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Smile 10 tips from my morning journey : Tip 8 ". ⏰ **Embrace Intermittent Fasting**"

Personally, the easiest and most effective for me is to extend my nightly 8-hour sleep into a fasting window. Think of it as a recharge and update for your body and brain, similar to powering down your phone. After my warm water, exercises, and stroll, I engage both mind and body until lunch. I enjoy a light snack, choosing what delights me it's crucial to indulge. My last hearty meal was around 5 to 6 pm the previous evening. Waking up at 7:30 am, I've already fasted for at least 13 hours and hold out until noon for my 18-hour fasting window (most effective for me). Start with 16 hours if you're new it's still fantastic! Feel free to adapt based on your rhythm and results. Trust me, it becomes a habit you can't live without once you get used to it. Just 21 days to anchor a habit! (Stay tuned for future posts with exciting book and tutorial links.) 🌙🍽️

Continuation and end of my 10 well-being and weight loss tips, morning rituals, soon
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