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luckystreak 12-29-2014 01:16 PM

"waist" training
inspired by the shapewear thread, for those who dont know, its kind of like a very tight corset that you wear for a few hours daily in hopes of your body actually adapting to it, ie your waist gets smaller, your hips larger = hourglass figure.

im looking into trying the waist cincher, i didnt really believe it at first since the concept seems a bit absurd to me, but now that i think about it, i have actual bodily changes from wearing the same type of jeans for 5+ years (low rise, from the same store always, cuts off at the same spot on my body for each and every one of them) so im starting to want to invest in it since if my jeans could change my body, im thinking this might too. i would probably never go too tight cos i do think that could be dangerous to my body, but just some sort of tightening could work.


SenseAndSensibility 12-31-2014 09:53 PM

I honestly dont know (so why am I commenting?) I guess my thoughts would be do it safe (not to tight) and don't expect drastic results. I don't think they can change the shape of your skeltal structure. I guess they might tighten it? Or change where fat ends up getting stored? And then like, how often do you have to wear it? What happens when it stops? Do your research! And please, find reasons to also love your body now how it is :)

Hopefully someone else has tried it or know more about it that could give you more help!

Dottington 01-01-2015 03:35 PM

I think waist training is a fascinating topic and something I want to get into as well. I highly suggest you check out this site to learn more http://lucycorsetry.com/ She has a link to a ton of youtube videos she's made explaining everything you would want to know about waist training on there. I've found them extremely helpful in learning about what I can get out of it and she really eloquently addresses every possible concern a person could have.

freelancemomma 01-01-2015 03:59 PM

I imagine it might work in the same way that you can "train" your hair to naturally part along a certain line. I don't think it would change where your body stores fat, though.


mcsgabby 01-02-2015 11:00 PM

I've worn corsets quite a lot and Lucy is definitely the expert I would recommend. I would also recommend that if you are serious about wanting to do this that you get a custom corset made. It's quite a large investment but it will ensure that you are wearing the most comfortable garment you can. I have one custom underbust corset and I can wear it for hours even while doing housework. The other corsets I have are much more fashionable but not nearly as comfortable. The one issue is that if your weight changes, your custom corset may not continue to fit quite right so you'll need to keep that in mind if you are actively losing weight or plan to in the near future.

Even if you decide not to get deep into waist training, have fun with corsets anyway. They have a way of making you feel beautiful - at least they do for me! Could also be that they drive my DH wild and that has a way of sure making a girl feel good about herself. :D



Reg4502 03-02-2015 12:40 AM

I've looked into buying one for myself, but haven't made the leap. I definitely would not exercise in one, just don't think that would be safe. I may just go ahead and buy one, if nothing else it will certainly help me look good for a night out with the DH. :)

Firecracker777 03-03-2015 03:49 PM

I would make sure you really research this. I have read a few articles and wearing shaping undergarments is very dangerous for your health especially for your internal organs. Even wearing spanx too much is dangerous for your insides I can't image wearing a corset to reshape you would be any better.

IanG 03-03-2015 03:52 PM

No chance.

If you want to make it tiny, together with your butt, get walking.

Better yet, get running.

My waist has been sitting comfy at 29-30 inches down from a 44. And my butt is like two hard boiled eggs in a handkerchief.

4 miles a day. At least.

the_magpie 03-11-2015 10:16 PM

People do literally change the shapes of their bodies with corsets; it's a pretty big-time form of body modification.

Lucy Corsetry (linked below) is apparently The Place to learn all about how to do it safely.

It won't decrease fat stores or anything like that, just change where everything sits. :)

curvynotlumpy 03-12-2015 07:14 PM


Originally Posted by IanG (Post 5138598)
No chance.

If you want to make it tiny, together with your butt, get walking.

Better yet, get running.

My waist has been sitting comfy at 29-30 inches down from a 44. And my butt is like two hard boiled eggs in a handkerchief.

4 miles a day. At least.

Preach it, Ian, my hard bottomed brother! I completely agree with you about this. The only fascinations I have about corsets is how to incorporate into one's wardrobe and their flirtatious and sexy attributes. For better or worse I see countless photos/stories of Kim Kardashian singing the praises of the waist trainer. While her waist does appear smaller, the other parts of her body look disproportionate and just wonky. She's not one for subtlety so my guess is that something is amiss with her use (overuse?) of it :dunno:

I think it's great that other enjoy it and have had some success with it.

**On an unrelated note, Ian, years ago when Oprah used to have Dr. Phil on her show and he still had some insightful things to say, she gave him the moniker "tell it like it is Phil" because he didn't mince words. You are "tell like it is, Ian" and I love it. There are many folks on 3FC who make excellent points and give equally good advice. A few stand out and you are one of them.

BettyBooty 03-18-2015 11:39 AM

You can absolutely change your shape with a corset. I agree Kimmie looks ridiculous, but I do not have a well-defined waist and have been considering a waist trainer to give me better curves. I know it won't help me lose pounds, but it might make me look less like a linebacker or drag queen in any dress with a belted waist.

Sure you will get a smaller waist through losing weight, but even at my lightest, I did not have a nice hourglass figure. It isn't simply a matter of getting my waist smaller or my butt firmer, it is getting it smaller in proportion to my hips and chest.

Wannabehealthy 03-19-2015 10:01 AM

I like getting Ian's input, too! I know you're right about butts but I will never be able to eat a hard boiled egg without thinking of you! LOL I once dated a guy who walked a lot on his job and had a nice tight butt. Then he broke his leg and was laid up for a few months. Soft and flabby after that, until he got back to work.

I wear a spanx-type garment when I'm dressed up, but it's not high compression like a corset. It just gives things a smoother look. I agree that long term a tight garment could harm internal organs. They even tell you that tight jeans can be harmful.

RetroRabbit 03-27-2015 02:52 PM

Oh my gosh, Ian G- your hardboiled butt comment made me crack up!

I agree with others on the whole organ squishing thing. I love corsets a ton, but I only wear mine for special occasions. I also am pretty curvy naturally though. I just can't believe wearing a corset routinely will permanently change your body. It definitely won't make your hips wider (I'm sure there are work outs to build muscle to give the illusion though). As for the waist, I'm sure it can temporarily make it tinier, but if you go a few weeks without the corset, I feel like it would go back to its original size.

Honestly, I say love the body you are blessed with, dress in what you like and what flatters you, and be confident :)

jennykorpes 05-04-2017 06:41 AM

i think this is a bad idea for your health. I never wear it and I will never do!

sarabspi 07-16-2018 11:45 AM

It's a great idea. You will lead good and healthy life you need this Waist training and waist trainer.

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