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Default REALLY good lotion for calloused feet?

Now that i want to show off my new body in skinny jeans and pumps or sandals, i am forced to address my feet. They're positively reptilian. I use a pumice stone but meh, they're a bit much for that and the egg grater thingies don't work so is there a special cream or lotion that is da bomb for nasty rough feet like mine?
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any foot cream geared towards diabetics, and also an exfoliating scrub. I make my own scrub, 1 cup fine grind sea salt (table salt or epsom salts will work too), 1/4 to 1/3 cup oil (olive works great). And sometimes I add a little essential oil. I keep this in a watertight container in the shower, and use it every time or every other time I shower).
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Coconut oil! Apply at night and sleep in socks.
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The best thing I have used so far is Heel Tastic ("as seen on TV" apparently, though I have never seen it on TV). I do have to use pumice/magic egg first and then I use the Heel Tastic balm and put on socks for the night.

I had the kind of cracks that are so deep they actually bleed, and this helped a lot.

I find it at Ross for $6.99 usually. If you decide to try it, do NOT order from the website - a quick search revealed that folks mostly love the product but say they got totally ripped off from the website. It's available for $9.99 lots of places.

I haven't tried coconut oil but I might try that too.
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I'm a nail tech and highly recommend Podiatrist's Secret Callus Treatment Cream. If you could put it on in the morning and then wear cotton socks and shoes, that is a great way to really get it into your feet. Try and use it every day. It's the best product I've found and they sell it on Amazon.
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CeraVe! My dermatologist recommended this to me after I had skin so dry and cracked that they had a fungus on them, gross. Anyways, the CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion with the periwinkle blue label is great stuff!! I definitely recommend it over Eucerin, It is over the counter and pharmacies carry it. I think the price is around $10 a bottle, it may sound pricey but it is SO worth it!
Some doctors have coupons too!

CeraVe is great!

Good luck finding the right lotion for your feet. Also, a sugar scrub and pumice stone are good. Applying lotion right after bathing is important too because that is when your body absorbs the most moisture.
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Avon Cracked Heel Relief Cream. This works like magic. Get it from your Avon lady or order it online from Avon. I can't recommend this highly enough.
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I had the same problem with my feet. Very deep heel cracks that bled and were painful. Make sure you get a product that states is a cream. Cream means that is has an emollient in it that will actually heal your skin. Lotions are usually water based and will only mask the problem topically.

I use Idonia Foot and Leg Cream that I get from my podiatrist. He recommended it. Google it and read the ingredients. I am 58 and my feet are now soft and healed. This stuff is pricey but, a jar lasts a long time. It is worth it! Just a little applied when I get out of the shower.
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I put baby oil on mine every night and cover them with socks. If they really bad I use Aquaphor.
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I don't know about feet, but when my hands get really dry or callous-y in the summer I use Corn Husker's Lotion, it's cheap and it works miracles. I agree with above posters about wearing socks overnight with whatever you choose, whenever I do that there's a noticeable difference in the morning.
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I would strongly recommend going to have a pedicure done first. Let me tell ya....it's a GREAT headstart towards getting your feet taken care of. After I had my first pedicure done last year, I've been able to keep my feet smooth and babysoft ever since by first soaking my feet in warm water for 30 mins, then polishing the callus, using exfoliating foot cream, and finally, after drying my feet, putting on some additional regular foot cream before wearing socks. Doing this once a week has really kept them looking great.

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Amlactin XL. Pricey but totally worth it - no files or scrubs required. It's also fantastic on your arms if you have KP.

Which reminds me, my heels need a slathering.
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I'm a diabetic and I have pretty bad feet sometimes. I've tried ped egg, the mechanical version of pedegg, various pumice stones. One day in TJMaxx I came across a volcanic rock, it was only about $5 and I figured why not try it. It gets the stuff off my heels better than ANYTHING else I've ever tried. I don't know what it is, something about the really rough texture and large uneven holes vs. tiny uniform holes of a pumice stone. Anyway, it works amazingly! After using that, I usually apply a body butter of some sort to my feet, which is a very concentrated lotion. I haven't used any diabetic lotions, but it is something I've been meaning to pick up.

Oh, I also use the volcanic rock dry, unlike a pumis stone, it works better that way.
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I'm kind of obsessed with taking care of my feet, so my NUMBER #1 rule is.... pumice EVERY SINGLE DAY. I use the wooden-handled pumice thing from Body Shop and every single day before I get into the shower I pumice the crap outta my feet. Then, after the shower before I get dressed I usually just use Body Shop peppermint lotion.

In the summer I might step it up a notch and use a heavier cream or do coconut oil treatment, but because I pumice every day I usually don't have to.

Pumice every day!! :-)
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Originally Posted by merilung View Post
Coconut oil! Apply at night and sleep in socks.
Does that work??? I have some in my cupboard, and hadn't thought of it. My feet are horrid, lol.
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