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Jillian stole my abs!
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Default Fixing up!

Saturday, the DH and I planned a quick shopping trip. The hub, rarely shops, would never, if I did not force him now and then.

So, anyway, while he was napping, (health issues), I showered and actually fixed my hair and put on some makeup, and a very casual out fit, not the usual jeans and t.

A little back ground, he is a mechanic, I work for a veterinarian, so getting "fixed up", rarely happens.

My daily work wardrobe, is t's, jeans, scrub top, hair in a ponytail.

I have not fixed my hair or put on any make up since Christmas! No particular reason to, and no where special to go.

Anyway, he never said a word. Not sure if he missed it, didn't feel good or whatever. It was bit disappointing however.

I wasn't expecting *wow* you could be the next Miss America, but a hey, "you look great" would have been nice.

One of the things that bothers me about this is I have 2 weddings to go to this summer, so back in March, I found a simple, classic, sleeveless black dress that I look good in. Change up the accessories a bit and good to go. The dress was a lousy $18 on sale.

Was considering, a hair appt, just to get the color jazzed up.

Now, wondering, since both weddings are casual, slap the hair in a pony tail, scrub top, jeans and wore out running shoes, no makeup and who gives a crap?

I don't want to steal the show, these are my nephews, that I love dearly that are getting married.

I just, when I bought the dress, and it looked great, was feeling good about the chance to dress up, which I don't get very often. When I cleaned the closet this spring, I realized, I own, ONE very casual summer dress, no skirts, 2 very old dress jackets, and NO dress pants of any kind!

Now, I'm just so deflated about the whole thing, I could barf!

All of that being said, I will overcome Saturdays funk, I will get the hair done, (have not had my hair done in like 3 years) get the accessories and I will rock the dress! And I will have a good time! My sisters and I always do.
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Its amazing how oblivious men really can be isn't it? They really do live in their own little world! I don't believe their lack of noticing when we "fix ourselves up" is deliberate, its just the way most ( not all ) men are. That being said, I do agree, it is a bit disappointing.
If getting dressed up, getting your hair done, putting on some makeup makes YOU feel good about yourself, you should do it! If he notices and compliments you, all the better....but....if he doesn't, don't fret too much. You need to be happy with yourself and have no control over what other's think, say or don't say.
You rock that dress, hair & makeup girl and enjoy yourself at your nephew's weddings!!
Have a wonderful time!
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Totally agree with Jersey Girl, men live in a different planet, they just donīt see, but donīt think itīs just your husband, itīs 99% of men.
Go do your hair, makeup, dress up and I promise YOU will feel better even if he doesnīt notice. And the women WILL notice, we always notice lol!
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Please please please, do not wear jeans and flip flops to a wedding just because all men are stupid

Remember, we don't dress up for men... we dress up for other women. That's who notices!
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Dress up for yourself. It feels good. If your husband doesn't notice/compliment you, that's his ignorance. Enjoy the weddings and enjoy the compliments from everybody else.
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Jillian stole my abs!
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Thank you all!

I just needed to vent! GRRRRR!!!!!! Men!

He noticed me tonight when he needed help changing the batteries in the tractor.

I'm ok now, just needed to vent and yell and scream!

Will go to the weddings, dress up, fix up, and will not wear flip flops or a scrub top.

And I will have a good time hanging out with the family!

Thank you all for listening!
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