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Default What I've Learned About Weight Loss and Wedding Dress Shopping

Hi everyone!

I got engaged in June and am currently in the planning process. I have learned a few things about wedding dresses and weight loss and thought this might be a helpful post, as I've seen a lot of people lately post that they are also Shedding for the Wedding!

Ultimately, my two things I have learned about are dress shape and dress sizing.

1) Wedding dress sizes are NOT the same as street clothes sizes!

I currently have jeans that fit from a size 12 to a size 6. I of course wear the Old Navy 6's all the time because they make me feel amazing, but when I wear my Garage 9's in the same week, I hate it! I know its stupid but vanity sizing can drive us crazy. I came across a few blogs that talk about how wedding dress sizes run truer to what real sizes are. I think this is really important to brides to know because losing weight to fit into a size 12, for example, and walking into a store to find out you're actually a 16, can be daunting IF YOU DON'T KNOW AHEAD OF TIME.

The following quote comes from Bridal Guide.com:
Demanding the Wrong Size
Wedding gown sizes typically run one or two sizes smaller than street clothes, so try not to get hung up on the number. “Do not fixate on the actual size but instead on how your measurements compare to the particular line on the specific designer’s size chart,” said Gesinee of Gesinee’s Bridal in Concord, CA.

So, when you are ready to start trying on dresses, try to get rid of a certain number in your head. Also keep in mind that tailoring TOTALLY changes the look of a dress. I felt like an idiot trying to hold up my own dress because I have teeny boobs. I know that the real dress (once I find it!) won't look like that.

2) The other thing I have learned is to be incredibly open minded. I am a pear shape and I tried reading all of the "shop for your body shape" articles but honestly, all of the articles I found pretty much had so much overlap that it wasn't helpful. I went in thinking I wanted a dress that comes in at the natural waist, my narrowest part, and then goes out. This is an example of what I was sure I would look fabulous in:

I had picked out about 5 different varying looks of this exact shape, thinking it would be slimming BUT I WAS WRONG! It made me look bigger than I actually was and also, because of my flat chest, it just didn't do what I wanted. It didn't create that hourglass look because it was so big on the bottom and made my chest look even tinier.

So, I decided to try on a totally new shape. It was something more like this, that hugged my hips! I was terrified! I also carry a lot of weight in a spare tire around my love handle area and I was convinced I'd look awful. This is the dress I tried on:

I was shocked at how much more flattering it was! Pinterest is filled with plus size brides and non plus size size brides wearing this shape and so many people look lovely in it! I still felt flat in it and I haven't made any decisions yet but it was lovely to see my curves used as an advantage, rather than trying to hide them.

So, by all means, wear whatever you feel most beautiful in but keep in mind that sometimes closer-fitted than help you more than you think!

I hope this was helpful- I try on dresses again in December (I am a 4 hour flight from the nearest bridal shop!) and while I am still of course fretting and nervous about what will happen with my weight, knowing what to expect with sizing and shape will make the trip a little less stressful.

Happy planning!

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I agree! I got married in 2012, and was at first SHOCKED by the size differences. I was trying to lose weight back then too. When I went shopping with my best friend the dress that ended up being "the one" was a fitted dress with beading on the first 2/3rds, and then with chiffon ruffles that went down into the train. I never thought I was a "ruffles" girl, but sometimes you never know until you try it on! I ordered it a size bigger than I thought I needed it, just to be safe, and when if came in and I had to get it altered, it was kind of nice, because they took it in perfectly to match my curves (and I'd lost weight so they had to take in a LOT, which also felt great!). You're absolutely right though, I never would have picked that dress for myself (my friend picked it, so she gets the credit for that always, and she keeps reminding me!).
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