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Default I have nothing to wear and I need help!

I am in an extremely awkward phase right now. I am 3 months post partum and breastfeeding. None of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit. I have two pairs of jeans to my name that fit and a handful of plain crew neck t-shirts. I look like a major frump. I want to cry everytime I leave the house.
It looks like I am a size 14 jeans right now.. but I have this huge "tent" from my abdomen to the top of my thigh. Jeans look horrid on me because of my huge pp belly. I am really top heavy as well. Not to mention my nursing bra's don't give great support so my boobs always look saggy. If I wear anything with better support I am afraid of plugged ducts.

I just need some advice on where to shop or what styles to wear to get me through this until I start dropping the weight (it's been very hard to lose weight, I feel like my body is holding onto my fat stores right now)

Also, does anyone know of any good "plus size" blogs to get some fashion inspiration?
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Torrid.com its not a blog but they have really cute plus size clothing. Your post scares me bc my fiancé and I want to have a baby but I want to lose weight first..I know crazy. But I feel that it will be easier to lose weight after I get smaller and plus im learning so much right now about nutrition I will be able to have a normal appetite while im pregnant and not gain so much my previous pregnancies I gained soo much weight bc I had this attitude that im pregnant I can eat whatever I want..not true. Sorry back to u .. it just sounds like you need to go shopping and get dressed up. I remember it takes a while for you to feel like yourself again after having a baby. Good luck to you!
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The Salvation Army Family Store is great for buying cheap clothes. I shop there all the time. In fact, it's rare I buy clothes at full price any more. Before you buy, just try the stuff on. You may be surprised at what you find!
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Be good to your girls and get them in a good, supportive bra! As long as it fits properly, you should not get clogged ducts. I wore underwire nursing bras with all three bambinos... a total of 42 months of nursing... no problems.

I love this brand: Bravado Nursing Bras.

If your girls are ladies just google plus size nursing bras and you can find all sorts of sizes.

I was fortunate that on two separate coasts, I was able to find specialty lingerie shops with expert fitters. One was at a hospital, the other was independent but near a hospital. Besides nursing bras, they also carried things like mastectomy bras and prostheses, so those ladies knew a lot about boobs and what it meant to have a quality, well-fitted bra. Check with your local hospital or breast care center (mammogram/surgical place) -- they may know of something in your area.

Good luck!
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Can you still wear your maternity pants? I wore them for a while after my pregnancy.

I also wore underwire bras while nursing but only for a couple of hours at a time if I needed to run errands. In the home I wore nursing bras exclusively.

I can definitely understand what you feel like, I felt like that for a long time after baby was born. I didn't know it at the time but looking back I suffered from PPD, it's quite obvious now looking back. I would strongly urge you to get some exercise, there are lovely baby yoga classes, walking with a carriage, putting baby in a carrier and going out, there are stroller workouts if you look for them in your area. Try to connect with other Moms.

I found that co-sleeping with baby while nursing allowed both of us to get a lot more sleep because I fed through the night but didn't have to get up to do so. More sleep does help. Fresh nutritious food and plenty of exercise will help you battle this.

I was also lucky enough to have 2 friends that gave birth around the same time I did and consequently they also had a bad birthing experience that ended up in a c-section just like me and I found that talking with them really helped aleviate some of my depression. I'm not trying to say you're depressed of course, just sharing what helped me.

And don't sweat the pants not fitting right now, focus on baby and all will go back to normal soon enough. Good for you for BF by the way!
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Buy some shapewear for the belly. I got one of the body-suit types that you wear your own bra with. Buy a few pairs of "fat" pants and a few regular blouses (unless you wear nursing tops) for going out. I saved my fat pants from post-baby 1 to wear now post-baby 2, but have made it to an inbetween size and had to buy 2 pairs of pants for work last weekend in size 14. I have a lot of dresses I fit into well enough, and wear them with tights b/c it is cold now.

I got my inexpensive clothes at JCP and Macy's with coupons/sales, and a couple of things at a consignment shop. The thrift stores near me are not worth a darn for clothes.
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Maternity pants and clothes were in my rotation for quite a while, and I got a nursing bra from target that gave me some support. Once I felt comfortable enough to buy a few items, I went to goodwill. I got a a lot of high end clothing for a few dollars each (including a $15 Burberry handbag!)
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Lots of good ideas.

Most of all, just hang in there, this won't last forever!

I had twins that were over 6#'s each. I looked like crap for a long time, but, this to shall pass!
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