see you!!!

    Hi Pooky, Ruth, Jenny, Jennifer and warm Scooby!

    to all

    Quiet day here today! Dipped my head in the bucket, went darker to dark ash brown and it almost looks about right. Of course with that said, I did not blow dry and it is flat and the little guy said I look stupid!

    So that is the big excitement here My eating is on the straight and narrow which makes me very very happy!

    If you all could please say a prayer for Debkay, I know she would appreciate it. She is struggling and could use the inside track with "The Big Guy" I appreciate too, I've grown pretty darn fond of that gal, Braves and all!