7 easy tips to lose weight and fat

  • To lose fat permanently , you must reduce fat mass by combining a healthy and balanced diet and physical activity, a little sport for example, but not just any way (see below), while avoiding as much as possible. the stress. Stress releases hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) which serve to boost the body physically to protect it from the source of stress but, indirectly, encourage poor eating and therefore weight gain. The psychological aspect, which is often overlooked, also plays an essential role and, if treated, could solve most overweight problems gently and lastingly (see our tip no. 7). Finally, losing weight takes time. Do not try at all costs to lose weight quickly...

    To lose weight in a healthy way, i.e. to lose superfluous fat, you must:

    A balanced diet: it allows not to store fat more than necessary. To lose fat and weight, you don't necessarily have to eat less, but you have to eat better. Certain foods or combinations of foods help limit fat storage. Certain dietary supplements can also help you.
    A little physical activity: it helps to destock excess fat by activating the metabolism. With training, the fat utilization process becomes more efficient. Sport is not necessarily an effective way to lose weight . You still have to follow certain rules. We talk about it below.
    A serene life and an adapted lifestyle: they avoid the additional storage of fat.
    Understand the origin of the problem: the problem to be dealt with is not that I eat too much but why I eat too much. If this problem is solved, losing weight becomes a much easier goal to achieve.
    Here are 7 easy and practical tips for losing weight and fat sustainably. The list is not exhaustive. We wanted to highlight some effective and not always well-known tips.