"waist" training

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  • Quote: inspired by the shapewear thread, for those who dont know, its kind of like a very tight corset that you wear for a few hours daily in hopes of your body actually adapting to it, ie your waist gets smaller, your hips larger = hourglass figure.

    im looking into trying the waist cincher, i didnt really believe it at first since the concept seems a bit absurd to me, but now that i think about it, i have actual bodily changes from wearing the same type of jeans for 5+ years (low rise, from the same store always, cuts off at the same spot on my body for each and every one of them) so im starting to want to invest in it since if my jeans could change my body, im thinking this might too. i would probably never go too tight cos i do think that could be dangerous to my body, but just some sort of tightening could work.

    Waist training is a best practice of your waist. I think you need a best quality waist trainer[/URL] for slim your waist. Then you will lead a slim and wealthy life.
  • Quote: I've looked into buying one for myself, but haven't made the leap. I definitely would not exercise in one, just don't think that would be safe. I may just go ahead and buy one, if nothing else it will certainly help me look good for a night out with the DH.
    Yeah..It's help you lose weight. Just try to use properly.
  • I've done quite a bit of research into this. I've been wanted to train for years but thought it would be a bit worthless while I'm trying to lose weight. Don't want to spend the money on a custom trainer only to shrink out of it.
    They make all kinds, from hardcore sinchers to hardly there trainers that you can wear under your clothes for work or sleep.
    They can and will change your shape. x-ray proof of this is famous and easy to google.
    No, they won't help you lose weight, It will just shift the weight you have around. (Although it's famous back in old-timey days for ladies to have their's over tightened to prevent them from eating, but that's a no-no)
    50% of why I want one is because I love that hourglass shape I've never had.
    And also because a correcting fitting corset will support your posture and I need all the help I can get.
    I'm definitely investing in one, once I'm done shrinking and my weight stabilizes.
  • I'm wondering, do these actually work? They seem like bit of a fad to me. Putting something around your waste is not going to help what goes on internally or the food you eat. I think its a waste of money
  • I've seen some waists shaped by corsets so I guess it actually works.
  • I understand waist training but it just looks so uncomfortable