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Cool At what point did you get new (smaller) clothes?

Hey guys, how are you? I've lost 87 lbs and a lot of my clothes are loose on me now but I'm nervous to buy more because I'm only halfway through my journey (I still have 88 lbs more to go).. my work pants are literally falling off so I had to get 2 new ones but besides that I've only gotten a couple of NEW smaller pieces of clothing.

My goal is to go shopping once I lose the 100 lb which is coming up soon (in a few weeks hopefully) so what's your goals that you set for yourself and how often do you go shopping now since you're constantly shrinking throughout this journey?

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Charity shops are fantastic. I've found several really nice items of clothing, practically for free. It means I don't feel bad about giving them away again a few months later! It can be hit or miss, so I really don't have as many clothes right now as I'd like, but I am learning to be patient. I made the mistake of buying full price jeans a month ago that are now too baggy. I can belt them for now, but I think in another month they will be out the door. Bad financial decision!

I know a little bit about sewing and altering clothes, so I do things like sew t-shirts smaller, add elastic to the waistband, or recently I even completely altered my denim jacket to make it smaller. It isn't perfect, but I was proud of my accomplishment!
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I shop at a great used store on the internet called Thread Up. everything is checked before it is put up for sale . Just bought a dress skirt and blouse for 22. Sometimes the clothes still have orig price tags on.
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I like some of the other ladies here, have made the mistake of buying cute full price jeans on my journey down only to not have them fit now...

It is hard as I have a couple fall trips planned and want to have clothes that fit. So what I am doing is selling/buying gently used clothes through poshmark. I have good luck with them in the past. Thread up is fun also and I have gotten rid of old clothes that way too.

For work stuff, buy belted pants! I made the mistake of buying slacks with no belt loops. I shop at Ross/Marshalls for these.

I also love Old Navy, and with the constant discounts that run I don't feel bad spending a little on jeans, even if I have to re-sell them in 2 months.
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Congrats! it a good outcome and hope you will achieve the next target soon.
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Thanks - the charity shops are a great tip for buying clothes. I'm not very good at browsing through clothes and I don't have much patience, but I really should give it a go. Buying clothes is hit and miss anyway - you really don't know when you buy the clothes whether you'll wear them everyday or never.
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