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Default Bra size changes during weight loss

Last August I got some bras for my birthday so I was fitted. I wore a size 42g. I got measured today, same place, same woman and I am now a 40j. I have lost 30 lbs. Does this make sense? LOL.
I'm not complaining really I just don't get it.

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Absolutely it makes sense. Your girls are going to shrink as you lose weight, because fat settles everywhere.

How cool to be fitted for bras. I'm on the other end of the spectrum and would love to be fitted. The girth of my back is where my fat settles, so I have to wear a 48. But I barely fill a B cup, and there are few 48B bras to be found, and they don't always fit me correctly. Wish I knew how to make a bra!

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Absolutely. It depends on if you're losing more from the girls or your ribcage. I started at a tight 42DDD (probably should have been in a 44), and have been 40F, 38DDD, 36DDD, and currently 34DDD. I just wear each size til it no longer fits right.

Keep up the good work!

Lost the first 100 with Medifast, now working on the last 25
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It completely makes sense! Since you lost weight around your rib cage, your band size went down and your actual cup size went up. I think everybody has this problem during weight loss at some point

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It makes sense. I used to wear a 48 G at my higher weights. Graduated down to a 46 G in the low 300s.

These days I am wearing a 40 H in underwire styles and a 38 H in soft cup styles. BARELY in the H cup (though that has improved a bit lately). I need to go down a bandsize soon in the underwires, but they still work for now - and I am nervous that I will not be able to fit into an H cup when I go down a bandsize. I have an old mid-way bra that is a 44 G that I wear sometimes when I am gardening, and even using that bra as a comparison, I have lost TONS of weight in my boobs. On some level I feel like I fill maybe half the cups on the 44 G bra. (It must be more like 2/3...)

However, the cup sizes decrease proportionately with the band sizes, so an H cup on a size 38 or 40 has way less volume/space than an H cup on a 44 or 48.
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I started at a 42F. Then I was a 42DD, then a 38DD, then a 36DDD, now at VS they measured me at a 34DDD, but the 36DDD fits better.

If I get a breast lift at goal, I'd like to inquire if its that much more invasive to go to a just a D cup. I'm a curvy girl with lots of boob, but I would like to have an easier time finding cute bras
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Old 05-24-2013, 01:33 PM   #7
Starting over sucks.
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Yup. I was wearing a 54 DD or DDD when I could find one, and I'm now a 42 H

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And just to be EXTRA confusing, exercise can change things too. A couple of years ago at 155 I was a 34C, but this time around I've been focusing a lot on strength training and now I'm a 34D at 155.

Biggest question though--do the bras in that size fit you correctly? That's what matters!
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I didn't want to replace my bras until I had reached my goal weight, especially when I got down to the 36D area - so I started using Bravo bra pad inserts (I've tried a few and found theirs to be better at keeping their shape after washings - they are a bit more spendy but it's cheaper than replacing them as often) so that I had some breast lift (I use their full push-up bra pads). It's a bummer to have lost so much of my bust, but I'm not "there" yet and I've found this to be a way to work-around the problem.
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A lot of girls don't know that cup size isn't stagnant, its based on your band size! So a 34F bra's cup size approximately equal to a 36DDD/E bra and EVEN to a 44B. So long story short, Yep, it makes complete sense
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Over the years, as far as bra sizes, go, the biggest thing, I have learned, is, it's a crap shoot!

I got professionally measured, way back in 1975. It was right on! 34DD. I was 15.

Fast forward, 35 years, had kids, weight up and down. I went for another, so called, professional fitting, at a store that sold nothing but bras. ROFLMAO!

They told me I was a 34D. In their dreams! I tried on the 34D. Hilarious!

I am a 38DD.

The best advice, I could give anyone bra shopping. Forget the size thing. Try them on, and buy what fits. If you can, skip Wal mart, and cheap places, and spend a bit more on a good bra!

It's worth it!

5+ year maintainer.
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Weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, weight gain, breastfeeding, weightloss, 2 more pregnancies, more breastfeeding, more weight gain and loss...I've been everything from a 34B to a 40DD...I swear they change sizes with the weather...lol..after all that "abuse" they are in need of a restoration though.

Yes, it makes sense to have them change...you should see my bra collection. I could open my own under garment store.

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This happened to me as well!! I was a 54D and now I'm a 50DD. Unexpected!
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I'm wearing a 42C but could probably use a 44 but anyway, I've noticed the last time I lost 65 lbs. that my cup size never went down, only the strap. I would really like to be a B or at least a small C. It can be weird how the body loses weight.
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I lost 53 pounds and went from a 42c(should have been a 44). Before weight loss,Bras were too tight, straps kept slipping off. Bras just felt horrible.Now I am in a 40C. I was fortunate to have several new bras saved from when i was thinner in the past. And they fit great. Bras can be so expensive, but I'm worth it!
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