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modifyeddoll87 04-19-2013 01:36 PM

Natural Homemade cheap DIY cosmetics
ok so of recentley i decided i wanted to break free of the chemically laden cosmetics ( i wont lie i miss them a bit they do some crazy great things for me but idk at what cost to my skin )

ive experimented sucsessfully with a diy all natural lipstick that doubles as a blush

and im in the process of gathering supplies for my mascara

i currentley use indian kajal that family members bring back to the states for me when they go back home and thats all natural already so i wont mess with that

and thats my evrey day regimine

i add eyeshadow in fun colors if im feeling super fancy lols

but heres the lipstick recipe for any of you who may want to try it out i did not write down exact measurements but will be making up a batch again as soon as i get more supplies in the comming week

crayola crayons in your choice of color(s) ( i know it sounds odd but if its safe for children to eat i would suppose its safe to wear i did some research on this and it seems safe enough you can google it as well )

raw unrefined all natural shea butter

almond/olive oil your preferance

small amount good quality food grade essential oil i like peppermint it also tingles a bit feels cool and fresh and i think it plumps a tiny bit

cut desired crayons mixed color or single color into tiny peices ( obviously remove the paper )

put in stainless steel bowl and heat over a double boiler like concoction on low heat on the stove along with shea butter and a small amount of olive oil or almond oil , DO NOT add essential oil yet

do not overheat as soon as crayon is melted this is done stir often to help crayon along when the heat is off you and its still liquid but not piping hot add essential oil NOT TOO MUCH ( im so sorry i didnt measure guys i will this week when i make a new color )

pour into small pill container or whatever youd like to use , and allow to set ... this will harden but no fear it will melt when you use your fingers to reapply to your lips ... your body heat is enough to get it going

the verdict ?

OMG HOLY GREAT LIP CONDITIONER i smoke and my lips are always rough and chappy this has improved the shape of my lips and darkness of my lips in just one week !

it stays on decentley this is no colorstay super formula will need re application evrey 4 hours or so to maintain color

the color is semi sheer it is not lipglossy but it is not completely opaque maybe more crayon could remedy that idk ?

not a high gloss deff not matte either ( bummer i love matte finishes ) its a cream finish

taste? not bad with essential oil , without ? well its not plesant but not unpleasant either

i ordered empty chapstick tubes from ebay because i plan to make this in a variety of colors ,

so far ive made a mix of orange and a tiny bit of red ( im caramel colored )

also doubles as a great cream blush

and shea butter is amazing on your skin do your research !! ive applied this to my tattoos that have had issues healing and they have blossomed beautifully

if anyone is curious id be happy to post pictures of the lipstick ive made !!

now onto gathering mascara supplies !!!! :carrot:

Psychic 04-19-2013 03:01 PM

I love DIY beauty stuff.

I've used things like beer, eggs, mayo (I don't suggest this one), avocado, and tea in my hair as conditioners.

Brown sugar with a little olive oil makes a great scrub to remove dead skin.

I've looked into DIY makeup a bit, but it seems to be too much of a hassle for me since I don't wear much other than eye makeup anyways.

amandie 04-19-2013 03:09 PM

That is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing! Now I am looking online on how to make your own natural mascara. :D

modifyeddoll87 04-19-2013 11:13 PM

my phone is dead and i am in my jammies and lookin awful lols but ill post pictures tommorow

Amandie i will post some links of what ive found tommorow , if i remember correctly your fair with light colored hair , if you look there are recipes for diy natural mascara in brown if you prefer it to black

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